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Gentle and Lowly by Dane C. Ortlund is a book dedicated to discussing the heart of Christ for sinners and sufferers.

This book is beautiful. The message is full of compassion and Biblical guidance from a Puritan point of view. It touches on the need for salvation, but it focuses on what it means to have salvation. It teaches that it can not be lost. It teaches the patience and steadfast loving kindness of God through Christ.

I don’t want to get too deep in the the specifics of the book, but I do want to highlight the portion discussing John 6:37. I have never before reading this book and a more clear, wonderful, and encouraging explanation of salvation and love.

This is image was taken from The Gospel Coalition website for review purposes under Fair Use doctrine.

I’d offer this book to anyone. I’d give it to newly saved. I’d give it to people. I’d give it to people who are considering Christianity but may not be ready yet. I’d even give this book to people I’d never imagine would turn to Christ. This is the kind of book you had to someone and say, “Here. This is what it means to be Christian.”

It’s not expansive by any means. Ortlund sticks closely to the doctrine of salvation and how far Christ’s love for us goes. This is why it’s a message that can be so dynamic. Obviously, Christianity has areas that people can discuss and debate if they so choose. But start here. Start with a person, who so deeply loves you, he’d come down from Heaven and put on flesh just so he can be punished for your sake. Indeed, we must all follow Christ and serve Him, but I start with his love.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Gentle and Lowly by Dane C. Ortlund

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