Greetings all,

Before we get into June’s news, would you please take a moment to vote for the 2021 May Book Cover of the Month? There’s only about six days left to vote, so please show these covers some support.

Now we can move on to announce the winner of last week’s Book Cover of the Week poll. Seven covers were nominated, but only one cover could win and advance to the Book Cover of the Month poll.

Without further delay, here is the winner for Week 1 of June.

The cover for Angel of Armageddon by Michael Anderle is a great example of composition. Look at how everything in the scene has its own unique space.

But, as one week passes, another begins. So you can vote for your favorite Week 2 2021 June Book Cover of the Month right here!

I’d be grateful if you would be so kind as to watch my channel, where I talk about all seven of the covers and why I think they were so cool.

Remember to vote for your favorite through the link I provided above! This means that Angel of Armageddon is the first cover to earn a spot in the finals for the 2021 June Book Cover of the Month! You guys can choose who wins the title and then support your favorite in the yearly competition (obviously next year)! I hope you’ll participate.

Thanks for reading and watching,


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