What Does The World Need Now?

In the very first chapter of this book, I addressed the fact that mankind as a whole isn’t good. I feel what’s going on in society today is a fair example.

I’m heartbroken that there are policemen in the country who feel they have the power, authority, and right to kill an innocent man. I’m heartbroken that there are people in the world who reserve hatred for people of a certain race, religion, ethnic group, or profession, or gender, or … anything.

I’m seeing a lot of debate online about protests and black lives and presidents and policemen. I’m seeing a lot of debate over who is “doing” anything and who isn’t “doing” anything. I’m seeing a lot of debate over who is “talking” about a thing and who isn’t “talking” about a thing. 

People who’ve known each other for years are suddenly at each others throats.

All I can think is, “Jesus, please come now.”

I’m powerless to change the hearts of evil men. I have to acknowledge this powerlessness because if I say I have the power to change the hearts of men, I then must change the hearts of all people. I’m terrified of that side of the coin. If an individual man truly had the power to change the hearts of others, couldn’t someone smarter or more charismatic than I simply change hearts to an even more evil state?

Therefore, I hold fast to the truth that God is the only one who can change hearts. Perhaps you’re asking, “Why would God allow these things to happen?”

I don’t truly know the answer; I’m not Him, but I feel as though these events could show us how much we need Him. We need Him to change our hearts. We need Him to sanctify us and make us holy. We need His Spirit to lead us and guide our actions just as we need to accept His Son, who came down to earth to pay the price for our sins.

These terrible days of murder, theft, destruction, and pain make me cry out for Him more than I’ve ever done so in my life.

Of course I want an end to racism! So I need for those who are blind to see the light of Christ, whether by evangelism and salvation or by Christ’s return and sovereign judgment. Of course I want an end to strife and conflict. That again requires a turning to Christ.

However, it’s not for us to know the time and the season (Acts 1:7), so what does a Christian do other than pray for the salvation of the lost and the return of Christ? To me, the answer to that question will solve a lot of the demand I’m hearing for action. And to me, the answer is salvation and sanctification.

We’d all like if others did this or stopped doing that. But again, we lack the power to change the hearts of others. We frankly lack the power to change ourselves. The change comes when the Holy Spirit enters us. Then we submit to Christ’s authority and do as he did. If we have the Holy Spirit, we have citizenship in Heaven (Philippians 3:20-21) and redemption through Christ.

I ask all those out there as outraged as I am by these dark, current events to think carefully on what they want.

And end to racism: Those who follow Christ’s teaching will remember what he said about the most important law: “And he answered, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself (Luke 10:27).’”

Imagine a world where people only treated others as they wanted to be treated? Oh to see that day! Imagine a day where people love God so much they couldn’t fathom breaking his commands, and therefore his heart. Imagine a world where people not only refused to kill one another (Exodus 20:13) but loved their fellow man so much that they wouldn’t even feel anger at a brother, for this is also worthy of judgement. They wouldn’t insult one another or call one another fools (Matthew 5:21-22).

I beg you please to read those words and think about what the world would be like if they simply followed that simple teaching.

This wouldn’t just stop racism; it would stop brutality and violence all together. But where does anger come from? Where do evil thoughts and acts of hatred originate from? It comes from our hearts (Matthew 15:19), which were born in sin and iniquity (Psalm 51:5).

Therefore our hearts need to change, and the only one who can change the hearts of man is God, through Christ’s death and resurrection and the Holy Spirit, who dwells in those who accept Christ and submit to His authority.

I don’t speak of the God, Christ, and Spirit some use to justify the violation of the commands written above. Please go back and look at the commands. None who say, “I follow Christ” and bears anger in his heart are speaking true. None who say, “I honor God,” and continue in sin speak true (1 John).

Those who follow Christ and honor God bear righteous fruit: love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). 

If you’re not reflecting these qualities, then I urge you please consider the nature of your soul and salvation. I’m horrified when I turn this list upon myself and see my impatience and frustration, my lack of control and anger. I don’t use these words as a sword to swing at others. I instead use them as a measurement to see myself, and God forgive me for how lacking I am.

So again, I need to change! I don’t do the things I want to do! I do the things I hate (Romans 7:19). So I pray, asking God to work in me. These thorns in my side cause me such agony I can’t stand it! So I ask God to give me eyes to see that I might take the exit He provides for all those who face temptation (1 Corinthians 10:13).

I’ve heard so many people talk about how they should take action to change others, and I do pray that others change, but if I call for others to change, and I remain the same, I am a hypocrite and a liar. So I can’t. I can’t get on social media and tell this world it needs to change because I’m a part of the problem. I can’t get on social media and tell people they should support this group and not that group or respect that man or that man. I can’t because any time we judge one man by a group, be it a group of people based on color or based on occupation, we are guilty.

So instead, let me judge myself (Matthew 7:1-5). Let me see the sin in my life, for I do, and I’m filled with mourning.  Let me not look on others with a haughty eye, but instead humble myself and pray that I change.

I’m convinced that if all man were to do this, all the things we’re crying out for at this time would either be granted or no longer necessary.

For that to happen, we need to all cry out for God, the only one who can change hearts. We need to turn to Christ, the only one who can was us clean, and confess our sins. We need to let the Spirit, the only one who can lead us in a righteous life, dwell in us.

For our panel: How do we do this? How do we spread the message of Christ in a world that only wants to hear its own beliefs echoed back to it? How do we find comfort when it feels as though we’ve been seeking a change in our lives but don’t feel as though we’ve changed at all? How do we spread the love of God when people use His name as a weapon of hate or a tool of propaganda? Why does the world continue to look for man to change when we’re so clearly incapable of changing ourselves?

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