Greetings from San Diego!

It’s been an amazing week so far. It’s been a while since I shared some fun and happy personal life stuff on the blog, and given that I’m really not in the mood to think too much as I type this, I figured we’d just talk a bit about how things are going.

As for writing, I was pretty sure (and correct) that I wouldn’t get much writing done this week. We had a ton of activities planned and so much going on. I didn’t want to try and shoe horn in a lot of writing stuff. The discovery draft of Discovered is indeed about six chapters from being done (though that’s a lot of words given all the stuff that the outline demands). I don’t think I’ll get super writing time in, but I do expect to get my usual thousand words in from here on out.

This week I visited my brother and sister and their two wonderful daughters. We went to the Midway Museum, Belmont Park, and the San Diego Zoo. We also got the rent a pool for an afternoon. Honestly, every second of it was awesome. I got some quality time with my brother and sister (they’re married you see). It had been some years since I saw either of my nieces, and I’m so glad we started at this end of the line of families.

This sort of became the activities portion of the vacation. It’s not that we don’t have a few plans at the other locations we plan to visit, it’s just most of the rest of the trip is reserved for relaxation and time with families. But while we were in San Diego with a pair of activity-driven women (my wife and sister), we tried to do everything San Diego offers, and I sort of think we did.

After I get a few hours of sleep, it’s all about the drive to my old stomping grounds.

Thanks for reading,


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