That’s right folks! The Book Cover of the Month (and year) is back (click here if all you want to do is vote)!

This has actually been going for a bit, and I even mentioned it in a different blog, but that blog had some other information that might have buried the news.

How the new system works!

First, if you want to watch my pick the covers and talk about why I like them, check out my YouTube channel!

Would you like to join me and talk about book covers? I’d love to have you. You just have to email me and give me your name, email, and Zoom user name. Do that, and I’ll email you to tell you when I’m about to be on. I try to be on at the same time, but married life makes that a bit tough. For instance, I expect to be on looking at covers Friday.

Also, Saturday, April 10 at 2 p.m., I still plan to do the cover reveal for Betrayed that way, and I hope you’ll join me.

But, that’s not what you came here for is it?

Each week, I pick seven covers. Then I post a Google Form where you can vote for your favorite of those seven. The winners for each week get put in a final form for the title of Book Cover of the Month.

I’m hoping you’ll take a moment to vote for your favorite of Week One’s seven covers. You can vote here! You’ll need to be signed on to Google (to keep those super passionate people from voting 1,000 times).

I’ll announce the winner in a future video (and a small post here).

Thanks for reading (and hopefully voting!)


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