Greetings all,

No review today, sorry about that. The reason there is no review is because I finally have the paperback graphic novel of Hazel out in the world!

You can get your copy right here!

So I’m a man who believes in goals, and I like talking about those goals. I’m asking for your help and, honestly, your money.

I’m hoping you loyal readers are comic fans and know some comic fans. My goals for this book for this week (Oct. 27 – Nov. 2) are: 110 sales and 50 reviews. I can only do that with your support.

Why those numbers? Well, my handy Publisher Rocket tells me that’s the number I need to hit to reach number one. I think that might be electronic sales (meaning the $7.99 ebook), but man, if I sell 110 copies in a week of anything I won’t care what rank I am, I’ll just be stoked.

The 50 reviews is old news. I’d do backflips for 50 reviews on any of my titles. That’s when Amazon starts helping a little bit in terms of visibility. So if I can reach those goals, this product would be easily off to the greatest start any of my products have ever been on.

Are you willing to help me? Do you like comics? Will you buy ours? Will you share this post and link with your friends and get them to read and review it?

It would mean to world to me. If you do, post a comment here so I can thank you.

Regardless, I’m always thankful for your support.

Thanks for reading,


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