If you’ve been visiting this blog for the past few weeks, you may have noticed how many reviews I’ve had lately.

A few months back, I saw a huge spike in my audiobook downloads for Caught. For the longest time, I was baffled (but happy). But I wanted to see what happened. A flash of inspiration led me to google the book, and there I found it on this promotion website for free promo codes.

You see, Shawn Compton, the wonderful narrator who did Caught, has a royalty share with me. When a copy of Caught is sold on Audible, he gets half of the royalty money. I can only assume he posted his promo codes, which all of us get, on this site, and boy did it work!

The site is Audio Book Boom. It has two sort of options. One is where they just post the codes for anyone to use on a certain book. The other, which I prefer, is where the promoter receives a shared form with a listener’s email and Audible review information. The promoter can then look at the person requesting a code and send a code out if they wish.

This is easily the best $12 per title I’ve ever spent on marketing. I think the price is fair since audio book codes for titles published after March 26, 2020 don’t receive royalties. They are still downloads, but the purpose for the ACX promo codes is to generate reviews and interest. At worst, this $12 gets you a number of reviews. At best it gets you reviews and royalties, but that only applies if your title was published before that date.

The first test run I did was for Stealing Freedom. The first run got me at least 15 downloads and at least 5 reviews. That means this was the first promotion website I’ve used where the money I paid was actually less than the money I made.

I did another campaign, this time for five of my six titles. In total, both campaigns earned more than 75 downloads and 15 reviews. Again, best promotion results by far. Those are just the direct numbers. I’m seeing follow-on sales for pages read in KU, purchased ebooks, and Audible.

This image was taken from the website so I could endorse their product.

I’ve never been able to land on a BookBub promotion (I would love to hit that lottery), but this is easily the best promotion because it gives me both downloads and reviews.

So if you are an author with a bunch of audiobook codes you don’t know what to do with, do this!

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