Greetings all,

After a few years hiatus and a platform change, it’s my honor to present to you the 2021 M.L.S. Weech Book Cover of the Month!

This new system pits four weekly winners against each other in a winner-take-all poll. This months’ winner is …

City of Time and Magic by Paula Brackston. So the stats aren’t flattering at all. I honestly only had two votes, so I had to break a tie. This is where I need your help. Two years ago, I was getting thousands of votes per competition. The move votes the competition gets, the more legitimized it is. I’ve always been a fan of book covers, and I truly want this award to become meaningful, but I need your help to do that. Please take moment to vote when you see the new poll come up. Please share it with readers you know. Just taking the time to do that will go a long way.

Regardless, this cover is amazing, and I’m proud to put CIty of Time and Magic in the 2021 Book Cover of the Year poll, which will begin in another 11 months.

That’s not the only other winner to announce! The 2021 May Book Cover of the Week polls have been going on for two weeks now, and I have have the pleasure of announcing the winner for week two.

That winner is …

My book, Betrayed, which is available in both ebook and paperback! Now, you can cry bias, and I couldn’t even argue with you. I had four votes, and all four voted for this cover. I’m positive that all the voters are fans or friends of mine. The solution is the same. Vote. That way, your favorite will have a better chance to win.

The Week 3 poll is available right over here, so please take a second to let your vote be counted.

I’d be grateful if you would be so kind as to watch my channel, where I talk about all seven of the covers and why I think they were so cool.

Remember to vote for your favorite through the link I provided above! This means that Betrayed is the second book to make it in the finals for the 2021 May Book Cover of the Month! You guys can choose who wins the title and then support your favorite in the yearly competition (obviously next year)! I hope you’ll participate.

Thanks for reading and watching,


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