Sonnets For My Savior 24

Sonnets For My Savior 24


What is it you value most?

Is it a thing or a person?

What would you give to come even close

to the prize you most desire to have won?

Would you sell everything?

Would you trade anything?

What amount of gifts or money would you bring

to have that one person or thing?

We can’t comprehend how great it is

to know Jesus in our hearts?

If we knew how great it was to be His,

we would offer everything we have before bidding even starts.

Knowing him is of surpassing worth,

and when we see that, we’ll be willing to let go of everything else on Earth.


A Glimpse of Humanity

Though the waves crashed, and the storm swelled,

Our savior slept.

“Save us,” the disciples yelled.

They thought to wake Jesus, lest into the sea, they’d be swept.

Their faith was small.

Their fear was great.

No ocean squall

could alter Christ’s fate.

They feared for their lives.

So they sought to wake Him.

They had no concern for the rest their anxiousness deprived.

They only wanted Him to save them.

How weary would he have to have been

to be able to sleep through a storm so grim?


He Sees

The secrets one doesn’t tell.

The desires a man buries deep.

The Son of Man knows full well

every promise one fails to keep.

The hypocrisy of one.

The honesty of another.

The reasons a man’s deeds are done.

The Son of Man knows these things as no other.

He can tell us all things.

He can reveal the truth.

To attain the peace he brings

is to let go the ignorance of youth.

Embrace the Savior of the world

before whom the truth of all things are unfurled.


An End to Hunger

Bread can only do so much.

Eventually it passes, and man must eat again.

There is something greater, which hunger can not touch.

It can take away the hunger of men.

Do not reject Him.

Do not ask Him to prove himself.

Instead, believe in Him,

and receive through Him spiritual health.

With Him you will never hunger.

With Him you will never thirst.

Do not delay any longer.

Instead choose to place Him first.

All one needs is to turn from his sinful life,

and accept Him, who is the bread of life.


Striving for Wisdom

Grant me King Solomon’s gift.

Let me fear you, for that is the beginning.

Help me number my days, be they long or swift.

Help me seek your word, lest I keep on sinning.

Your wisdom is pure and peaceable,

merciful, and full of good fruits.

It is impartial, sincere, and reasonable.

I would count myself blessed if I had just one of these attributes.

Should I ever convince myself I am wise,

make me a fool.

Should the pride in my heart rise,

humble me, so I might submit to your rule.

I seek your wisdom and instruction,

for my wisdom leads only to destruction.


Humble Me

Humble me, Lord, if I grow conceited.

Humble me, lest I be disgraced.

Unless the pride in me is defeated,

all my effort to know you better is a waste.

My pride is great, but it will bring me low,

Deliver unto me a lowly spirit.

The need for humility is something I know.

My pride tempts me, but I no longer want to hear it.

Honor follows humility,

but I get lost in the desire for earthly praise.

Your grace can give me the ability,

to repent and change my ways.

Please accept my sincere confession

and help me, Lord, to embrace your correction.



She came to the well to drink

and found Him sitting there.

He asked for some water, and she was shocked to think

that a Jew would ask a Samaritan to share.

He taught her about the living water,

which could remove her thirst.

He was greater than Jacob, their father,

and she came to see this as they conversed.

He told her all things,

he knew all she had done.

Many Samaritans came to hear the truth he brings

because this woman found them and told them to come.

She knew the time of the Messiah would come to be.

When she told him, he replied, “I who speak to you am he.”


Sonnets For My Savior 23

Sonnets For My Savior 23

To Miss the Target

God’s will should be the prize,

the target one should aim for.

To ignore the target is sin and your demise,

To miss the target is a sin against the God we adore.

Aim for the target that is His will.

Discipline your body and mind.

Work and train so that you might hone the skill

to perform as you should; cast off any bad habits that you find.

However; none are without flaw,

we inevitably fail to hit the target.

For no mortal flesh can perfectly follow the law.

The temptation rises, and, no matter how disciplined, we forget.

Thanks be to God for Christ our advocate, our propitiation.

Thanks be to God through Christ, through whom we received our salvation.



David chose to cut Saul’s robe

rather than his neck.

Saul had chased David across the globe,

yet David kept his anger in check.

David could have killed Saul where he slept,

but instead took Saul’s spear and water.

Saul’s jealously led him to anger, and David wept,

but still, David did not give in to the counsel’s advice to slaughter.

If David had his enemy at his feet,

how much more could God do to us as he wills?

Instead he sent his son to perform his redeeming feat,

for with his death our punishment Christ fulfills.

When all we deserve is death under God’s fury,

What fools would turn aside this chance at mercy?


How I Would Be Treated

Though they may treat me with anger,

let me act with love in all situations.

Though they my avoid me like a stranger.

Let me welcome them like my closest relations.

Though they may hate me, and perhaps justly so,

let me forgive as You have forgiven me.

Though they may make promises that their actions never show,

Let me act as I say I will and be as I say I’ll be.

Though they may fail to come when I need,

let me be steadfast, faithful, and reliable.

Though they may strike me and make me bleed,

let me hold my temper lest I prove myself despicable.

Let me be loving, honorable, and respectful of men,

for that is how I would be treated by them.


The Good News

He died on the cross for our sins;

as the Pslam says, “They have pierced My hands and feet.”

Isaiah said, “But He was wounded and crushed for our sins.”

Indeed it was prophesied, and now it is complete.

He was buried and raised on the third day;

as Isaiah said, “He was put in a rich man’s grave.”

But God would not let this death stay.

The Pslam said, “You brought me up from the grave.”

He appeared to appeared to Peter;

he appeared to the apostles and to 500;

He appeared to Saul, who then became a believer.

All those who accept this truth become kindred.

This is the gospel by which we are saved.

Through him we’re freed from sin, no longer enslaved.


The Empty Tomb

The stone was rolled away,

revealing the tomb was empty.

He had risen on the third day

as it was written at the beginning of history.

They did not see Jesus leave,

He had already gone.

Then the women came to grieve

just as the sun began to dawn.

They wouldn’t have known if the stone hadn’t moved.

Any could have argued he still slept.

But the barren tomb only proved,

he had risen as he said, and the women remembered and wept.

You see, the stone wasn’t moved to help Jesus leave;

it was rolled aside so others could see and then believe.


Reasons to Praise

How wondrous and mighty is He!

How merciful! How just!

He saved a sinner like me.

He soothed my anger and pulled me from my sinful lust.

How gracious and kind is He!

He heals our diseases! He gives us comfort when we’re in pain!

He helps the blind to see.

His might releases our strain.

How righteous and holy is He!

He is sovereign! He is perfect!

This universe came alive through his decree.

He sees every flaw; there is no transgression he will fail to detect.

Praise be to our God almighty.

All glory and honor belongs to Thee!


My Words

I say people should be kind and giving,

but I cling tight to my money when others have need.

I say people should let go and be forgiving,

but I hold grudges and never concede.

I say people should be helpful,

but when others cry out, I tell them I haven’t the time.

I say people should sacrifice,

but when asked to help, I hold fast to what I consider mine.

I make excuses for the the rules I say others should follow.

I rationalize the misdeeds I judge others for doing to me.

But I no longer want my words to be hollow.

I want to treat others as I wish to be treated, so my conscience can be free.

But I don’t have power or wisdom to do this on my own.

But by the help of Jesus, I can change. I have help. I am not alone.

Sonnets For My Savior 22

Sonnets For My Savior 22

The Most Frightening

They speak with conviction;

they act with determination,

but their hearts are driven by self-satisfaction

not by any Godly devotion.

They’re convinced they know right;

they’re committed to their cause.

They gnash their teeth and fight,

and satisfy themselves pointing out others’ flaws.

They convict others

but never look within.

They’d persecute their brothers

without once looking inside themselves for sin.

The most frightening thing a man could be,

is someone self-righteous and willfully ignorant of his own misdeeds.



I can never reach Him,

but I can strive to get closer.

My heart longs to be near Him,

but I need His grace to get nearer.

Yesterday, I was infinitely far away.

Today, I still have an infinite distance to go.

But if I look at the difference between yesterday and today,

please let me see that I did indeed grow.

I was a sinner then;

I am a sinner now.

But if I look at my self again,

please let me see that I’ve born fruit somehow.

Let me be closer to You.

Inch by inch, day by day, closer to You.


For All

What use is anyone’s praise,

if people don’t understand who they wish to glorify.

Any unintelligible phrase,

simply makes worship hard to identify.

Let our words build up;

let other believers respond in kind.

Let us all drink from the same spiritual cup.

Do not force those who wouldn’t understand to remain blind.

Rather than self-serving demonstrations,

let believers share in the truth.

Let us be clear in our conversations,

ensuring believers understand each word that comes from your mouth.

Let every believer hear and recall

that God’s truth was meant for all.


It Isn’t Mine

It isn’t mine to punish those who wrong me.

It isn’t mine to seek justice when I’ve been harmed.

Each will receive his reward, even if I can’t see.

All sin and are punished for the deeds they performed.

Why should I seek to punish when I myself am guilty?

Why do I continue to place my sin below others?

Why do I seek to act without pity,

unless it is I who wrong another?

There is only one judge.

He possesses the authority.

If one chooses to hold his grudge,

he places his will over the LORD’s sovereignty.

Vengeance isn’t ours to repay

It belongs to our God, to whom we pray.


What Right Do We Have

If we praise God for forgiveness,

why can we not forgive?

Our God is a God of righteousness,

If we receive his mercy, why shouldn’t we give?

Why hold on to anger

when someone else offends.

Anger is the same as murder

in the eyes of God, on whom we depend.

Did he forgive our sins

because ours are lesser?

Realize that he, through Christ, forgave our sins,

for none are truly more minor or greater.

If we ask forgiveness for the evil we have sown.

what right do we have to withhold our own?



I should not worship TV or games,

but I do.

I should not worship my time or acclaim,

but I do.

I should not put the highest value on money or ambition,

but I do.

I should not put the highest value on success or promotion,

but I do.

Hear my sorrow;

please slay these idols.

It’s you I wish to follow;

please take control.

Be the ruler of my existence,

for I can’t turn away without your assistance.


The New Body

A seed is planted into the earth.

What is raised is something new.

Those saints who die receive a second birth,

for what was planted came to life, and then it grew.

We are sown perishable;

We are sown in a natural body;

We are raised imperishable.

We are raised in a spiritual body.

We are sown in weakness

but raised in glory.

We can praise with gladness

because we know Jesus’ story.

First is the life that is natural;

then will come the body that is spiritual.

Sonnets For My Savior 21

Sonnets For My Savior 21


He held fast to the truth,

and his faith remained strong.

Every member of the Sanhedrin gnashed his tooth,

but Stephen knew he wasn’t wrong.

They charged him with blasphemy,

and he responded with scripture.

He described their own history,

and it was more than they could endure.

They dragged him out of the city

and stoned him to death,

but even during this atrocity,

he forgave them with his dying breath.

This is the price every disciple must be willing to pay.

One can only hope he faces death with the grace Stephen had on that day.



He persecuted Jesus’ followers.

He wanted to hunt them down.

On the road to Damascus, Jesus demonstrated His power.

Saul was blinded and led, by hand, to the town.

Three days he was without sight.

Then Ananias was called to heal him.

So it was done, and Saul saw the light.

He began to preach the gospel even at the risk of life and limb.

He became Paul, apostle to the gentiles.

With zeal, he planted church after church.

He went on to write 13 books of the Bible, called epistles,

Think, all this happened after he began an evil search.

Jesus converted a man driven by an evil obsession,

and now Paul stands as an example of Christ’s great redemption.


A Sling

A giant taunted a cowering king;

He shouted and cried for a fight.

Goliath was tall, powerful and frightening,

and he mocked Israel all through the night.

Then came the son of Jesse,

who heard Goliath’s call;

He said to the fearful king, “Let me!

for as the LORD wills, this giant must fall.”

Goliath saw the boy

and mocked him with boasts

Though the giant had a sword and spear that could destroy,

with David was the Lord of hosts.

For David defeated Goliath before the giant could take one swing,

and all this was done with but a stone from a sling.



I could give all I own.

I could sacrifice everything.

I could even break every bone.

But without love, it doesn’t mean anything.

I could provide great instruction.

I could lead with effectiveness.

I could even direct an amazing production.

But without love, it would all be meaningless.

I could offer great speeches.

I could learn every wondrous thing.

I could even study all Jesus teaches.

But without love, I gain nothing.

If I can only receive one thing from the Lord above,

let Him bless me by filling my heart with love.


The Seats of Power

God the Father

is from whom we exist.

His wisdom is far greater

than any human could enlist.

Christ the Son

is through whom are all things.

Every battle he has has been won.

All hail the King of Kings.

The Holy Spirit

will teach us all.

Blessed are those who hear it,

for those who can’t shall fall.

The seats of power are occupied by these three,

which can only mean there should be no room for me.



Keep my heart from folly;

don’t let my temper become hasty.

For I must be Holy as you are Holy,

And I can’t be that if I’m angry.

Help me be still;

Help me wait for You.

Let me focus on Your Will.

Help me do as you want me to.

Rather than let anger rule me,

let me be silent,

and trust in thee,

so my frustration might relent.

Help me put on a compassionate heart, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.

Please hear my prayer, God of encouragement and endurance.


Give Them Up

“When I was a child,”

“I spoke like a child,”

“I thought like a child,”

I Reasoned like a child.”

Have I given up childish ways?

If I haven’t, can I claim to be a man?

Reveal the distractions that cause one’s heart to stray.

If we see them, we should forsake them if we can.

For a child clings to what he wants

and not what he needs.

A child resists his assignments

and when he is spoken to,he doesn’t heed.

If I am to grow in spirit or in life,

I must cast aside those things which cause me strife.

Sonnets for My Savior 20

Sonnets for My Savior 20

Let Me

If I lose every cent,

let me remember it’s meaningless.

If I should lose all that I was sent,

let me count it all as worthless.

For His love is worth more than gold.

His love is better than acclaim.

Instead let me be strong and bold,

and proclaim the name of the Lamb who was slain.

The dead have no pride.

The dead have no treasure.

But for those who believe in Christ who rose after He died,

the life that comes next will be more than mortal man can measure.

So let me let go of this world’s material things,

and give me Jesus, and all the peace that He brings.



Let me be patient and kind.

Keep me from being angry or boastful.

Keep arrogance from my mind.

Do not let me be irritable or resentful.

Change my heart.

Help me stop insisting on my own way.

When others rejoice in wrongdoing, let me be apart.

Rather, let me rejoice in truth this and every day.

For it is written, love bears all things,

believes all things,

hopes all things,

endures all things.

Let me hold on to all the things that demonstrate love,

because love is these things and, first, God above.


Rejoice, Patience, Consistency

In hope, we rejoice.

We thank Him for this, and every day he has made.

Sing to the Lord with a powerful voice.

We are glad, for the price for our sins was paid.

We strive to be patient in our tribulation.

When our cares are many, his consolation cheers our souls.

No matter how dark the situation,

there is nothing beyond His Control.

We work to be constant in prayer.

We should pray without ceasing.

Whether in joy or despair,

our prayers shall be ever increasing.

We hope we display these traits as evidence of our salvation,

which is the gift from the Father of our creation.


Evidence of Salvation

Confess Jesus is Lord with your lips.

Believe God raised him from the dead with your heart.

Fallen is he who fails to come to grips,

with this truth, which is where Salvation starts.

Salvation is the beginning,

and those who have, it have no end.

Far be it for them to keep on sinning,

for those who are truly saved only rise, not descend.

Sanctification is the process

by which one becomes more like Him.

Each time one purges a sin with success,

bears fruit and gives glory in honor of Him.

Confess and believe is all one must do.

Good works and honorable living is proof of His work in you.



They used a lamb without impurity;

His lamb was truly perfect.

They spread the lamb’s blood on the doors for security;

His blood was shed for all of the elect.

They ate the lambs’ flesh until none of it remained;

He gave his body and blood so mankind might be saved.

The early lambs allowed Israel to be unchained;

The last sacrifice was one for all, so we were no longer enslaved.

The early lambs bought freedom from Egypt’s ruler;

The last lamb bought salvation from sins.

Israel killed the early lambs in obedience to the Creator,

but the last was killed through man’s hypocritical whims.

Many lambs were sacrificed to protect one generation;

but Jesus’ perfect blood is all that’s needed for eternal salvation.



Some may utter wisdom;

others may utter knowledge.

These gifts are never random.

To use them to serve His will, we must pledge.

Some may speak various tongues;

others might interpret them.

But whatever breath comes from our lungs,

the Holy Spirit is from whom they stem.

The Spirit apportions to each as he wills.

All gifts serve the body.

We seek to honor God with each of the skills,

for his perfection is what we aspire to embody.

Do not be concerned with how visible the gift might be.

Instead just use them, for God has made you His appointee.



Run the race to win.

Be disciplined in your training.

Exercise away the sin.

For the eternal prize is the only one worth attaining.

Ensure every step has purpose.

Do not be disqualified.

Do not let your work become careless,

lest what you truly work for be denied.

Work to win the prize,

for it will never fade away.

If you fall, simply remember to rise.

Then continue, without letting your heart go astray.

Just as athletes work toward their physical goals,

so should we train for the sake of our souls.

Sonnets For My Savior 19

Sonnets For My Savior 19


They took the ark and thought themselves mighty,

but even their own god fell on its face before it.

They were stricken hard by the hand of the Almighty,

indeed the people of every city they sent the ark grew sick.

They knew the source of their pain,

and returned it to the people of Israel.

But their hardened hearts remained the same,

And when they thought to test God again, the fell.

Their god and three cities suffered at the God’s hands,

so they must have seen His power.

Yet they still thought to invade Israel’s lands,

rather than repent in that same hour.

They never once thought to look at the cause of their fault.

Instead they kept attacking God’s people, and they kept getting the same result.



I seek you, Lord, that I might rest.

This world offers me tribulation.

Yet You have overcome, so we are blessed.

For your work, we offer our dedication.

Let us not grow weary,

so we might reap if we don’t quit.

Even when our eyes grow bleary,

We can carry on if you permit.

We who wait for You may have our strength renewed.

We shall walk and not faint.

So we offer Him our gratitude,

and do his work with joy and not complaint.

We lay our burdens on You,

so that You might use us to accomplish all You want to do.


He Prepares Us

Joseph was sold,

and his master put him in charge of the household.

The master put him in prison because of what he was told,

and the keeper put him in charge of all the prisoners, young and old.

The Lord was with him,

and whatever Joseph did, the Lord made it succeed.

But these trials weren’t on a whim,

they were preparation for a future deed.

For he was called to manage Egypt’s food

when the land was in need.

So all the suffering that had ensued,

prepared Joseph for that time indeed.

Though men treated him with what evil they could,

God never failed to use it for His good.


How I See the One He Gave Me

Behold, you are beautiful, my love.

Behold, you are beautiful.

God has blessed me form above,

With a wife who’s loving and wonderful.

She has captivated my heart

with one glance of her eyes.

I knew she was for me from the start,

and, together, we would spend the rest of our lives.

Her love is a well,

from which I drink deeply.

Fear of lonely nights, she did quell,

and I rejoice for her greatly.

How precious is the gift You gave.

May we love one another until we sleep in our grave.


He Is Lord

Praise him who is Lord of the Sabbath.

Praise him who was chosen to rule over everything.

The day will come when he returns in wrath,

and all knees will bow before the King.

He and the Father are one,

and he gives eternal life.

He was crucified for what we have done,

but he was risen, so we can be free of strife.

For we are one under him.

His obedience covered our iniquity.

Without his life, our world is dim.

Without his grace, we have no certainty.

Peace and Grace to those who follow the Lord.

For those who do so will surely receive their reward.


Why We Can Be Well

We were redeemed with precious blood.

We are dead to sin and alive in righteousness.

Though we face trials of fire or flood.

We rejoice, for our endurance is proof of our faithfulness.

God gives us peace like a river.

This assurance surpasses all comprehension.

Even undeserving, we were cleansed by our redeemer.

Though blameless, he died without hesitation.

We take comfort that we shall always be with Him.

We give thanks to His name.

We anticipate fully knowing, though our current vision is dim,

for our debt was taken by Him who is without blame.

This is why it is well.

This is why it is well.

Fools For Him


We are fools for Him

We let go the need to seem wise in a man’s eyes.

A man’s opinion might change on a whim,

but we look to God, who is wise beyond wise.

We don’t demand signs,

but they are there if one just tries to see.

For any who seek will surely find.

But those who refuse to look will never be free.

We don’t debate wisdom.

Because God’s foolishness is still greater.

For God’s rule is above the highest earthly kingdom,

and he has no need for any debater.

So we let go and focus on His grace.

We rely on Him and keep our faith.

Sonnets For My Savior 18

Sonnets For My Savior 18

With All Our Hearts

How does one praise a God so wonderful?

How do we show our gratefulness?

What voice can sing a song a fraction as powerful?

What deed can show an ounce of as much faithfulness?

What number of prayers compares to infinite blessings?

What amount of service compares to Jesus’s sacrifice?

What amount of money can pay for the joy He brings?

What can we give that compares with His gift of Paradise?

Our hearts overflow with the love that He’s given.

We can only hope our deeds bare any worthy fruit.

We were doomed unless we were forgiven,

for Christ has pulled our souls from disrepute.

So how do we thank him; how do we even start?

We simply praise him always and with all of our hearts.


Give Me Rest

We are weary and burdened;

let us come to you for rest.

We turn to you when we are frightened;

Hear us, Lord, and grant our request.

We’ve risen early and stayed up late in vain;

we pray grant us sleep.

In times of suffering, our hearts in pain,

we turn to you, our souls to keep.

Now, in peace we lie down and sleep.

You alone, make us dwell in safety.

Watch over us, Lord, your humble sheep,

We submit to your will in humility.

We release our ambitions; All selfish efforts we cease.

Instead we lay our burdens upon You in hopes of peace.


Never Let It Leave

The peace in my heart is more than I’ve ever known.

It fills me and makes me glad.

The Lord has made soft my heart of stone.

Now I see things as I never had.

You’ve made it so I can forgive others.

You’ve helped me be content in any situation.

You’ve provided for me the fellowship of brothers.

This wonderful feeling can only be the gift of salvation.

My heart’s desire is that this feeling never fades,

for I know the emptiness that was before.

Today your glorious grace pervades,

and I hope this joy grows more and more.

Let it stay in my heart forever.

Let it never leave me, no, not ever.


Full of the Spirit

When grace replaces the rage in my heart,

I offer thanks, for I know You are with me.

When I begin a task I had been afraid to start,

I offer thanks, for I know You are with me.

Your strength replaces my weakness.

Your grace covers my iniquity.

Your wisdom turns my cleverness to foolishness,

but trust in You turns my madness to sanity.

When I worry not for myself, but for Your will,

I offer thanks, for I know You are with me.

When my heart might shatter, but instead remains still,

I offer thanks, for I know You are with me.

When Your Sprit fills me,

anxiety falls away, and I give thanks, for you have made me free.


His Power

We exult in the all the Lord does,

for there is no one like Him.

He gave up His Son for those He loves,

so we glorify God in prayer and hymn.

He is the one God who can do all things.

No feat or thought is beyond his capability.

He created the rivers from which good water springs.

Through Him even the barren gain fertility.

No army can defeat Him.

No government can censor Him.

No power can defy Him.

No wicked can escape Him.

We pray to Him in any hour,

for no trial or need is beyond His power.


Him Crucified

There is nothing but Christ, and him Crucified.

This is where our Salvation rests.

Only in him does our faith reside.

Where we failed, he passed all the tests.

His perfection, for our iniquity.

His obedience, for our rebellion.

His strength, for our frailty.

Our life, from his resurrection.

Some may not understand.

They may count our wisdom as foolish.

But those who rely on their own strength can’t comprehend the might of God’s hand,

so they are blind to what His will can accomplish.

But our faith doesn’t rely on the wisdom of men.

Instead we hope in God’s power, Amen.



How patient is the Lord of all,

how slow to anger?

How long does He wait for us to hear his call,

for our devotion to Him, He is eager.

Still he waits and forgives over and over again.

His gave His Son so he might pass over our transgressions.

He endures the fickle hearts of men,

who even still refuse to offer their confessions.

Abounding is His steadfast love,

waiting for all to reach repentance.

Gracious is the Lord above,

Offering every man the opportunity for acceptance.

Do not let him wait anymore,

God is waiting, so what are you waiting for?