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While I hope to have some author news for you in the very near future (maybe as soon as the end of the month), there’s not much on the news front. That means I get to be a bit random this week. So, why not celebrate the beginning of the new football season.

I love football! I’m a die-hard 49ers fan and have been for more than 30 years, but I love the game. As I type this, we just got back from the high-school game. My middle boy is in the marching band, so we went to watch him play, and I got to see the game.

We got manhandled physically, but the score looked reasonably competitive.

Anyway, I thought I’d use this post to talk about things I’d like to see this season. So let’s do a top five!

#5: Another Browns winning season. I’m not a Browns fan, but I feel like if any team’s fans deserve some back-to-back winning seasons, it’s the Browns (maybe the Jets, but it’s not their time just yet). I actually like Mayfield. They have a great defense and a lot of moxie. I think football needs a relevant Browns team.

#4: The rushing record stay safe. Look, I’d be ok if Henry or some other back hit 2,200 yards, but Dickerson did it in, like, 14 games. So if it’s going to be broken, I think it should be broken in the same time period. That record is one of probably all records doomed now that we’re in a 17-game schedule, but I’d be happier if it stayed. The only way these records should be broken is in the same number of games. Yes, one can argue the 16-game schedule is the same way, and that’s legitimate, but we’ve been at 16 games for a long time now. I just think this record is special.

#3: A close playoff race. I mean, I want all of the playoff teams to be decided in the last week of the season. Otherwise, what’s the point? The worst thing would be for the playoff bracket to be finished by week 14 and have the preseason in the last three weeks of the regular season. I want Week 17 to matter. A lot of people are excited for more football, but I want it to be more football, not just pointless roster evaluation games.

#2: The Raiders in the playoffs. So I’ve rooted for the Raiders for quite a while now (since Jerry went to play for them). They’re also my brother’s favorite team. There are moments when I think the Raiders are just “something” short. Unfortunately, that “something” might be a defense. I love Mayock. I like Gurden, but something isn’t right there. That’s not going to stop me from rooting them on. In fact, I’d be overjoyed if they made it to the Super Bowl against this other team …

#1: A 49ers Super Bowl win! The last two losses were heartbreaking if I’m being honest. Now before you ask, I’d be fine with a competitive team (winning record). Honestly, I’ve seen enough top 5 picks to last me another 30 years. I can’t stand people who say, “Man, fire that guy. He can’t win a playoff game!” I’m like, “Ya know, it’s nice when you win more than six.” Of course every fan wants to see the top of the mountain, but I’d like to make it to a foothill reliable each season. Look at the Steelers and Ravens. Sure, you might be frustrated you don’t make the big game, but isn’t it nice to win more than you lose?

So there you have it. Do you have a 2021 NFL Wishlist? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,


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