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caught-front-coverI’m happy to report I got my developmental edits back for Betrayed from Sara. That means there’s a lot of work to do. This was probably among the more disappointing sets of revisions I’ve had in a while. That doesn’t mean that 1) Sara was mean or 2) she hated the story. It just means there are some developmental issues to work out. Sara is paid to be honest and constructive, and she’s earned her money this time around.

I’m not entirely surprised  in this regard. This is my first trilogy, and I expect the middle books to be challenging. I have to balance pace with development, and most of the things I have to address are in that regard.

In my last update post, I said I wasn’t sure whether I was going to finish Discovered or get right to work on Betrayed. Honestly, I’ve been struggling to get to the computer for the last few days. My expectation is I’ll be getting to work on Monday, and when I do, I’ll be attacking Betrayed.  I hope that before that, Sara and I can talk about things a bit more and ensure we’re on the same page. That depends on her schedule. I might plug a bit more time into Discovered while I wait for a chance to talk with Sara more, but I do intend to get the developmental draft of Betrayed done as soon as I can. I hope those revisions to wrap up by September. I’m feeling like Betrayed will be much closer to early 2021 than 2020, but Discovered should be close on its heels.

Thank you all for your support and your interest. I want to make sure I keep everyone up to speed on what I’m doing because I want readers to be a part of all of this. My hope is these little updates are informative and that they help you get excited about these stories. They are coming.

Thanks for reading,


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