Greetings all,

Even by my standards, I’ve been behind in my social media updates. Plus, it’s been a little while since I gave an update on the projects I’m working on.  This felt like a good time.

caught-front-coverBetrayed: Book Two of the Oneiros Log is still with Sara. I’m still not sure if I’ll jump on this when she sends her feedback of if I’ll finish this draft of Discovered first. The further along I get in that draft, the more likely I’ll finish that before I start revisions on Betrayed. I’m still hopeful for a 2020 release on that, but there are just so many factors that go into it these days. This is still my primary writing project though.

Discovered:  I’m all but 50% through the discovery draft of the last Oneiros Log book. It’ll be the first saga I finish and publish, so that’s super exciting! I expect things to slow down just a bit since I’m in the real meat of the plot. Things can expand and contract too as I draft this story. We meet at least five new characters in this, and I’m working to make sure the plot lines are well woven.  I’m pretty happy with how this draft is going. I am aware of a few things that’ll need work in revision, but I think this is a nice start.  It’s currently about 35,000 words. That feels a bit short to me. I anticipate the complete story to be somewhere around 90,000. One reason for this is because my percentages are based on chapters written rather than word count. It’ll definitely be the largest book in the trilogy (or quadrilogy if you count Kaitlyn’s little outrigger story, Repressed). But all of these stories were meant to be fast-paced pop-corn movie type books.

shepherdImages of Truth: This is officially Book On in the Perception of War series. Elele’s story, Sojourn in Captivity, was more like a prequel novella focused just on her, but it does introduce one of the many planets and alien species in this universe. Before I started work on Discovered, I was about 53% through the discovery draft of IoT. I still feel like it’s fantastic, but it’ll need some careful revision. This will become my main priority once I finish Oneiros.

So that’s just a quick update on my current workload. I think things are going nicely. I’m thankful for all of you who are reading and offering encouragement. It’s a real blessing just to be able to write and publish books. Of course I hope to make this my occupation, but even this is wonderful.

Thanks for reading,



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