That’s right folks! I got the edits back from Sara, and I’m hard at work on the Final Draft of Betrayed! As I type this, I’m about twenty percent through the fast-edits (where I’m simply scanning Sara’s edits and making my decisions). That goes very quickly.

Then the work comes. I start reading a chapter. Every time I find a typo, I make the fix and start all over. I do that until I can read the entire chapter out loud. That part can take a bit. I can officially say April 1 is not going to happen (and I’m sorry). But I can say with certainty that Betrayed will be live May 1.

Sara’s feedback was very positive. She said she liked all the changes she saw, and we both think this saga is moving in the right direction.

I’ll keep you all updated on my progress and, if the budgeting works out over the next month, I hope to have a cover to show off in the next few weeks.

Again, I’m so sorry this book isn’t coming out sooner. I’m thrilled some of you are excited about it, and I hope this book exceeds all your expectations.

Thanks for reading,

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