Greetings all,

I was ill last week and glad to have some reviews to share.

Well, this week I feel better, but I’m still also glad to have some more reviews to share!

Hazel is still going strong. Oh, I’m not selling hundreds a day or thousands a week, but I am selling a pretty steady number that I’m not quit ready to estimate until she’s been out three full months. The good news is that the sales are also yielding reviews, and that’s fantastic.

So I’m happy to share this three-star review from Goodreads and this five-star review from Amazon.

As always, if you’ve tried some of my work (even it you hated it), I’d be grateful if you’d be kind enough to leave a rating and review on all the bookish places. It means a lot. We’re coming up on the end of the year, which means the State of the Weech is coming and some other general news. So we’ll see if things calm down enough this week to allow for more news-based posts on Saturdays. Until then,

Thanks for reading,


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