A while back, I mentioned I was so happy to be working with Collin Fogel, my best friend from Junior High and the cover artist for The Journals of Bob Drifter, on a comic limited series.

Then the comic was picked up by a small press Hazel got put with a comic containing content I couldn’t support or endorse, so I stepped away.

Time passed, and Hazel’s run with that series ended. The company kindly gave Collin the green light to publish Hazel elsewhere.

After some time, Collin and I decided to make Hazel available on Amazon. Here we are!

As you read this the electronic version of Hazel is now available on Amazon for $7.99.

Here are some things to know though. This is the first time I’ve tried to publish a comic online. I think I did everything right, but I could have messed up. If you’re willing to try it, would you please e-mail me to know how it works, I mean that literally. Obviously I hope you enjoy it, but I’m worried something in the data or in how it runs might make the comic functionality poor, and if that’s the case, I’m hoping someone will tell me.

Another note: Comics don’t exactly work the same way as regular books. The page-by-page style of the written word is easy. Hazel has at least three full-spread pages (two pages that combine to make one big page). It reads left to right, but between two pages. One page is vertical. These are things that I can’t do anything about. When I’m done with the paperback (see below), you’ll be able to twist and turn it just like any other comic trade paperback.

I wanted to be forthright about these things because I’m hoping feedback will let me know.

This is honestly the fulfillment of a childhood dream. Collin and I have known each other for decades, and we always talked about having a comic out. This is really his project. He’s the creator, and he did most of the work. I feel the need to say he also (rightly) gets the bulk of the royalties, but I’ll keep the actual distribution private.

There is a chance that the paperback will be troublesome. Again, with a comic, some pages are designed to be vertical, and Amazon can be pretty challenging for things like that. We’re giving it a shot.

I hope you’ll choose to do the same. I’m really hopeful this project does well, and you’re the ones who can help me with that.

Thanks for reading,


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