Sonnets For My Savior 50

Sonnets For My Savior 50

Giving Father

Praise the Lord, who never fails to answer prayers.
Praise the Lord, whose mercy is endless.
For He knows and listens to all your cares.
His steadfast love is boundless.

Be persistent,
for God gives justice to those who cry out day and night.
God is never inattentive or distant.
He never fails to care for his chosen or do what’s right.

He has heard my pleas.
He has answered my heart’s calls.
His generosity brings me to my knees.
His power has raised up kings and thrown down walls.

I’m not worthy to receive such kindness,
so I offer my praise with a heart full of gladness.



The Other Brother

What did he serve for?
Was it because his heart longed to do good?
Or did he hope his work would earn him more?
Was his anger over not getting what he thought he should?

Does correct behavior make a good son,
or is it the heart that brings truth to light?
No amount of good deeds lead to God’s heart being won.
Service offered in love is the practice that is right.

How much better was the one than the other?
One demanded then while the other hoped for more later.
But desire led one to be jealous of his brother.
Wouldn’t it be better to set one’s eyes on something greater?

Don’t become envious of those who return to your Father’s door,
for you are with Him always, and all He has is yours.



Compared to

Compared to other men,
I may seem righteous.
Compared to other men,
I might be considered pious.

Compare to a killer,
I am peaceful.
Compared to an adulterer.
I may not seem lustful.

But compared to our perfect, holy God,
I am filthy.
Compared to a perfect, just God,
I am guilty.

Rather than glorify yourself with your comparison to humanity,
Look up to the LORD and see the need for humility.



His Gentle Rebukes

Praise God for the guilt I feel,
for I know this is how His spirit speaks to me.
One way to know my salvation is real
is how detestable sins grow to be.

I feel remorse when I realize
how empty sin really is.
Fear of His wrath is what begins to make me wise.
Each sin I turn from helps me know that I am His.

When I feel convicted,
I know he is calling me back.
His rules no longer make me feel restricted.
His gentle rebukes are what keep me on track.

I pray to always avoid temptation’s seduction.
Instead help me to listen for His Spirit’s instruction.



And 70 Times More

Time after time, I’ve stumbled.
Time after time, You’ve forgiven me.
Your mercy has me humbled.
Your grace has changed the man I used to be.

Time after time, I’ve been sinned against.
Let me reflect the patience you have shown.
Why should I become incensed,
for my sins prevent me from casting a single stone.

Let me forgive regardless of the offense.
Let me forget any amount owed.
For my debt to you was so immense,
but still, from You, forgiveness flowed.

If I’ve forgiven my brother 70 time before,
let me forgive him still 70 times more.



His Love For Us

We break every rule He has set.
We only call to Him when we have a want or are in need.
We demand of Him anything we can get.
We’ve no interest in His will, only our own greed. 

If we were treated thus?
Would we not feel frustration?
Would we say such people love us?
Would we not demand compensation?

Even as we committed these acts,
Christ died for us.
Even as our sins are piled in high stacks,
Christ paid the price for us.

His love for us is shown in this:
Despite our wrongs, Christ gave himself up for those He calls His.



Who Will Be Exalted

Sit at the lowest table seat.
Let the host come move you to a higher place.
Pray as if Heaven’s place your eyes can’t meet.
Let the loving finger of God lift up your face.

Kneel and pray for forgiveness.
Do not stand and justify yourself with comparisons to man.
Let your Father, who sees in secret, offer you his kindness.
Let your Father, who hears in secret, lift you up, for only He can.

Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who seek,
for they shall find Christ, and receive more than their worth.

Those who humble themselves will be raised high.
Those who exalt themselves will be cast down by their own pride.


Sonnets For My Savior 49

Sonnets For My Savior 49

Why I Need Him

I can’t do enough on my own.
I dive into the mud every time You wash me.
There is nothing good in my flesh or bone.
This is why your sacrifice is the key.

Born into an imperfect body,
I could never claim or attain perfection.
However, the flawless grace You embody
is what gives me justification.

By myself, wrath is all I deserve.
By Your side, forgiveness is what I will receive.
I am alone, if my self is all I serve.
I gain life if in You I trust and believe.

His righteousness is the cloak I wear.
Alone, all of my deeds done without Christ wouldn’t receive a single care.



My Desperate Need

They pile up on me;
another comes even as I cast the first out.
I’m drowning in a filthy sea;
I can’t find any pure water in this drought.

Like skittering insects they crawl over my skin.
Sin seeps out of every pour.
I realize there is no way I can win.
For every sin I avoid, I commit a hundred more.

Indeed I do do everything I hate.
I fail to do that in which I would take delight.
My sin piles up on me, and I can’t bear the weight.
There is no part in me that is right.

Only Christ can take it all way,
which is why I seek him each and ever day.


The Distance

The sun is closer to the moon.
A flower’s petals are closer to the top of a tree.
Midnight is closer to noon
than your glory is to me.

A deep sea fish is closer to a vulture in flight.
The street is closer to the top of a tower
than my ability is to your might
or my strength is to your power.

Filthy rags are cleaner than I am
when compared to your holiness.
The worst criminal is more blameless than I am
when compared to your righteousness.

But you still sent Christ to die and pay my price
so that I might be saved and worship you in paradise.



Wonderful Gifts

A wife who loves and respects me.
Sons who listen to and obey me.
A roof to offer shelter to me.
Food and water to sustain me.

Family and friends who love me.
A job I enjoy through which, You provide for me.
Brothers and sisters in Christ who offer fellowship to me.
A church home to educate me.

Your Holy Word to feed me.
Your mighty power to protect me.
Your Grace to forgive me.
Your Glorious Son, who bled and died for me.

All these good gifts, You have given me,
but the greatest is the last, for it is what set my soul free.



My Safety

My sprit is secure, Lord, in your mighty hands.
My body is safe, Lord, for it is where you live.
Where others build on soft sands,
my home is built on the foundation you give.

You are my shelter, and with You, I am secure.
I fear nothing, for You are with me.
No matter what happens, I can be sure,
You will never leave or forsake me.

Creator of nature and man,
my trust is in Your sovereign plan.
The things I fear I can’t do, with You, I know I can.
You walk with me no matter how far my journey may span.

Whatever trials or threats come to me,
I can be brave, for You are my safety.



The Low Door

The door to Heaven is low.
One must crawl to enter.
To the humble one, God’s blessings flow.
The door won’t permit those who feel like the world’s center.

The haughty and prideful don’t understand.
They can’t compare to God’s righteousness.
They think they can earn inheritance of the land.
They are blinded by their foolishness.

Only God is truly good.
All fall short of His perfection.
None who would justify themselves to God could.
The only path to life everlasting is confession.

The high door leads to destruction.
But the humble who enter the low door will find salvation.



All I Need

I do not pretend I don’t desire more.
There is much I’d like to see.
But I have already received so much that I’ve asked for.
I don’t know how much happier I could be.

The Israelites were taken from Egypt and set free,
but they grumbled and complained so quickly after.
Their hardened hearts had a brief time of glee,
but they demanded and rebelled thereafter.

I pray that won’t be the course I take.
For I seek to remember what I’ve been given.
The LORD God filled my heart, which was empty with ache.
With him to provide, I need not be so driven.

Dear God protect me from a heart of greed.
Let me remember always that I already have all that I need.

Sonnets For My Savior 48

Sonnets For My Savior 48

Cling To Them

More precious than any gem or stone,
his promises are the truth we cling to.
Countless times You have shown
the glorious things that You can do.

Peace, joy, salvation, and provision,
all these things you’ve granted to us.
Great is your power, and perfect is your vision.
All these you use to sanctify us.

We can cling to these when we feel stagnant.
We can rely on them when we want to grow.
His promises are found within His words and commandments.
From his promises, His blessings will flow.

Trust in God, and always hold tight.
This is the path to a life that is right.



His Love For Us

He healed and bore our illnesses.
He taught us the proper way.
His power increases with our weaknesses.
The good shepherd came to find us when we went astray.

He gave us everything
when we deserve only punishment.
He endured our suffering
so God’s will would come to fulfillment.

He humbled Himself for us.
He became sin for us.
He bled for us.
He died for us.

He returned for us.
All this, He did to demonstrate the love He has for us.



Be Still And Wait

The storm raged,
but the trusting servant was still.
His enemies had him caged,
but he had faith in the LORD’S will. 

As wicked men flaunted their treasure,
he wasn’t jealous or envious.
For the wicked are always punished in God’s measure.
God always helps the faithful become victorious.

While others were mocking and seeking to do harm,
the righteous trusted in God and did good.
The Lord will surely use his mighty arm
to aide all those who have done as they should.

Those who delight in the Lord will walk in God’s ways,
and all such servants will inherit the land in the coming days. 



Wisdom’s Call

Embrace the call of wisdom.
Cherish it more than silver or gold.
Those who would enter God’s kingdom,
should seek to make wisdom his to hold. 

Do not spurn it
or hide from its gentle admonishment.
Earnestly seek it,
for from God, it is sent. 

Those who have it are blessed,
and their treasures grow.
Those who rely on it will find rest.
Those who have it should share what they know.

Those who fear the LORD have it.
Those who turn from evil demonstrate it.



To Whom All Things Belong

All that you have, he gave to you.
All that you have, he can take from you.
The things you cling to never belonged to you.
The things you covet will never belong to you.

He created all things.
He owns all things.
For His purpose, are all things.
By His grace, he provides all things.

God entrusted these things to us.
We are his chosen stewards.
If we care for what He’s given us,
He will certainly increase our rewards.

Indeed care and nurture all He gives to you,
but never forget whom it all belongs to.



What You Consume

If anger is what you consume,
anger is what you will produce.
The habit you assume,
is the characteristic you will use. 

What you plant in your heart
is what your heart will grow.
If a meal of frustration is in what you take part,
then frustration is all you will know.

Instead consume God’s Word,
for it is the bread of life.
Do not let God’s truth go unheard,
for ignorance brings only pain and strife.

Consume the good food that brings truth and love,
Let His Holy word be the only thing you’re full of. 



The Way

No ceremony can make me clean.
No words can redeem me.
Only Christ can intervene.
Only Christ can set me free.

No good deed can erase my wrongdoing.
No amount of money can save me.
Only Christ is worth pursuing.
Only Christ can lead me.

My heart must be pure.
Appearances are meaningless.
Only Christ can ensure
a life that’s peaceful and endless.

I rely on Christ to cleanse me.
I rely on Christ to sustain me.

Sonnets For My Savior 47

Sonnets For My Savior 47


To touch the dead makes a man unclean.
But Christ’s touch brings life from death.
There is not part of him dirty or obscene.
Any could be cleansed by his Holy breath.

The Lepers’ were given clean skin.
The blind were given sight.
His death freed man from sin.
His resurrection made the wrong things right.

The animals served to demonstrate the price,
but His gift was so much more.
His blood is more than enough to suffice.
And we are the ones he did it for.

Blood was always the price for our iniquity,
and His blood is all we need to set us free.



Grow In Grace

If the seed is in you, let it grow.
The Word is your soil, and Christ is your living water.
Study, so that when you are asked, you may know.
Don’t place yourself in position to falter.

Little sapling, stretch up to the sky.
The LORD is the light your flowers need to live.
Keep his righteousness fixed in your eye.
Seek to know Him better, and knowledge of Himself, He will give.

Little children, learn diligently.
Talk of His word when you sit in your home.
Wait, and watch for Christ’s return vigilantly.
Open your heart, so that He may be with you wherever you may roam.

Your heart has the seed, but who you are is not who you shall be.
Study, learn, and grow, for this is how any seed becomes a tree.



The Scales

Blinded by misguided zeal,
The scales covered his eyes.
Only the grace of Christ could heal,
the damage done by pride’s lies.

Prayer and contemplation brought perspective.
With his baptism, the scales fell away.
Only Christ’s truth proved effective,
in showing the chief of sinners the way.

Like Paul, any unredeemed person has scales.
They prevent a person from truly seeing.
But the grace of God never fails,
to redeem a heart that seeks believing.

The truth of Christ gives sight.
It washes away the scales, so one can see the light.



Is It Really Love

Should a child measure his father’s love
by what a parent lets him have or do?
Should a child measure his father’s love
by how the father tolerates whatever evil thing the child may do?

Is forgiveness the result of ignoring transgressions?
Is love nothing more than giving gifts?
If a child disobeys, does he not need to offer a confession?
Is it really love if a lack of gifts causes love to shift?

Do you deny God because you lack a single desire?
Do you deny God because he executes punishment?
Isn’t one who only gives love for gifts a liar?
Is it really love if it changes from moment to moment?

If an earthly parent expects trust and obedience,
why then would you demand of God, but only offer grievance?



Help that is real

If you saw a man who was hungry,
would you not give him some bread?
If you saw a man exhausted and sleepy,
would you not give him a place to rest his head?

We toil and plead for earthly things,
but why don’t we work for one’s spirit?
We petition for the attention of presidents and kings,
but we hold back the truth and fail to share it.

Why do we seek to save a body, which is temporary,
but make no effort for the soul, which is forever?
Why do we keep back words that can make one free,
but we strive to help in any earthly endeavor?

Aide a body to serve and be kind,
but seek more the chance to aid every soul you can find.



Know The Body

How would the foot walk
If it didn’t know to ask the knees to bend?
How would a mouth talk
without the voice box on which it did depend?

If we only were an eye, we could not hear.
If we only an ear, we could not smell.
We are all parts of the body, be we far or near.
We are the body of Christ, and in each of us, he does dwell.

Each part must know the other,
or we won’t work together very well.
Thus we must know one another,
so that together, for Christ, we might excel.

Just as no one part of the body can live without the whole,
it is as one body do our God we do extol. 



Proclaim Christ

Tragedy strikes
The deceiver leans in to whisper.
These are the moments in which the evil one delights.
He seeks to use this moment to create a fissure.

Don’t let sorrow blind you.
Don’t let the tempter fool you.
Let the Spirit of God comfort you.
Let the love of Christ fill you.

Faith isn’t displayed in times of happiness.
Any can be glad when their cups overflow.
But blessed are those who proclaim Christ in times of sadness,
for their great blessings will be reaped from the faith they show.

Tragedy comes to both the saints and lawless,
but those who seek God’s love will always find solace.

Sonnets For My Savior 46

Sonnets For My Savior 46

What You Seek

Cry for those who turn from God to seek wealth.
Lament for those who prefer the respect of man over the Son’s sacrifice.
Mourn over those who think the things of this world lead to health.
Wail for those who cast aside God for the sake of any vice.

Listen for God’s call.
Respond when it comes.
Christ’s sacrifice is sufficient for all.
But it is to Him you must run.

God may grant an unrepentant child his earthly desires,
but those rewards are all the child will obtain.
When death comes, all that waits is a lake of fire.
The child has traded a moment of pleasure for an eternity of pain.

Think carefully about thing things you look for.
All the worldly things are filthy rags; God’s love is more.



Keep It

When the moon is gone, and the sky is black,
let me keep my faith in You.
When enemies surround me, and they are ready to attack,
let me keep my faith in You.

Should death be near, I shall not be afraid,
for I only pass through death to life unending.
Let me look upon Your grace having not strayed.
Help me hold to You with a trust unbending.

You created the Earth.
What could it do that You can’t control?
You power is the only power that holds worth.
Your grace is the only thing that can make a broken man whole.

When trials come to test our faith in You.
Let us endure the trail, keep our faith, and glorify You.



The Servant

He toils away through the night,
unsure of when his master will return.
He does as he knows is good and right,
and the master’s joy is what he will earn.

The manager is wise and faithful.
He’s determined to be ready.
The plates are clean as is the table.
His actions are trustworthy and steady.

When the master returns, the servant will be blessed,
for the servant was loyal and steadfast.
The humble servant passed the test,
so his gift is sure to last.

Christ will return when we least expect.
Display for Him how well His house has been kept.




The Lord our God is with me.
I shall be strong and of good courage.
Though enemies may surround me,
I shall not be discouraged. 

Wherever I may go,
He is my strength and my shield.
I stand firm because I know
none can match the power He wields.

What can the created do
against the might of the creator?
No matter the trials I go through,
I seek wisdom if I seek His favor.

I never have reason to fear
if I have faith in my God and keep Him near. 




Bleeding on the side of the road,
he’s beaten and broken.
They pass by as if they don’t know.
They pass by as if he hadn’t spoken.

Self-occupied and distracted,
they ignore others even when they have the means to assist.
Uncaring of how they have acted,
they’ve blinded themselves to the opportunity they’ve missed.

Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
Have compassion on them and offer them care.
Follow Christ and let go of yourself.
If you would receive, why do you refuse to share?

Treat your neighbors with love and kindness.
This is the fruit of a life of righteousness.




Let us face our trials with you on our minds.
Let us turn to you for strength.
Let us praise you all the more in trying times.
Let us hold fast to you no matter the trial’s length.

For you are our refuge.
You are our foundation.
You are our relief from aches many or few.
Glorifying you is appropriate in any situation.

Let us keep our faith in You.
You are our rock and our salvation.
Let our trust in Your will and glorify You.
Let us hold tight to You and resist temptation. 

We can not know how many trials may come;
May each cup pass, but regardless, Your will be done.




They climb up from the soil,
choking the flowers that should bloom.
Though the sower did toil,
the weeds gave the seeds no room.

How the sower is saddened to see his seeds whither and die.
What wonderful things they could have been!
From the sower’s hands, the weeds did pry,
the life of the seeds and the plants within.

Be not the weed that chokes the seeds.
Let the flowers grow.
If you would be one who leads,
lead them to the sun and its eternal glow.

Seeds grow and become the sower’s crops and harvests earned,
but all that can be done with weeds is to be collected and burned.

Sonnets For My Savior 45

Sonnets For My Savior 45

Faith, Not Fear

Grant in me a heart that is bold.
Let my faith in You never waiver.
When You speak, let me have the faith to do as I’m told,
for obedience to Your will comes before Your favor.

Your will, LORD, not my own.
Let me walk your path always, straight and true.
When You call, let me answer without a grumble or moan.
Guide me to put myself aside for You.

Let my thoughts be on Your wisdom, not my fear.
Let my heart be filled by Your spirit, not my desires.
Let obedience to You fill my heart with cheer.
Let Your will reign and my own expire.

Let my faith and trust be ever with You.
Place in me a heart that is willing to do whatever You ask me to.



To Him Be True

Action behind speech.
Deeds to support every claim.
If you would gather others and teach,
do not practice sin, lest you lie against His name.

Stand in the light.
Avoid standing in darkness.
Seek to do what His word says is right.
Live as He lived, and testify as a witness.

To be true to thine own self,
places one’s self on the throne.
Instead set aside yourself.
Make your heart His and His alone.

Practice righteousness and avoid practicing sin.
This is the way to be true to Him.



Every Day

Let Your word reside within me.
Let Your commandments delight me.
Let Your peace be upon me.
Let Your grace be with me.

Let me contemplate Your word every day.
Let me pray for Your wisdom every day.
Let me seek to serve You every day.
Let me be pleasing to You every day.

For Your word is my path.
Your Light is my salvation.
Your grace is all that saves me from Your wrath.
Your Son died for my redemption.

Regardless of whatever I may go through,
let my mind, heart, and soul always belong completely to You.



His Freedom

Even if every sin were as a feather,
the weight of mine was as a mountain.
My sins became a gripping tether;
they formed a cage I was trapped within.

So numerous, they overwhelmed me.
So vile, they disgusted me.
So deep, they comprised me.
So convincing, they deceived me.

Jesus Christ set me free.
Jesus Christ made me clean.
Jesus Christ helped me see.
Sin was the disease; Christ is the vaccine.

There is no chain He can’t break.
There is no person he can’t remake.



It Cleanses

His blood cleanses it all.
It cleansed a thief on the cross.
It redeemed the apostle Paul.
It purifies all transgression regardless of the severity or cost.

Repent, all you killers, and you will be clean.
Repent, all you adulterers, and you will be clean.
Repent, all you liars, and you will be clean.
Repent, and trust in His blood, and you will be clean.

Do not hold back for fear of how severe your crimes were.
Do not hold back for fear that you can’t be redeemed.
Seek Him, and He will give you succor.
Seek Him, and you will find more than you’ve ever dreamed.

The filth you carry can be washed away.
All you need do is call on Him, so do it now; do it today.



The Sick

Oh LORD, be with the ill.
Heal  them, and they will be healed.
Their bodies can be cleansed if you will.
For our trust is in you and the great power you wield.

Let them seek your face
and turn from their wicked ways.
Then offer them your mercy and grace.
Let your peace be with them for the rest of their days.

You created the body, and you can make it whole.
You created the heart, and you can let its beat continue.
You created man and breathed into them him a soul.
You made all things, and you can make all things new.

If it is Your will, let this cup pass from the afflicted.
Let their bodies become whole and their hearts be uplifted.




You were redeemed,
but you are not perfect.
You were never as good as you may have seemed,
nor are you as holy as you may project.

Beware the desire to call out the sins of others.
Public shame is not fellowship.
We are called to judge our brothers,
but don’t pretend righteous judgment while committing self worship.

There is no one who is good.
Not even one.
Your redemption doesn’t permit you to do as you would;
It is a commission to do as Christ has done.

Do not publicly scoff at the sins of others to elevate yourself.
It is written, “he who reproves a wicked man gets insults for himself.”


Sonnets For My Savior 44

Sonnets For My Savior 44


I prayed night after night,
asking God why he turned His ear from me.
I thought myself just and right,
blind to the need I had to be set free.

I prayed for myself,
unconcerned with God’s will.
I treated God like a tool to be placed on a shelf,
seeking happiness in an accomplishment or cheap thrill.

Suddenly, I saw my life was empty.
Suddenly, I realized I was not my own master.
Of material things, I had plenty,
but my spirit only fell faster and faster.

Suddenly, I saw my desperate need,
so I turned from myself, and dedicated my life to Thee.




Turn the other cheek,
though their actions are cruel and sinful.
Be humble and meek,
though the world wants you to be full of pride and boastful.

Treat others as you would be treated.
Respect, even if you’re disrespected.
Be giving, even if you feel cheated.
Maintain a loving heart, even when you feel dejected.

Be like Christ, who walked in peace.
Be like Christ, who walked in love.
Be like Him, and receive a grace that will never cease.
Be like Him, and know your treasures are stored above.

Put yourself away;
pick up your cross, and follow him every day.



My Shield

Protect me from whom I fear most.
Guard me agains his clever schemes.
Do not give the enemy a reason to boast.
His plans haunt my thoughts, and his evil haunts my dreams.

Defend me, LORD,  for my trust is in You.
Change my enemy’s heart to your will.
You are my shield for every trial I go through.
No matter what comes, you are with me still.

Save me, please, from this foe face.
He plagues me night and day.
Fill his heart with your loving grace,
and help him, LORD, to change his ways.

I confess when I ask for protection from him,
I speak of the prideful sinner who lives within.



To Glorify God

Words of praise are only the product of wind and thought.
They only require the time and energy of a moment.
Do men measure other men by what they say or what they’ve wrought?
How many men spend moments to praise God but cast Him aside for enjoyment?

Commitment isn’t shown by talk, but by action.
What a man says is worthless compared to how he lives.
Let God be the whole, and not a fraction.
He who would receive must be the one who gives.

Glorify Him by reflecting His character.
Glorify Him by obeying His commands.
Glorify Him now and hereafter.
Glorify Him through all the work you do with your hands.

Rather than talk of how you love Him,
simply live a life that honors Him.




Let my heart, mind, and eyes be on You,
for Your kingdom and righteousness should be what I seek.
Let the praise of your name be the reason for all that I do.
Let my heart, mind, eyes, and soul be Yours to keep.

When thunder crashes around me,
and enemies surround me,
Your mercy comforts me.
You grace encourages me.

You are the creator of everything.
All things belong to You.
There is no comparison to the joy You bring.
Against every trial, You will never fail to bring me through.

Let Your will be in my heart for all time.
In joy or suffering, be always on my mind.




I was confused,
frustrated by people who said they knew the way.
Rather than teach, they only ranted and accused.
Their pride in their opinions led me astray.

Then I sought His Word,
knowing that was the true source.
It was only then that my faith was stirred.
The more I read, the more confident I was in my course.

Wise teachers lead students to resources.
Wise travelers look for directions.
For questions on religion, the Word is the first recourse.
The Word shows the way and provides correction.

I sought the Bible for all the questions I had to bare.
Low and behold, all the answers were there.




Many are called; answer.
Few are chosen; listen for for the call.
Blessed are those who heard and answered,
but those who didn’t hear or answer will fall.

If you hear, seek, and you will find.
The Word will lead you to the right place.
He can bring sight to the blind.
Run to him; run to finish the race.

If you’ve answered, remembered you were chosen.
You did not choose Him; He chose you.
It doesn’t matter your level of devotion;
if He hadn’t called you, there would have been nothing you could do.

If you hear the call, you are already blessed.
Answer, and you will receive more than you ever could have guessed.