Greetings all,

I’m happy to report two reviews for a few of my titles.

The first is a very-kind Goodreads four-star review from C Cager for The Journals of Bob Drifter. I’m grateful the reader enjoyed it. I’m glad C discovered my book, too! Right before this post launched, I noticed Cager was kind enough to also post a review on Amazon as well. That’s really above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you!

The other is a great review is one for Stealing Freedom from Paula Dyches, who put her kind four-star review on Audible, Goodreads, and Amazon. I just want to say thank her for what I call the “full support” (a review on all three platforms) review. I really do think this would make a great little Netflix movie. If you know a producer, I’d certainly be willing to talk.

This kind of support is really precious. Every review is gold in my eyes (even the bad ones). As always, I ask that if you’ve read one of my books, please stop buy one of those platforms and leave a rating and a review.

Thank’s for reading,


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