Image taken from the book’s buy page on Goodreads for review purposes under Fair Use doctrine. 

The Glory of Heaven by John MacArthur offers a Biblical perspective on what Heaven is really like.

I’m not happy with how the book started. It’s got nothing to do with MacArthur or his wonderful work. Instead, it has more to do with the fact that the first portion of the book devotes a ton of time to refuting near-death-experience books published today. I can appreciate that this book may have been written to offer a Biblical counter to these stories, but I’m not personally invested in mortal perspectives anyway, so investing time on points of view I’m not interested in at all just felt in the way to me.

Once MacArthur finished his refutations, he then went on to offer a comprehensive look on Heaven, which is hard to do Biblically since the Bible doesn’t have a ton of references. Most of them are short, and all of them use symbology that hints at an idea that can’t be articulated or understood by a human mind.

This image of Dr. MacArthur was taken from his church’s website for review purposes under Fair Use doctrine.

I did appreciate the additional attention MacArthur gives to angels, as that’s an area of interest to me.

In an appendage, MacArthur then returns to his refutations of other various near-death experience books. I think I would have been more willing to spend time (even though I’m not interested in those perspectives at all) listing to those things if I had been given what I wanted (the Biblical view of Heaven) first, instead of tucked between a series of critiques of books I have no intention of reading.

As always, this is a great Biblical analysis despite the critical interjections. While some may actually appreciate the comparisons, I didn’t. Regardless, I did get the information I was looking for, and it absolutely fueled my passion to see the Kingdom of God when he sees fit to call me home.

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