It’s a week late, but it’s better late than never!

Greetings all,

We have a winner folks! After 52 weeks, we found 12 nominees for the competition. Then you were allowed two weeks to vote, and those votes have spoken.

The 2021 M.L.S. Weech Book Cover of the Year is …

She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan is just a stunning cover. I thought there were some great covers in the final twelve, but I have to admit this one still stood out to me. First, I congratulate all 12 nominees. You wouldn’t have been in this bracket if people didn’t vote for your cover twice (once for the book cover of the week and once for the book cover of the month). So hold your head up high!

Next, I want to offer my congratulations to Parker-Chan and the book designer. If the story is half as beautiful as the cover, it must be amazing!

That does it for my Book Cover of the Year series. I’ll be shifting gears to focus on the series that walks you through writing and publishing a book on Amazon. I hope you’ll check out my YouTube channel for that.

Thanks for reading,


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