Sonnets For My Savior 13

Sonnets For My Savior 13

What It Tells Us

A line from Abraham proves God’s faithfulness.

A line from Judah, Jechoniah, and Manasseh, demonstrate God’s forgiveness.

If there are evil sinners in the line, it is only to show that God can shift malice into kindness.

If God’s faithful are in the line, it is only to show God’s truthfulness.

Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba are mentioned in the line.

Each name shows more of God’s character.

Rahab was a harlot, and Bathsheba an adulteress, but still to them God was kind.

Ruth was a Moabite, but her faith and trust led her to her great redeemer.

Shealtiel, Zerubbabel, Abuid and Eliakim,

Before Joseph came Eleazar, Matthan, Jacob and Achim.

The line shows that by right the throne belongs to Him.

The line shows that Jesus came for sinners because sinners are his kin.

From Abraham to Joseph they waited for the promised King;

Lord bless the day he was born; for that day we offer praise; for that day we sing.


They Come

Look to the east, the wise men come.

They search for the Jews’ king.

Born in Bethlehem was God’s only begotten Son

just as the prophet said in his writing.

From there was born a ruler

who is the shepherd for Israel.

There is no way to a life that’s fuller

than to be among our Savior’s faithful.

They are here with treasures for His birth:

gold, frankincense and myrrh,

but those gifts are only a fraction of His worth.

For the day of His birth was one of wonder.

His risen star showed the way

to the Christ who was born on that glorious day.


Strong and Courageous

He promised to give every place Joshua’s foot walked on.

He promised no man would stand before him.

Three times God told him to be courageous and strong,

for God would never leave or forsake him.

He was warned not to turn from the law to the left or to the right.

He was told to meditate on the lay every day and every night.

With God at his side, Joshua would win every fight.

With God beside him, everything would be alright.

Let us hear your word, our God above.

Let us follow your path and do your will.

Let us keep your words in our hearts with love.

Even in times of trouble, let us keep them still.

Smile, oh God, on those who are strong and courageous.

Let us face our trials with faith, for You are always with us.


He Chose to Obey

He could have sent Judas away.

He could have remained hidden.

Instead Jesus chose to obey

so that He might do as the Scriptures had written.

He could have let Peter fight.

He could have petitioned for angles and received more than twelve legions.

Instead He chose to do what was right

and accept the price for our salvation.

He could have come down from the cross

and proven himself to the chief priests, scribes, and elders,

Instead he chose to endure the cost,

so that he could provide hope for all of us sinners.

Our glorious Savior chose to let himself die

to obey our Father and provide us a path to life.


When We Have Faith

When Joshua obeyed in faith, the walls of Jericho fell.

When Moses obeyed in faith, the Red Sea parted.

For those who obey and have faith, all will be well.

Blessed are those who work to walk the path You’ve charted.

Goliath fell to a young David and his sling.

Abraham and Sarah eventually gave birth.

Ruth offered her faith and became grandmother the king.

Elijah asked, and fire fell to the earth.

Gideon had faith, and God delivered Midian into his hands.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had faith and were protected from immolation.

A centurion’s servant was healed simply by Jesus’s command

A thief on the cross asked Christ to remember him and thus, found salvation.

Mountains can move from here to another place.

Indeed all things are possible if we only have faith.


Again and Again

Peter denied Christ three times,

but he was still the rock on which Christ’s church was built.

Peter had doubt sometimes,

but he always repented, for he acknowledged his guilt.

Christ taught us about forgiveness

in the parable of the unforgiving servant.

That wicked man sought payment with ruthlessness

even though his master was benevolent.

One should forgive

as he was forgiven.

For each day that we all may live,

we should pardon our brothers no matter what offense was given.

How often should we let go each time our brother offends us?

Seventy times seven is what our lord Jesus Christ tells us.


He Can Not Be Denied

Herod wanted to prevent His birth,

so he had all the children in Bethlehem killed.

But all of his effort and desire was of little worth,

for all of his evil only helped to see prophecy fulfilled.

Pharisees sought to prevent His teaching,

so they challenged Him and questioned his miraculous deeds.

But all their effort to stop His preaching

only provided the opportunity to place on display their hypocritical misdeeds.

Caiaphas sought to destroy Him and put his life to an end,

so the chief had Him crucified, and a guard for his tomb was given.

But with the will of God, they could not contend,

for after the third day, just as He said, He is risen.

The power of Christ can not be denied,

for the Son of God is King, and over Earth he will preside.

Sonnets for My Savior 12

Sonnets for My Savior 12

Why Do We Suffer Part I

Some ask why we suffer?

The challenge is to claim no good God would allow such.

Why do men hurt one another?

Why would He let pain fall on any who worship Him so much?

The noise grows louder when those who praise Him face pain.

They ask who would follow a God who allows His followers to come to ruin.

The temptation is to turn from Him and curse His name.

The desire is to turn from Him and rely on what lies within.

They do not know or remember the trials of Job.

They don’t know or remember that Jesus told them they would face resistance.

They want only a God who gives and blesses, but they do not know

that God is sovereign, and sometimes He tests us to se if we’ll go the distance.

It is easy to worship when one has blessing on top of blessing,

but it takes true faith to remember to praise Him even in our suffering.


Why Do We Suffer Part II

How easy is it to sing praise when one is happy?

How easy is it to forget to praise when one is sated?

One proves faith by keeping it while unhappy.

One is blessed even if it seems his end is fated.

We don’t crave the cups we must drink,

nor do we eagerly await the cross we must bear.

But neither can we fail to think

that when times are hard that God is still there.

We endure because today’s suffering doesn’t compare to tomorrow’s glory.

We endure because that’s what suffering brings.

The grace He provides is promissory,

of the blessings He’ll give in the next life for which we’re aching.

We suffer, and there are many reasons,

but blessed are those who honor God in good or bad seasons.


Let Us Be Grateful

You led the Israelites out of Egypt with your powerful miracles.

Yet soon after, they rebelled.

They foolishly thought lack of food and water were sufficient obstacles

to the God who held apart the Red Sea no matter how it swelled.

You granted Your people their portions,

Yet they fell away even after you sent your Judges.

You worked through Samuel, Eli, Abdon, and Sampson to execute your actions,

but time after time they turned away, forgetting their pledges.

They had, yet they wanted more.

They made demands even after you freed them from slavery.

Let us learn from those who came before,

and not become ungrateful, turning to acts that are unsavory.

Let us be grateful to you always!

May we keep you with us all of our days!


Our Cross

You carried Your cross for our sins;

let us carry ours to glorify you.

Your yoke is easy, and light is your burden,

so we seek to follow you.

We must deny ourselves our desires

and take up our crosses.

Of your gospel, let us be testifiers.

Let us praise you no matter what transpires.

We offer our lives for your sake;

we submit to your example.

When you come again, let us be awake

let the fuel for our lamps be ample.

For there is no profit worth our souls,

so let following you be our only goal.


Our Rock

Let us build our homes on the rock.

This foundation will protect us in the storm.

Great are the words you’ve given Your flock.

Let us hear them and conform.

You are the pillar of our lives.

With you as our foundation, we can stand.

We wait in hope of the day Your Son arrives,

so we can live with him in his Holy, remade land.

Let us stand firm with You.

Let us be always guarded by Your armor.

Let us be diligent in all that we do,

to make sure our efforts show you honor.

Protect us from the winds, and don’t let us fall.

For you, mighty God, are the rock of all.


Your Grace

Your grace is the only reason for our forgiveness.

Your grace is sufficient for all our needs.

Your grace is truly limitless.

Your grace guards us when temptation calls us to shameful deeds.

Your grace is how we receive mercy.

Your grace is given to the humble.

Your grace aids us in the midst of controversy.

Your grace abounds when those who love you with all their heart stumble.

Your grace delivers us from the dominion of sin.

Your grace toward us is never in vain.

Your grace through Your Son has made us heirs with Him.

Your grace comforts us when we are in pain.

Your grace makes it possible for us to live.

Your grace is such a great gift for you to give.


The Way, The Truth, and The Life

He is the only path to see our Father.

He is the example to follow.

Only He could pay for our sins, no other.

He intercedes on our behalf because our words and deeds are hollow.

He gave of his body for us.

His blood was poured out for many.

He endured our punishment for us.

He gave for us more than any.

His lessons guide those who follow his truth.

His lessons teach any who can hear.

His lessons are for any adult or any youth.

His blessings are great when one keeps him near.

He is our Savior who gives life after death.

Let as pray, follow, and serve him with every action, and every step, and every breath.

Sonnets for My Savior 10

Sonnets for My Savior 10

The Reward

Praise the Lord, for my quiver is full!

Three arrows, I have in hand.

Let the Lord’s wisdom be a well from which I pull

the knowledge to raise them to obey his command.

Help me teach them diligently.

Let me speak of Your word at all times.

Let Your grace fill me abundantly,

that they won’t fall victim to my crimes.

Help me rejoice in wise sons who are glad

and leave a good inheritance to these boys.

It’s such a blessing to be their dad,

for they bring me so many joys.

They are a heritage from the Lord,

the fruit of a womb, a reward.


The Blessing of Humility

Help us clothe ourselves in humility.

Let us be worthy of Your grace.

If we humble ourselves before the almighty,

He will lift us from disgrace.

Let humility bring us wisdom,

which is found in those who take advice.

Cheerful service should be our only ambition,

and the value of others should more than our own price.

Help us avoid boasting of our strength or riches.

Keep us from acting out of ambition or conceit.

We know a fall come to him who to pride clinches,

and that man will only find defeat.

Honor is for the lowly in spirit,

so listen for God’s call to be humble, and be blessed when you hear it.


What is Better

Martha toils, making preparations;

she works while Mary appears to only rest.

Soon frustration and jealousy become temptations,

and thus she faces a test.

She’s blind to the work she does.

She’s angry she works alone.

She demands of the Lord because,

she wants Him to make Mary atone.

“You are worried and upset about many things,” he said,

“but few things are needed — or indeed only one.”

For Mary’s actions were misread;

for His presence is second to none.

Choose to rest in His salvation,

for that is worth more than any sort of perpetration.


Our Mouths

Let what comes from our mouths be clean;

keep defiling things from spilling out.

Help us seek your word and grant us wisdom to glean

the way to be clean both within and without.

Ceremony does not cleans us,

nor should we make void Your word for the commandments of men.

Be in the front of our minds as we discuss

our actions and thoughts both now and again.

Guard our hearts from evil thoughts;

Deliver us from the temptation of murder, adultery, false witness and slander.

For through you we have received victory over the sins against which we fought,

and through you we have received lives that are grander.

Live in our hearts and keep us pure,

that our mouths might speak clean things that will forever endure.


My Eye

There’s a plank in my eye,

and it won’t let me see

the sin that is inside

that keeps me from serving Thee.

Who cares about the speck in the eyes of others

when my eye is nearly blocked out.

I have no right to judge my brothers

when my own transgressions give me doubt.

I must look within and remove this plank;

then I can see clearly.

For my salvation, I have only You to thank,

and such a gift, I treasure dearly.

Before I judge others, help me to first look within,

for how can I judge, when I am still covered in sin?



Your love is more powerful than death and more enduring than mortal life.

Your love can’t be stolen by angels nor forbidden by rulers.

We remember this, LORD, in times of strife.

We find comfort in this when faced with hecklers.

Your love is more powerful than anything that exists today.

Your love will be more powerful than anything that comes.

We remember this, LORD, come what may.

We find comfort in this because Your love always overcomes.

Your love is greater than any power.

Your love is highest and deepest.

We remember this, LORD, in every hour.

We find comfort in this when our path seems its steepest.

Nothing can separate us from your love in Christ, not any thing.

Because of this truth, LORD, our hearts forever sing.


To Serve

We should not worry what others receive,

for You always grant us what You promise.

For we will be blessed if we believe

and we serve with hearts that are honest.

Your reward is great

and more than we should get.

Let us be happy with our state

rather than grumble over what you give to others and become upset.

It is your right to give to others as you have given to us.

It is good that all can receive your gift.

Help us avoid complaining or making a fuss,

for you’ve paid us fairly no matter the length of our shift.

First or last, let us not worry over where we stand,

Only let us serve You as You command.

Sonnets for My Savior 9

Sonnets for My Savior 9

Trust Him

Trust Him who created all things in seven days.

Trust Him who gave life to man.

Trust Him and His inscrutable ways.

Trust Him, for while we can not, He can.

Trust Him who brought the Israelites out of Egypt.

Trust Him who is always faithful to his servants.

Trust Him who provided the holy scripts.

Trust Him who hears all faithful supplicants.

Trust Him who is our Shepherd we shall not want.

Trust Him who gave up His Son.

Trust Him who is our Heavenly confidant.

Trust Him through whom all battles are won.

Trust him who is sovereign and wise.

Trust Him who’s love endures and never dies.


Follow Him

“Follow me,” He said to Peter and His brother.

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

They left their nets to follow Him and no other.

Jesus called them, and He did not have to ask them again.

“Follow me,” He said to the sons of Zebedee.

They left their boat and their father.

He simply said, “Follow me,”

and they obeyed without a bother.

“Follow me,” he said to zealots and tax collectors.

“Follow me,” he said to to the poor and even the rich.

“Follow me,” he says to all of God’s debtors.

If the path we are on is not His, we can turn away; we can switch.

What must we do to escape a life of sin?
He gave us the answer; it is simply to follow Him.


He Provides

When the five thousand were hungry, He gave them food to eat.

Twelves baskets left over, when He only started with five loaves and two fish.

Yet what He feeds our spirits is even more sweet.

It is more filling and more essential than any earthly dish.

How many people did He heal?
How many were blind and then could see?

Did he not care for all who made an appeal?

Did he not perform those acts for free?

Yet something greater He still gave,

on the cross at Calvary.

He died and then rose from the grave,

and the price for sin was paid for you and for me.

Of all the gifts he gave while he walked the earth,

our salvation is the greatest, for it provided our rebirth.


Not Me, But Him

It is not me who works

but him who works through me.

It is him who defeated any evil that lurks

in my heart waiting to entice and corrupt me.

It is not me who stands victorious

but him who defeated evil on the cross.

It is him who is glorious,

and him who can save me from any loss.

It is not me who fights,

but him who uses me to glorify his name.

I am the tool he uses, and my heart delights

to be used, so he might gain the acclaim.

I am not the hero who defeats sin;

the credit for all victory goes only to Him.


How Many Times

How often, Lord, have I sinned against you,

and yet you still forgive me?

How many times have I sought you,

and you received me?

All the sins in my past have been paid for.

All the sins of my present have been paid for.

All the sins I will commit have been paid for.

But please guard me from temptation, so I’ll be a slave to sin no more.

Every time I sin, Lord, I turn away from you.

Help me keep my gaze on you by ensuring I glorify you with all I do.

Every time temptation comes, a way to escape comes from you.

Every time I resist and stand strong, it glorifies you.

Praise you, God, for your merciful ways.

Help me, Lord, to glorify you for all of my days.



Our Father

He gave us life, forming us from dirt and bone.

He provided for us food and rest.

His doors are always open to us, waiting for us to come home.

We may find love in others, but He loves us best.

He protected us and delivered us from persecution.

He corrected us when we went astray.

His is the right of retribution,

but His love for us can turn us back to his way.

His love for us is endless and true.

His gracious gifts are boundless.

In times of trouble, He sees us through.

The times he’s helped us are already countless.

When any think of what a father should do,

let them follow Your example, and seek to be like You.



Your Will

Work through me to accomplish your will

just as you slew Goliath through David.

For to serve you is my greatest thrill,

and I hope my faith in you becomes even more avid.

Just as you worked through Moses to lead the Israelites,

work through me that I might bear you fruit.

When I serve you, my heart ignites,

so please help my service to you be resolute.

Let me bear my cross as Christ bore his.

Let me serve has he did.

Let me be more and more as he is.

Let me avoid sin and resit doing things that you forbid.

Not my will be done, but yours,

for yours is the only will that endures.

Sonnets for my Savior 8

Sonnets for my Savior 8

As Long As I Live

The pangs of Sheol laid hold on me

until I called on thee, until I called on thee.

The snares of death encompassed me

until I called on thee, until I called on thee.

The Lord is gracious and righteous;

He is holy and merciful.

His blessings are surely bounteous,

His love is amazing and beautiful.

I offer You my thanksgiving,

and I call on Your holy name.

I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living,

for you delivered my soul from death and my heart from shame.

I pay my vows to You;

as long as I live, Lord, I call upon You!



Guard My Heart

We could wash our hands a million times and never be clean.

Please don’t let us worship You in vain.

It is not what we consume that makes us obscene,

but what comes out of us that leaves a stain.

Let our worship be from the heart

not from our lips.

Let your word be where we end and start;

Make us deaf to false teaching and help us avoid poisonous relationships.   

Grant us sight so we know who to follow,

let our footsteps not match those of the blind.

Help us break free of the pointless ceremony in which we wallow;

instead let our hearts and Your Spirit be intertwined.

Let us never break your commandment for the sake of our tradition;

But always look to you, with our highest love and most humble submission.


How Love is Shown

To show His love,

what did he do?

He came from above,

and faced every torture man could think to put him through.

He gave himself up

as a sacrifice to the Father.

He drank from his cup,

so that God’s wrath need not fall on another

If he was willing to die

at just the right time,

why can’t we just rely

on He who could pay for every crime?

He gave Himself up just to redeem our wickedness,

so we must offer ourselves as instruments of righteousness.


The Ransom

Our rightful king did not come to be served;

instead He came to serve.

The things He suffered were undeserved,

yet He bore them so our souls He might preserve.

He gave his life as a ransom for many;

his precious blood was spilled for our sake.

If we look in ourselves for righteousness, we won’t find any,

but His sacrifice covers our every mistake.

Adam’s disobedience cast us into sin,

but Christ’s obedience made us righteous.

If our hearts He resides within,

then the grace of God is given to us.

Through his love our spirits have been taken,

and from God’s hands, they can never be shaken.


The Glory

The glory, Lord, belongs to you,

for all good things come from you.

The gifts I use are given by you,

and the praise for all deeds belong only to you.

The goodness of life, Lord, comes from you,

for all things are done for good for those faithful to you.

Evil is altered for good by you,

and the strength gained through adversity is provided from you.

This universe was created by you,

so that all the creatures in it might glorify you.

Man and woman were created by you,

and we live our lives to please only you.

Praise and glory we offer to you!

All praise and all glory belong only to you!



Even I would not hand a stone

to my son who asks for bread.

What father would leave his child alone,

without a place to sleep or a roof over his head?

No father would give a serpent

to a son who asked for a fish.

Indeed, what father has not spent,

all he could to grant his child’s every wish?

If we know to give good things,

even in the state we are in,

how much more will our Father, who is in Heaven, bring

to his children who follow Christ and turn from sin?

To seek with praise and supplication is such a simple task,

and our Father, who is in Heaven, will always give good things to those who ask.


One Day

One day our Lord will return;

one day he will rule.

Woe to those who did spurn

the gift of Christ and did offer his followers ridicule.

One day Jesus Christ will sit on his glorious throne;

one day Jesus Christ will be the judge.

Woe to those who have evil sewn

and, against those who followed Christ, held a grudge. 

One Day the Son of God will come;

one day, the Son of God will appear.

Woe to those who did succumb

to the call of false Christs claiming, “He is here!”

One day the Son of Man will appear in the sky,

one day the Son of Man will return and rule from on high.

Sonnets for My Savior 6

Sonnets for My Savior 6

The Most Dangerous Temptation

“You will never attain His standard,” the tempter said.

“What is the point in trying?”

It is written, to sin, I’m dead,

if in Christ I’m relying.

“Where is the fruit you’re supposed to bear?

“Where is the sign of your Salvation?”

It is written, in every good work, my fruits are there.

We are first fruits saved through sanctification.

“You can’t be perfect;

“your every sin is accusatory”

It is written, God is perfect,

but all mankind falls short of his glory.

“Why would you believe you couldn’t fall after succumbing to my word?”

It is written, nothing can separate us from God’s love that is revealed in Christ our Lord.


My Lack, Your Grace

Your grace is sufficient for all who sin;

Your power is made perfect in weakness.

I’m humbled by the evil that is in my skin,

for without You, my life is bleakness.

My transgressions continue to mount;

these thorns prevent me from conceit.

These failings come more than I can count,

and there lies nothing in me to use to bring temptation’s defeat.

Even though you do not tempt me beyond my ability,

I sometimes fail to escape though you offer a way.

Yet you still provide for me faithfully,

so that next time I might not go astray.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me a way to endure,

Help me trust in your grace, so I won’t succumb to the tempter’s lure.


How He Resisted

He was not tempted by starvation;

He quoted how man lives.

Bread alone does not sustain creation,

but they survive by the word God gives.

He was not tempted by pride;

He did not put his God to the test.

Even though the tempter used scripture when he tried,

Jesus knew the correct words to seek to stand strong in the contest.

He was not tempted by any number of kingdoms for a bribe;

He did not waiver in his loyalty.

Again to God’s word did Jesus ascribe

the commandment to serve only God an not commit idolatry.

He was without sin even though he was tempted.

This teaches us to seek scripture so we might avoid being corrupted.



We thank you, our merciful God;

Thank you for forgiving our iniquity, sin, and transgression.

I find comfort in your staff and your rod,

and You, O Lord, are a God full of Compassion.

Thank you, our High Priest, for you can sympathize with our weakness,

for you faced temptation and won.

You showed such great mercifulness,

by suffering for everyone.

Blessed be they who comfort us in our tribulation

so that we might be a comfort to others.

Jesus served as our propitiation,

so we can receive the spirit of adoption and become Christ’s brothers.

Through the Lords mercies, we are not consumed,

for he has granted us salvation even though our sins should make us doomed.



Behold the gifts we have been given,

all so that we may use them.

Even in our sinful condition,

we have been blessed by God, from whom all good things stem.

Some can teach and other contribute;

others can lead while still others are merciful.

Use these gifts for God in an offer of tribute

so that faith in him will be shown incontrovertible.

Some exhort and others lead

all to bring glory to his name.

Let every action and ever deed

be pleasing to Him and no cause for shame.

We, though many, are one body in Christ,

Let each of us serve Him as is good and right. 


Always for Good

Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery,

but God called him to care for many.

Even an act of knavery

can be used by God to elevate nothing to plenty.

Judah believed he’d lain with a prostitute to sate his sinful desire,

but God used that deed to sow the seed of our Savior.

There is no deed that man could conspire

that God can’t use for a cause that’s greater.

The chief priests and scribes had Jesus crucified to silence his teaching,

but that great sin was used to grant our salvation.

Indeed all that happens, no matter how anguishing,

works out for the good of those who love the father of creation.

A man might do as much evil as he could.

but God will always mean it for good.


Do Not Be Anxious

Why worry about clothes and food?

Flowers don’t sew and birds don’t harvest.

Our creator provides for them, so what person would he exclude?

He alone knows what we need best.

Indeed don’t be anxious about anything;

instead pray to Him in every situation.

Offer our God, who created everything,

prayers of thanksgiving and supplication.

Trust in the Lord, not your own understanding;

submit, and He will make your paths straight.

Trust in Him in times, demanding,

for you are weak, but His power is great.

He will never leave of forsake us,

so there is no need to ever be anxious.

Sonnets for My Savior 3

Sonnets for My Savior 3

Only Through Him

It was He who came down to teach and call sinners to repent,

and it was He who willingly took all of our transgressions.

He ministered to us and taught us great lessons,

and through His sacrifice, the price for our sins was spent.

He is the way, and the truth, and the life,

and those who love him are saved.

He freed us from our sins, to which, before Him, we were enslaved.

How could they not know you, Jesus? How cold they offer such strife?

We can not reach the Father in any other way.

We can not earn salvation by any thing we do.

Without you to speak for us, our spirt and body will decay.

Only because of your sacrifice, we are made anew.

Keep us with you, Lord; please don’t let us stray.

The only path to Heaven, Jesus, is faith and believe in you.


What Happens When We Are Weak

His power is made perfect.

The Spirt gives us aid.

The grace He provides to His elect

is sufficient for me, so I am unafraid.

Now let us boast about our weakness;

Let us be content in all situations.

For He who can cure blindness

can surely remove all frustrations.

He is my life, and He is my power.

When I am weak, then I am strong.

When He is with me, I need not cower,

Nor need any whom to him they belong.

He is all in life we ever need.

We are more than conquerors through him, indeed.



You forgive us when we do wrong,

only for us to hurt you again.

How much pain have you taken for the likes of men

even though we’ve been sinners all along?

There is nothing in us that is good

even though our hearts desire to do your will.

How is it you forgive us still

even though we’re incapable of doing what we should?

Your grace and love are boundless.

Your mercy is without end.

You give it all to those who don’t deserve you.

That you are great is doubtless,

so on You alone we depend.

Please help us love how You love, forgive how You forgive, and do as You do.


Without Comparison

What is man beside He who created the universe?

What claims can man make to the face of He who hung the sun?

There is nothing man can say to bargain or coerce;

there is no feat to undertake and no deed to be done.

His very name is holy, and we were born into sin.

He is upright in all of his judgments.

Just what do we imagine we could do to win

the slightest amount of pride or any compliments?

Indeed, we all fall short of His glory.

Our redemption is through His son.

Therefore belief in Jesus is obligatory

because righteousness is given, not won.

Do not seek the self to save.

Instead trust in Him whom God rose from the Grave.



Only say so, and it shall be.

For the commander says go there, and the soldiers go.

If He says, “Open your eyes,” the one to whom He spoke shall see.

He can cast down what was high, and lift up what was low.

His words were power, for He spoke with the authority of the Father.

Blessed are any who obey.

Heed his instruction, and listen to no other,

walk in his path, and do not allow yourself to stray.

The paralyzed stood when He said stand,

and the dead woke when He said rise.

Even the ocean in the storm complied with his demand.

He who believes in Him never dies.

Obey the commander just as all these other things.

Listen to He who rules, and enjoy the life that obedience brings.


Lift Us Up If We Fall

He stepped upon the surface of the sea;

His feet were as steady as on dry land.

Through the wind and waves, His disciples saw firsthand

a figure walking toward them and felt the urge to flee.

But one among them asked to join the master,

and the Lord bade his servant to come.

Only steps did Peter travel before to doubt he did succumb;

Jesus pulled him up and kept him from disaster.

Lift us up, oh Lord, if we begin to sink,

and forgive us the doubts that cause us to fall.

Even if we should slide past the brink,

please save us from the squall.

If we find a fear and then begin to shrink,

let us have faith that you raise all of those whom you call.


Your Holy Instructions

Let us act as you have instructed;

Let us do as we should.

Let us honor the house into which we were inducted

by abhorring evil and holding fast to all things good.

Let us give affection to all of our brothers

and show honor to all.

Let us have zeal and serve you above any others,

and give help and hospitality to any saints who call.

Let us not seek revenge, but instead act with compassion,

for vengeance and wrath are yours and yours alone.

Instead, let us present ourselves in a giving fashion,

for only with good can evil be overthrown.

Let us exemplify these Christian actions with every breath we take,

so that we may live not for ourselves, but only your sake.

Testimony: Sonnets for My Savior 2

Testimony: Sonnets for My Savior 2

Six Days

With words He took nothing and created everything;

six days, and all that was done was good.

The day, the night, earth and seas did His power bring,

six days, He worked and all was made as it should.

Vegetation and plants He made, which all yielded seeds

six days, which can be measured by the stars He also made.

Then He created the fish and birds and animals of all breeds;

six days, He spoke, and His work shall never fade.

Then He made man in His own likeness,

and gave Him dominion over all other creations.

six days He worked, and all was flawless,

six days He created with nothing but His orations.

He gave man and woman blessings of faithfulness.

Six days he worked, and He needed nothing more than declarations.


The Lessons From The Master

He promised the poor his kingship;

He said those who mourn will always be comforted.

He offered the earth to the meek of his fellowship;

Let our hearts and his lessons never be parted.

Those who hunger for righteousness shall be filled.

Those who offer mercy will receive it.

Praise our Lord Christ, through whom the prophecies will fulfilled,

To you, dear Jesus, and your teachings do we, your servants, commit.

He took the things said to those of old,

and clarified them so we may know

the truth and context of what was told.

With Him we learn and hope and grow.

Let us follow his teachings and commands.

Let us follow him, every woman, child, and man.


The Glory

To Him who saved the Israelites from the Pharaoh of Egypt,

to Him goes the glory always.

He is perfect and mighty; to Him goes the praise;

For He raised His son from Death, now empty is the crypt.

To Him who delivered Jerusalem in fulfillment of an oath,

To Him goes the glory forever.

His love and mercy always endure, come whatever.

For he is the God of jews and gentiles both.

To him who gave us the profits, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and Moses,

God of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham,

He who judges and has mercy, He who curses and blesses,

He who granted Salvation, His son was the lamb,

the glory goes to Him who sees humanity through its distresses.

To Him goes the glory, He who calls himself I AM.



What a glorious thing I’ve been given

from the God-man incarnate from above.

It matters not how much I’ve striven,

Only His grace, which was given from love.

Even though I am undeserving,

He paid the price for my transgressions.

His care for me is ever unswerving;

All I can give back are my confessions.

He is my Savior for what he’s done;

His substitution is my redemption.

His blood and sacrifice my soul have won;

His death the key to my adoption.

I accept you, my Savior, in my heart,

With that and repentance my new life and sanctification start.


The Armor

Let us clear away our hypocrisy that we may fight free;

let righteousness cover our hearts, Lord, so temptation can’t get in.

Let your good news grant our feet certainty, so we won’t slip by a single degree;

Let us trust in you, and let that trust cover our bodies and keep us from the darts of sin.

Let us always remember we are saved, let doubt never enter our minds;

Help us to train, oh Lord, to study your word like a blade master trains with his sword.

Help make your word a part of us, for we know that he who seeks finds;

Let us recall the right verses when we face temptation; then victory over sin will be our reward.

Let us wear your armor, Lord, and never remove it;

Let us be guarded by you always and never let down our guard.

We pray to be alert, Our Father, lest to our own natures we submit.

We pray to be alert, Our Father, lest our walk with you be jarred.

Let us stand with you always and trust in your grace.

Let us wear your armor, Lord, and let us walk in the faith.



We are able, Lord, we are able;

They spoke to him to gain his favor.

They wanted the left and right seats of his table,
but they did not understand our Savior.

They did not understand the true cost

of service and submission.

He was about to die for the Lost,

and they would suffer on his commission.

They did indeed find the glory they sought,

but not before paying the price.

The value of service is what the master taught,

and they learned so well through his sacrifice.

Now we are asked if we are willing;

let us be so for all the days we are living.


Rule Us

Let us humble ourselves to your mighty hand;

let us strive first to be righteous.

To seek to do or accomplish for ourselves is erroneous,

for you exalt, in due time, those who do as you demand.

Let us trust in you with all our hearts

and think first of how to glorify you.

For without your will, there is not point in what we do

We seek your kingdom and scripture to be our ramparts,

Our own works count for nothing beside your great plan.

The true blessing is to submit and trust in your grace.

Let us do so, oh Lord, and bring you to smile.

For we know disobedience is where our sin began,

and it was obedience of your son on earth that this original sin is erased

because our own understanding is not worthwhile.

Testimony: Sonnets for My Savior Week 1

Testimony: Sonnets for My Savior Week 1

Selfless Savior

He gave food, so the 5,000 could eat;

He raised up the 12, so that they my spread his word;

The sick he made well, and the broken he made complete

He carried his cross to the end, undeterred.

On the night of his betrayal he washed the Apostles’ feet;

He even cleaned the heels of Judas, who would betray him;

All sinners with love he would greet;

Only a loving Christ could do so and still accept a fate so grim.

He was the king of all kings;

He was the Lord of all Lords;

He could have summoned angels to lift him on their wings;

Instead he chose to die on the cross’ wooden boards.

If we only accept him, we would never die.

We can live forever, and his death and resurrection are the reasons why.


Graciously Giving

Praise our God for his endless giving.

Only he could rain mana from Heaven and purify water.

Let all of his servants rejoice and sing.

All we have is thanks to our Heavenly father.

Solomon asked for only Wisdom,

but God granted him wealth, possessions, and honor also.
His love is boundless, and his power is awesome;

Only from Him do any blessings flow.

He truly is my shepherd, and I shall never want for anything;

I need not worry over what to eat, drink, or wear.

He will give us all things if his commandments we are obeying;

Only seek righteousness first and ask humbly in prayer.

Trust in the Lord, and seek to win his heart.

His greatest gift is his presence, from which the saved are never apart.



He could have burned Adam the moment he ate from the tree;

He could have left Joseph to rot in a cell.

We were born into sin and deserve eternity in Hell.

No act can redeem either you or me.

How many times did his nation, Israel, turn away?

What mortal would be betrayed so many times and still be so giving?

What right do we have to keep on living;

when we stubbornly refuse to obey?

Because of all we’ve done, we have no right,

yet God sent his son to pay the price

His mercy is shown in what he chose not to do.

Those of us born into darkness are saved by one born of light.

Through Jesus we are forgiven every wrong and every vice.

His mercy is shown in that, despite all our sins, his love stays true.


Righteous Ruler

Let us not hope for your leniency

if we do not honor your rule.

Praise your mighty sovereignty.

This Earth is your footstool.

Let all obey you and follow your will;

let us respect your judgments and trust in your ways.

The grace you grant us is our greatest thrill;

let all those on earth worship you all of our days.

Your plans are not for disaster, but for our good;

our hopes are in you, command us however you see fit.

Please let us be good servants and do as we should;

Those who do not accept and obey you shall be cast into the pit.

We submit to your authority; we joyfully serve

our father and king in Heaven, who we do not deserve.


Thy Will

Let it be done; let all things be as you design;

let everything we do be well done and pleasing.

In our hearts as an altar, let your will be enshrined;

let the delight we have to serve you be unceasing.

Please take away our pride, which could rebel against your desires,

and grant us faith in your loving grace, which is without end.

Let us keep that faith through all that transpires,

for there is no wrong you can’t right or ill you can’t mend.

We are not resigned to your direction,

nor are we faithless in our prayers.

Rather, we take pride in our subjection,

and surrender to you our cares.

In you we place all our trust,

for you are our righteous father, who is never unjust.


Remember to Glorify

We turn to you when our hearts are aching;

we look to you in times of stress.

We bow before you when our hearts are breaking;

we fall to our knees when those over us oppress.

We glorify your name when you offer us deliverance;

we praise your might when you remove us from harm.

We offer thanks when our suffering is held in abeyance;

we sing of your might when our enemies you disarm.

But let us also praise you when we have plenty;

let us not forget you when our bellies, hearts, and wallets are stuffed.

Let us be ever humbled by every morsel, ounce, and penny.

Let us remember to praise you lest you feel rebuffed.

We will always call on you, our God, when our hearts are overcome with sadness;

but let us never forget to also praise you when we are filled with happiness.


He Is

He is great and abundant in might;

He is infinite in his understanding.

He is our ruler above, so let us do as he is commanding.

He is loving, just, and right.

He is sovereign, magnificent, majestic, and glorious;

He showers gracious love to those who take refuge in his power.

Before him, his enemies tremble and cower;

Those whom He is with are always victorious.

He is long in suffering and thinks no evil; he is love

He is gracious and rich in faithful truth;

He is, he is, merciful and strong!

He is the Lord of all, and he reigns from above;

He is the ruler of every man, woman, and youth.

He is flawless and perfect, and he is never wrong.


The Pattern

Let us glorify you, our Father, and let your name be honored by each and every one,

for we, your servants, await  for your kingdom to appear.

Let us serve you and do as you command, and let all that you wish be done;

As above so below, let what is there be so here.

Praise you, Lord, and grant us all that we need,

and forgive us for the things we have done.

We offer forgiveness to those who have wronged us by inaction or deed,

and help us see, so that we might avoid any temptation.

Deliver us from the devil and our own sinful disposition,

for you reign in glory from now until forever.

Let us kneel before you in humble submission

from life until death without fail whatsoever.

Let us honor you and offer supplications in the night and in the day,

let us seek first your kingdom and righteousness because this is how we pray.

Testimony: My Trial of Faith as My Mom Struggled With Cancer Part 30 (The final part)

Testimony: My Trial of Faith as My Mom Struggled With Cancer Part 30 (The final part)

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A Changing Life

As I type this, it’s been nearly two months since my mother died.

I think the first week back at work was the hardest. I ran into a number of people who only wanted me to know they were there for me, but the hard part was the number of reminders. “How are you doing?” (You know, ’cause your mom died).  “How are you holding up?” (You know, ’cause you’re mom died).  I was stuck in this weird place where I was trying to show my appreciation for their concern while balancing the desire to explain to them that the questions were just more constant reminders. I mention it now only because I’m trying to explain my mindset at that time. I have so many people who love me so much. They want to be sure I’m OK and know they are there for me.  I’ll always love them for that, but it was a struggle at that point.

It’s been nine Fridays since my mother died. I use to call her just to talk and see how things were. My first Friday back at work, I caught myself picking up the phone. It was Friday. I’ve always talked about what a creature of habit I am. If something becomes a part of my routine, it’s trained into me like an athlete.

Whenever we lose someone we truly love, the simple fact is we’re never going to be the same. This is because love is sacrifice. We train our bodies to behave a certain way around our loved ones. We deny our instincts to the point to where we change our habits. Maybe you stopped smoking because your husband or wife didn’t like it. Maybe you started working out to shape your body for that girlfriend or boyfriend. Maybe you stopped biting your nails because it annoyed a friend. Those changes are sacrifices we make. Sacrifice is the greatest show of love anyone can offer. God sacrificed his only son for us, and Jesus willingly obeyed, sacrificing himself for us. This was so that the price for our sins could be paid, which would grant us a way to be with them.

For us mere mortals, that sacrifice becomes most apparent when the one for whom we’ve sacrificed is no longer there. So we have this choice to make. The temptation is to let go of those sacrifices. Some see it even as freedom after a time. But if we let go of those sacrifices, I’m of the opinion that we also then let go of the person we were, thus changing from that person who loved us.

Anyone can sacrifice for someone for a short time. Even I can clean my condo if I know I’m having a visitor. Any guy courting any woman can put the toilet seat down the first time he visits his girlfriend’s house. But it’s only sacrifice if we truly give it up. And it’s only sacrifice if we let it go even after we lose the reason for which we’ve sacrificed it. Otherwise the sacrifice was only tolerance. Tolerance isn’t the wonderful mindset I think people make it out to be. The word tolerate means to allow the existence or practice of something one doesn’t necessarily agree with, without interference. Merriam Webster adds this short alternative, “to put up with.” But if we only tolerate, the more we’re forced to tolerate, the more we want to resent. Resentment then leads to frustration, which leads to anger. I’ve even seen that anger build into genuine hatred.

No, readers, I feel that tolerance is only a delay tactic that ultimately leads to even more hostility. Sacrifice yourself for those you love, or don’t. You have that right to choose. But if you only tolerate, you’re setting up that relationship for utter failure.

So now I’m looking at my life, and I find it odd sometimes.  I can’t say my life is completely different. At this point, things are running just about how they used to run. The differences are in the little things, and those little things (when they come), hit hard.

Now for the part some might not like to hear.

Did the death matter?

That sound’s like a cold question doesn’t it? But we always talk about how “we’ll never be the same” or “this death had such an impact on my life.”

But if you go right back to the life you had after a nice “show” of remorse at a funeral, did it really matter? If two weeks after that death you’re right back to who you were, did the death matter?  Looking at my life, I would say no. It doesn’t remove the emotions. My point is that if I go right back to the man I was before my mom got sick, her life, her suffering, and her death become meaningless, and I refuse to disgrace her in that way.

I choose to show my endless love, a love not bound by existence, by changing because of that love. I want to be better because in doing those things, I prove to myself that the lessons my mother taught me matter.

Wasn’t it the same for the Apostles after Christ died? Shouldn’t it be the same for all who are saved? The Apostles mourned. They had the honor of seeing Christ risen, but he didn’t stay with them in the flesh. I have to think they missed him after he ascended. I can’t think that Peter was perfect after the ascension. I wonder if he was ever tempted. I think he was to a degree. In Galatians 2, Peter pulled away from a meal with gentiles because they wouldn’t be circumcised.  Paul rebuked him.

But there were other displays where Peter showed he’d changed for having known Christ. Peter, for those who are unfamiliar with scripture, is (in my opinion) the greatest example of change. Greater even than Paul.

I suppose this tangent is coming.

You see, Peter’s given name is Simon. Jesus called him Peter as a sort of nickname. That nickname was a form of positive encouragement for Peter to act like the man Jesus wanted him to be.  Yes, Paul did terrible things, and then stopped, but the terrible things he did, he did out of misguided zeal. He thought Jesus wasn’t resurrected. He thought the Apostles were wrong. When Jesus revealed himself and called Paul to be an Apostle, yes he changed his actions, but that zealous heart and manic drive to do what he believed was God’s will was still the core of his personality (Acts).  Paul changed his actions. Peter changed his ways.

Both were great men, and Paul is more of a favorite of mine (personally) than Peter. (Andrew, who I’m the least like, is my favorite because I’d like to be more like him so that I could then be more like Christ.)

We therefore change who we are for the people we love, and I am changed for having known my mother and, through this trial, better known Jesus. Before my mom got sick, I watched sermons on my lap top and read the Bible. But I was stagnate. The more I studied and the more I fed my spirit, the more I came to understand Jesus. It also helped me understand my mom and the example she provided.

Love is sacrifice.

I can’t imagine the number of things Mom wanted to do in life from selling her house and taking trips to I don’t know what else. But she constantly denied herself things I know she wanted simply to provide for those she loved.

Christ humbled himself, then allowed himself to be punished for our sins just so that we could be saved by his blood.

So who are we then if we continue to be who we were? (Romans 7)

This is the question that drives me every day.

I loved my mom. No, that’s wrong. Her death does not mean the end of my love. That’s stupid. If that love is gone my remorse and desire to change should be. I could consider myself free from the willing sacrifices I made for her because she’s not on Earth any more. I don’t have to get along with my sisters because she’s not here to be saddened by it. Her mortal death would make me free from her rules. But I still love her. Her presence on this Earth doesn’t remove that love, so I’ll honor her memory because I still love her now.

This is how we should act for Christ, if indeed we love him too.

Christ wasn’t there to rebuke Peter, playfully calling him Simon as a gentle reminder of the man he used to be. But Peter still remained the man Christ had helped him become.

I believe (because my mother had proclaimed Jesus her savior when I was a child and had been baptized) Mom is in Heaven with Jesus.

Jesus certainly knows what I’m up to. I’m not sure what scripture says about those who’ve left this world or not, but I still like the idea of mom watching from above.

So let me be changed. Let the death of my mom and, more importantly, the death of Jesus Christ change me. Let me be the man that honors my love for them. Let me let go of the man I was. Let that show my love, and let that be what gives meaning to my mother’s death.

Can I claim to be changed? No.  Foolish, selfish, and (if I may quote Paul) wretched man that I am, I still act far more like the man I was than the man I want to be (Romans 7). But I will claim to be changing. This evolution of my body to align with my spirt isn’t going as quickly as I’d like. I constantly ask myself if I’m any better, especially days when I find myself resentful at work or even with one of my siblings. That’s the old me. I shouldn’t be that man anymore. Am I really any different?

Yes. At the very least I now instantly realize I’m not acting the right way and re-focus my thoughts to be in line with how I’m supposed to act.

There are changes in my life I do recognize. I fear to lay claim to them because I have this odd habit. Every time I proclaim, “I’ve changed!” I amazingly do the very thing I so proudly claimed to have stopped. It’s silly how it goes. “I don’t cause anymore!” “What the #### are you doing!?” “I’m not so prideful anymore!” he said proudly.

So please simply accept this claim that I’ve greatly reduced the number of sins in my life from “too many to count per day” to “I’m sometimes discouraged by how many I count.” But this is a blessing. When God reveals our sins to us, we have the chance to feel remorse, repent and change. I think I need a bit of humbling realization here and there. To me it shows that I’m changing. I’d rather not keep seeing the exact same sin.  I’m struggling most with my pride and selfishness at the moment.

The point is, I’m working toward being better every day, and I wasn’t doing that before Mom died. I was content. I was satisfied with my state as it is.

The greatest change I’ve seen, the one I feel is the best tribute to the memory of my mother, is that I’m trying again. I’m trying to be better.

I’m sure there will be those who say, “See, doesn’t work.  This guy prayed and testified and trusted God, and his mom still died.”

News flash.  My mom was always going to die. She could have been hit by a bus or struck by lightning.

That person might argue, “But she died of cancer, and you had faith God would heal her.”

He did. He healed her so well she’s in Heaven with him. And when his son returns to earth, all those who were saved will return also, in perfect, sinless, cancer-free bodies. I just have to keep my faith and be patient. Sure, I have to be far more patient than I wanted to be, but how much patience has God needed just to see me reach this still wholly unacceptable state I’m in now?

If I were to have stopped this testimony the moment my mother died, did I ever believe in the first place?

But by this loss, I’m granted the wonderful opportunity to proclaim my faith (which He has given me) remains because my faith in him is not based on what he does for me any more than my love for my mother was based on her presence on this Earth.

And there, again, is another example of God’s unknowable judgements and inscrutable ways (Romans 11:33). If God had granted my supplication, sure I would have been happy. I’d have testified. I’d have sung in joy and praise of his name. But then what lesson do I have to teach the world?

Pray to God and he’ll give you want you want?

That’s not the lesson. And how many people would have been lost for the misconception that faith and trust in God will get you what you want rather than what you need.

Instead, the lesson I am blessed to teach is that faith and trust in God remain. Even if we don’t receive those things for which we ask, we always get what we need. The things we receive are always for our good. My love and praise of him is no more based on what he does for me (in giving what I want when I want) than my salvation is based on what I do for him (Romans 1-3).

Faith is the lesson. Faith in God. Faith in love. Faith that my mother and I will indeed be reunited. Faith that no matter what, my salvation is assured because of God’s love and grace and for no other reason.

I didn’t want my mom to die any more than Job wanted to lose all he had (Job 1). But the Lord gives, and he takes (Job 1:21). It is his sovereign right.

I used to think it was like a kid playing with a cat and a string. Yanking away the string just as the cat snatches it.  Horrible isn’t it?

But the thing is, I’ve come to understand that he gave them to us to begin with. They were never really ours. Instead, we receive (by His grace) these wonderful gifts, but any mortal gift is temporary. Nothing we gain here on Earth can come with us after we die. Even atheists will admit this.

So rather than lament what God’s taken, I praise Him because I had them to begin with, because I’m going to lose them sooner or later. My own mortality testifies to this. I wasn’t ready. I miss her, and it’s not sinful at all to morn her death.

But, I have now an even greater gift in that I’m changing. My relationship with God is closer. I have a better understanding of salvation. I have a greater awareness of my sin so I can turn from it (even if it’s with great struggle and effort).

This lesson is far more valuable than the selfish one I originally started working from.

Yes, my life is missing something for the lack of my mom’s presence in it, but I have so much more because she was in it to begin with.

Yes, my heart is sad because someone I love is gone, but it’s so much more filled because God’s love has been poured into me through the Holy Spirit who has been given to me (Romans 5:5).

I pray for you reader. I pray you’ve been inspired by this testimony. I pray your faith is encouraged or that God has worked through this memoir to call you to him. I pray this gives you comfort if you face a similar challenge in your life. I pray you don’t make the mistakes I made when I was facing this trial.

Mostly, I pray you be filled with love. I pray you remember that love is sacrifice. I pray you sacrifice the person you were for God first, and those you love. Husbands, I pray you love your wives as Jesus loved the church (Ephesians 5:25). Let love be the way in which you live your life. May you have love in abundance from those around you, but may you first receive the love of God Almighty whose love for you was demonstrated by the most difficult sacrifice one could ever make. Amen!

Thanks for reading