The cover image was taken from the book’s Amazon buy page for review purposes under Fair Use doctrine.

It had been a while since I read The Problem of Pain, and I wanted to read this book because of the vibe I got while writing Musings on Christianity.

This book was truly awesome in a lot of ways. I liked it most because I truly felt like I was just sitting down and having a chat with Mr. Lewis. His prose was thoughtful, colorful and insightful. He presents core Christian beliefs in simplistic ways that a person can either accept or reject.

I feel like there are some who would feel a bit put off by some of the observations Lewis makes. The thing I would ask everyone to remember is that Lewis is humbly not an expert. He admits as much in the very beginning. He offers insights that helped him address critical concepts and several times states that if what he says doesn’t rub you right, “Just set it aside.”

This image of Mr. Lewis was taken quite a while ago. I’m honestly not sure where I found it.

The title promises exactly what Lewis delivers. His use of the word “mere” is in the sense of “only.” While there are several doctrines that Christians themselves could and do debate regularly, he sticks to the concepts that any Christian (and I agree) should readily accept.

This book is great for people who just want to know in essence what Christianity is about. It is not a theological analysis. It does not promote one denomination above others. It just presents Christianity in general terms.

It was honestly hard to put down. I love theory and reasoning, and this book lays out the faith in some very simplistic terms. I’m a huge fan of this book.

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