There’s Still Time to Vote For the 2021 April Book Cover of the Month! Presenting May’s Week 2 Cover!

There’s Still Time to Vote For the 2021 April Book Cover of the Month! Presenting May’s Week 2 Cover!

Greetings All,

Before I announce the winner for Week 1 of the 2021 May Book Cover of the Month, I want to take a quick moment to ask you to vote for the overall 2021 April Book Cover of the Month. We have four great covers to choose from, and I’d like all those covers to get the support they deserve.

Now we can move on to May! I still need your help to get this back to the level of support it had a few years ago before I went on hiatus regarding book covers.

So first, let’s announce the winner for week 1.

The cover for The Sunfire King by Sylvia Mercedes is an interesting choice from the viewers. On one hand, it was beautiful color and detail. On the other, it was so busy. I can’t deny that detail though.

But, as one week passes, another begins. So you can vote for your favorite Week 2 2021 May Book Cover of the Month right here!

I’d be grateful if you would be so kind as to watch my channel, where I talk about all seven of the covers and why I think they were so cool. My middle son joined me for this episode, so that was nice of him.

Remember to vote for your favorite through the link I provided above! This means that Sunfire King is the first book to make it in the finals for the 2021 May Book Cover of the Month! You guys can choose who wins the title and then support your favorite in the yearly competition (obviously next year)! I hope you’ll participate.

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My Top Three Reads of 2016

My Top Three Reads of 2016

So I was just watching a bunch of YouTube videos about favorite 2016 videos, and that inspired me to write a blog about my favorite books.  Goodreads says I’ve read 14 books in 2016 (I’ll read a few more, and I haven’t uploaded a few just yet).  I’m hoping to triple that in 2017, but that depends on life more than anything else.  To keep this list in order, I’ve decided to just talk about my three favorite books from 2016. This without regard to publisher, format, or author.

How I did it:  Honestly, I just went through my Goodreads list and picked the ones who jumped out at me. It doesn’t diminish the quality of the other books, but these are the ones I can say with complete honesty that I enjoyed the most.

NOTE: Some of these books have been out for a while. These are the best books I read in 2016.

wQwMv69V.jpg-large#3 Magic-Scars by C.L. Schneider: You can find my review for that book here.  The trilogy as a whole is great, but this book in particular was just so well done. This book really resonated with me on so many levels.


You can find my reviews for Book 1 here and Book 3 here.



18739426-_uy1500_ss1500_#2 Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson: You can find my review for that book here . Sanderson is my favorite writer in the business right now. I love everything he does, and anything Mistborn is going to have my attention. This book is elevated by some cameos, but it still so powerful as a story. I’m so excited for the Mistborn saga to continue. I’m also stoked for the movie announcement.



61e8b3uwsyl-_aa300_#1 Redshirts by John Scalzi:  You can find my review for this book here. This is going to shock people who know me. I’m a die hard Sanderson fan. I loved Bands of Mourning. Secret History was fantastic, but my love of that book is predicated more on my affection for its main character than what happens in that book. Redshirts was actually a no-brainer, slam-dunk Number One book for me. It’s hilarious. It’s parody. It’s touching. It’s intelligent. It’s quite frankly everything I look for in a story. I personally listened to the Audible version, which is narrated by Will Wheaton. That just sent it over the edge for me.

So that’s my top three. What are yours? Why? Do you have a review you can link it to? I’d love to reblog it for you.

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Audiobook Review: “Redshirts” by John Scalzi (REPOST)

Audiobook Review: “Redshirts” by John Scalzi (REPOST)

This is a repost from when my blog was on a different website. I’m working to transition all of that blog over to here. This particular blog has a degree of priority for reasons you’ll understand in the future.

Cover provided for review purposes only under fair use doctrine

How it took me this long to listen to this book is a mystery.  Redshirts by John Scalzi is sheer genius!  First, it’s such a wonderful parody of a common science fiction series theme.  It’s Galaxy Quest meets Stranger Than Fiction, only it’s funnier than both combined, and I LOVED both of those movies.  So take a clever idea written by a hilarious author and add narration by none other than Wil Wheaton, and you have the recipe for a well-deserved Hugo winner.

I think the last two hours slow it down a bit.  Had I not waited a few minutes before writing this review, I would have let that bring my opinion of it down a smidge, but what the last few hours did was close all the gaps, which is honestly something I get mad about other authors not doing.   I’m pretty biased when it comes to the inspirational material, but that bias also makes me incredibly critical of those who screw it up.  Here, Scalzi blends a perfect mix of comedy, drama, ridiculousness (oh so much ridiculousness), and heartwarming characters without being disrespectful of the source material.  I understand a series adaptation is in the works, and I can’t wait to see it on TV.  Heck, for the irony alone I’ll watch it.

Redshirts is an unashamed comedic salute to science fiction television and the characters we love to watch die in the most idiotic ways.