Greetings all,

I’m happy to report that I’ve finished the Developmental Draft of Betrayed! Obviously I’m far behind my publishing schedule, but I am still working to write and publish stories I hope you’ll all enjoy.

Betrayed focuses far more on Dom and Kira than Caught did. If you read Caught carefully, you’ll see little breadcrumbs that I left for you that will make Betrayed a bit more satisfying. There are indeed more of those breadcrumbs in Repressed, but that story is really more to show how Kaitlyn has grown and what her motivations are.

Where Caught was a horror mystery with action, Betrayed is much more action oriented. Caught was probably 60-40. Sixty percent Wes Craven and forty percent Tom Clancy. Betrayed is probably 20-80 in the same ratio. There are some elements of horror and dream sequences, but the book drives more into the action and the characters.

Remember, Oneiros was always (and remains) my origin story to a superhero universe. Betrayed is the book that sparks that flame.

Here’s a vague book blurb:

Oneiros has been operating for more than six years. They’ve worked quietly to complete all the missions police were unwilling or unable to take on, but all of that is about to change.

Zac Kingsley, a soldier with the Army’s most secret military unit, receives orders to destroy Oneiros. He’s a brilliant military leader, and he was once Dom Moretti’s best friend.

Oneiros must now defend themselves against the government that made them, the government that betrayed them.

Old friends become enemies; current bonds are tested, and a new threat reveals himself.

If that description catches your attention, you’re in luck! I need beta readers! Beta reading is a bit more work than alpha reading. Beta reading is where I’m looking at the finished product the same way I review any story. I want to see through the readers eye to make sure the plot twists are believable and satisfying. I want to make sure the story moves at the right pace. Those who agree to beta read will, of course, receive special thanks in the book’s acknowledgement section.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please email me. Because I want to publish this as quickly as possible, I’m asking any beta readers finish reading and providing feedback by Oct. 25. That basically means you’d have to read and respond to about one chapter a day.

In the meantime, I’m back at work on Discovered (the end of the Oneiros Log). I still have about half of it to write (my completion percentage is based on chapters that I’ve outlined). I’d love to finish the Discovery Draft of that before I get the feedback for Betrayed, but that’s currently more of an ambitious goal than an expectation at the moment.

I hope some of you (I’m hoping for 10 beta readers) are willing to help me make sure Betrayed is a great story, but I’m already grateful to you all for the support you’ve shown me over the years. I’m going to keep working on writing great stories with sympathetic characters.

Thanks for reading,


5 thoughts on “I Have Finished the Developmental Draft of Betrayed! Any Interested Beta Readers Out There?

  1. Does this only qualify for those who read Caught and Repressed? I haven’t read those yet, but I’m interested in Beta reading this book anyway. I’m telling you this in your comment section, because my server couldn’t connect to the URL in your hyperlink.

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