Greetings All,

It’s that time again to announce another week’s winner in the2021 June Book Cover of the Month poll. I’m actually on vacation as I write this, so I’m actually going to keep it short and to the point.

The Week 3 cover for the M.L.S. Weech 2021 June Book Cover of the Month Poll is…

Tournaments of Thaw by Tamar Sloan and Heidi Catherine took what’s become a common technique (a landscape inside a figure) and expanded on it in a unique way by adding some detail to the figure (the bird) and color.

As always, you can vote for Week 4’s cover by clicking this link.

Normally, I’d have the YouTube link to the most recent upload here, but my computer hates me. You are still free to go visit my page and watch (and I hope you will).

Tournaments will go up against Angel of Armageddon and A Clash of Fates in the overall 2021 M.L.S. Weech June Book Cover of the Month poll, which you’ll be able to vote on next week.

Thanks for reading,


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