Greetings all,

Last weekend I presented this cover on my YouTube channel. You can check out how that went by watching below.

However, that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to show off this cover here on my blog. So before I get too far into the details, let’s just have a look.

Once again I just want to make sure I thank Carlos Villas for all of his hard work. I think the cover is beautiful! I’m still planning on a May 1 release date. I’m proofreading as quickly as I can, but I desperately want to make this book as polished as I can, so June 1 is a possibility, but I guarantee June 1 is the latest this book will be out.

I hope you all like the cover!

Thanks for reading,


3 thoughts on “Now Presenting the Cover to Betrayed!

    1. Yeah, as a business man, I regret getting distracted by so many other side projects. As an artist, I know I’d do it the same way every time, but I really should have had Betrayed ready to go. Discovered is right behind it though (at least, I’m a good way through the discovery draft). So it won’t be years between those books.

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