Spoiler Free Summary: Demon Slayer Volume 10 by Koyoharu Gotouge is the tenth volume in the Demon Slayer manga. The battle with Daki, one of the upper rank six, is in full swing, and Tanjiro must find a way to defeat her, but if a Hashira like Uzui struggles to fight her, what can Tanjiro do. They must all work together, but things only get worse when the team discovers this deomn’s unique ability.

Character: Things really develop well here as most of of the cast finds a new level. This isn’t just in regard to their combat ability. Tanjiro is starting to formulate his own philosophy, and that philosophy is going to be critical going forward. This character growth is particularly interesting considering this volume is mostly a fight sequence. We see Tanjiro’s growth and Uzui’s softer side all while the battle plays out.

The cover image for this volume was taken from its Amazon buy page for review purposes under Fair Use doctrine.

Exposition: Since this is an action volume, there isn’t too much need for exposition, but there are a few text boxes that offer some explanation. The exposition is ever bit as sparse as it is unnecessary (in a good way).

Worldbuilding: Again, this volume (which is currently my second favorite (see my review for 15 later on)) takes a wonderful stride here in the worldbuilding because we see a deeper history of everything. We finally catch a glimpse of what the big bad fears so much about Tanjiro’s technique. It’s honestly only a glimpse, but it has such an impact on the series as a whole.

Dialogue: This is sort of par for the Demon Slayer course. It has moments of adorable interaction and comedic fun. There’s also some 1980’s cartoon villain speak, but I honestly like it. I think it’s fair to say some will think it’s a bit hokey, but I think it fits.

Description: This fight scene continues in this chapter (but it doesn’t end here, buy 9-11 and read it all) and the art and storyboard sequences are amazing. It makes me so hungry to see this animated because it will be epic. The art is enough to tide me over until I can see it all play out. You’ll need a careful eye here because there are some details one needs to note as this story continues.

Overall: This volume was my favorite overall until I read Volume 15, but for my money I still think the fight in this volume was the best (and that’s a very tough call to make). It has the right blend of comedy, action, emotion, and plot progression. It doesn’t stand alone though as the whole arc actually ends in Volume 11, so that’s kind of a demerit. The simple truth is I couldn’t put this down, and since I’ve read Volume 10, I don’t really want to stop reading at all. That’s how awesome this volume is.

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