Visits From A Man Named Nobody PT 5

Visits From A Man Named Nobody PT 5

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May 1, 2021 

26.5 Years Ago

Paul sat at the dinner table quietly eating his food, which was chicken and mashed potatoes. His dad was home, so the house was quiet. The occasional piece of silverware clanked against the white porcelain plates, but those were the only sounds. 

The quiet gave Paul more time to think, but he seemed to only have more questions. It’d been just about six months since Nobody had visited. It had also been five beatings. It probably meant Nobody had been some weird game his own imagination had played on him. Except Paul went out to check the next day, and the cracked window was still there. Also, the Bible Nobody had given him was there, so Paul read it.

He’d kept his promise to a man who apparently didn’t care that Paul was still being attacked. But Paul couldn’t blame him. It wasn’t like anybody did anything about his dad’s beatings. 

He’d reached the book of Joshua, and one part kept bugging him. “Be strong and courageous.” 

Everything he’d read in the book so far frustrated him. If God were real, and he kept bailing the Israelites out, why didn’t he step in for Paul? Why didn’t he stop COVID any sooner? Vaccines had made their way around the country, but if there was a God, why not just miraculously heal everyone? Why not cure cancer and stop death? Why help thousands of Israelites generations ago and no one today? 

Whatever frustrated him, that one part just kept ringing through his mind. Why did they need strength if God was going to do everything? Why did they need courage if they knew they had the creator of everything on their side? What does it mean to be strong and courageous. 

“Eat your food!” Paul reflexively obeyed. 

His father’s tone was angry. It was scary when his father was drunk, but when he used that tone, and he was sober, it was terrifying. 

Paul shoved another few bites in his mouth, trying to keep the meal running smoothly. 

“What’s wrong?” Paul’s mother asked. 

“It doesn’t matter if something’s wrong,” his father’s tone hit a new octave. “I told him to eat.”

Paul glanced at his mother, hoping she’d understand that he was far more worried about his father’s mood than anything else. Anything else. The chicken nearly vanished off the plate as Paul ate it, trying to make sure he didn’t overfill his mouth. His dad hated it when he looked like some sort of chipmunk. 

Even as he worked to keep his father happy, Paul’s thoughts drifted. He’d kept his word to Nobody, but he read a lot more than just the Bible. He was trying to figure out how Nobody did it. He read books on science and even a biography on Harry Houdini. Paul really didn’t expect there to be any magical explanation. No, the answer was science. It had to be some sort of teleportation. So Paul had honed in on physics. He had to know how Nobody did it. He wanted to know why he hand’t come back any of the last five times.

Then he read that most recent chapter. It seemed a challenge to Paul. The only reason someone would have to be strong would be if God expected them to do something. 

“I’m going out,” Paul’s dad stood from the table, leaving his plate where it was. 

Paul shot from his chair and snatched the plate before his dad had made it out of the dining room. Paul rinsed the plate and put it in the dishwasher. He winced as he heard his mom speak.

“Do you have go out?” she asked.

“Gonna spend time with the boys,” he answered. That meant he was going to get hammered. 

“I thought you said we needed to watch what we spend?” 

Oh no! Mom, why would you say that?

His father had made it to the front door when she asked her stupid question. His head slowly turned around, and his face melted into a look of pure rage.

“Are you telling me what to do with my own money?” His tone was low and angry. His dark eyebrows furrowed together. The sneer alone should have sent both of them running. 

“No!” His mom said. She started speaking quickly, but Paul knew it was already too late. “I was just wondering if you’d remembered what you’d said.”

That’s even worse, Mom!

Paul’s father turned. His thick, black boots sounded like thunder as they stomped across the carpet. Be strong and courageous!

Paul moved without thinking.

“Are you calling me a liar?” He screamed the question. Why didn’t the neighbors ever call the police? People in the next county should be able to hear when his father was like this!

Paul’s father reached up a hand to slap her, but Paul made it in time. He charged at his father and drove a shoulder into him as hard as he could. 

He bounced off the thick man and crashed to the floor. 

Everybody else seemed to freeze. Paul didn’t hurt his father one bit. He seemed stunned. A corner of his father’s lips curled into and amused smirk. 

“Well look who decided to grow a backbone.” Paul’s father chuckled and pointed a square finger at him, shouting. “You’re all tough now, aren’t you?”

Until that moment, Paul had always just tried to stand between his father and mother. Every now and then, he’d had to lay over top of his mom to keep his father from stomping on her or kicking her. Those boots were thick!

But whatever he did, it was defensive. This was the first time he’d tried to actually fight, and his first attack simply made his father laugh in derision. 

… to be continued …

Sonnets For My Savior 13

Sonnets For My Savior 13

What It Tells Us

A line from Abraham proves God’s faithfulness.

A line from Judah, Jechoniah, and Manasseh, demonstrate God’s forgiveness.

If there are evil sinners in the line, it is only to show that God can shift malice into kindness.

If God’s faithful are in the line, it is only to show God’s truthfulness.

Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba are mentioned in the line.

Each name shows more of God’s character.

Rahab was a harlot, and Bathsheba an adulteress, but still to them God was kind.

Ruth was a Moabite, but her faith and trust led her to her great redeemer.

Shealtiel, Zerubbabel, Abuid and Eliakim,

Before Joseph came Eleazar, Matthan, Jacob and Achim.

The line shows that by right the throne belongs to Him.

The line shows that Jesus came for sinners because sinners are his kin.

From Abraham to Joseph they waited for the promised King;

Lord bless the day he was born; for that day we offer praise; for that day we sing.


They Come

Look to the east, the wise men come.

They search for the Jews’ king.

Born in Bethlehem was God’s only begotten Son

just as the prophet said in his writing.

From there was born a ruler

who is the shepherd for Israel.

There is no way to a life that’s fuller

than to be among our Savior’s faithful.

They are here with treasures for His birth:

gold, frankincense and myrrh,

but those gifts are only a fraction of His worth.

For the day of His birth was one of wonder.

His risen star showed the way

to the Christ who was born on that glorious day.


Strong and Courageous

He promised to give every place Joshua’s foot walked on.

He promised no man would stand before him.

Three times God told him to be courageous and strong,

for God would never leave or forsake him.

He was warned not to turn from the law to the left or to the right.

He was told to meditate on the lay every day and every night.

With God at his side, Joshua would win every fight.

With God beside him, everything would be alright.

Let us hear your word, our God above.

Let us follow your path and do your will.

Let us keep your words in our hearts with love.

Even in times of trouble, let us keep them still.

Smile, oh God, on those who are strong and courageous.

Let us face our trials with faith, for You are always with us.


He Chose to Obey

He could have sent Judas away.

He could have remained hidden.

Instead Jesus chose to obey

so that He might do as the Scriptures had written.

He could have let Peter fight.

He could have petitioned for angles and received more than twelve legions.

Instead He chose to do what was right

and accept the price for our salvation.

He could have come down from the cross

and proven himself to the chief priests, scribes, and elders,

Instead he chose to endure the cost,

so that he could provide hope for all of us sinners.

Our glorious Savior chose to let himself die

to obey our Father and provide us a path to life.


When We Have Faith

When Joshua obeyed in faith, the walls of Jericho fell.

When Moses obeyed in faith, the Red Sea parted.

For those who obey and have faith, all will be well.

Blessed are those who work to walk the path You’ve charted.

Goliath fell to a young David and his sling.

Abraham and Sarah eventually gave birth.

Ruth offered her faith and became grandmother the king.

Elijah asked, and fire fell to the earth.

Gideon had faith, and God delivered Midian into his hands.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had faith and were protected from immolation.

A centurion’s servant was healed simply by Jesus’s command

A thief on the cross asked Christ to remember him and thus, found salvation.

Mountains can move from here to another place.

Indeed all things are possible if we only have faith.


Again and Again

Peter denied Christ three times,

but he was still the rock on which Christ’s church was built.

Peter had doubt sometimes,

but he always repented, for he acknowledged his guilt.

Christ taught us about forgiveness

in the parable of the unforgiving servant.

That wicked man sought payment with ruthlessness

even though his master was benevolent.

One should forgive

as he was forgiven.

For each day that we all may live,

we should pardon our brothers no matter what offense was given.

How often should we let go each time our brother offends us?

Seventy times seven is what our lord Jesus Christ tells us.


He Can Not Be Denied

Herod wanted to prevent His birth,

so he had all the children in Bethlehem killed.

But all of his effort and desire was of little worth,

for all of his evil only helped to see prophecy fulfilled.

Pharisees sought to prevent His teaching,

so they challenged Him and questioned his miraculous deeds.

But all their effort to stop His preaching

only provided the opportunity to place on display their hypocritical misdeeds.

Caiaphas sought to destroy Him and put his life to an end,

so the chief had Him crucified, and a guard for his tomb was given.

But with the will of God, they could not contend,

for after the third day, just as He said, He is risen.

The power of Christ can not be denied,

for the Son of God is King, and over Earth he will preside.