Sonnets For My Savior 52

Sonnets For My Savior 52

The Lessons In Pain

Why is there pain?
Could it be there are lessons in suffering?
Those who hold fast to Christ will learn their faith is not in vain.
Those who endure in faith will see Christ and all the rewards his return will bring.

Why would God allow pain to come?
What parent hasn’t allowed a child to fall
so that the child might learn what shouldn’t be done?
Pain is a harsh teacher, but its lessons come to all.
Pain can equip someone.

Those who’ve suffered can help others in similar situations.
One who’s suffered gains the strength to overcome.
Those who endure can push beyond previous limitations.

Some things happen, and they hurt more than a person can know.
But as we endure, we learn; we demonstrate our faith, and we grow.





I should not laugh at another’s misfortune,
even if he is my enemy.
For every man receives his proper portion,
and I should offer mercy as it’s been given to me.

Never forget those times you’ve suffered.
How much did you cry for understanding?
Shouldn’t you offer the same to those who are flustered?
When others mourn, shouldn’t you be listening?

The Lord’s mercy is great.
He his abounding in love and forgiving.
No matter what mistakes you might make,
his love for us is ever enduring.

Just as your Father is merciful,
so should we be merciful.




He Will Always Seek You Out

Fear not lost sheep,
He will seek you out.
In his arms, he will keep
you no mater where you run about.

Do not lose your shine little piece of silver,
He will seek you out.
He will search under every floorboard and pillar.
And when he finds you, he will, with joy, celebrate and shout.

Do not give up, repentant sinners,
He will seek you out.
He sent His Son to deliver
all those who repent from their pain and doubt.

If you are lost, and you’re unsure what you should do.
Have faith and seek Him, and He will always find you.




What has hate ever gained someone?
What need does it satisfy?
What good has it ever done?
It only leads to more hate, and no one understands why.

But if you love the one who hates you,
There is hope for better gain.
If you bless those who curse you,
You proclaim your father’s Heavenly name.

You can not know God if you don’t know love.
If one does not know love, God is not in him.
God is love,
And whoever loves a brother abides in Him.

Any man can hate those who hate him,
but a world filled with hate is one that’s dark and grim.




When I feel like I know best.
When I feel like things should go my way.
When I don’t get my way, and I feel stressed.
When I feel others should do as I say. 

This is my sinful pride.
This is when I place myself on a throne that isn’t mine.
But the prideful seeking God’s kingdom will be denied.
An arrogant man seeks justification, but he will not find.

God, place in me a Spirit that’s humble.
For the earth is the meek’s inheritance.
Forgive me, Lord, when my pride makes me stumble.
Forgive me, Lord, for I offer my repentance.

There is no love in me if I place myself above others.
Let me exalt You, Lord, above any other.





What need do the perfect have for forgiveness?
Why should they seek salvation?
If only I could obtain such righteousness.
If only I could resist each and every temptation.

Why praise Christ as propitiation,
when so many mortal men call you good?
Surely you can rest upon your own perfection.
If any could argue their case before God, surely you could.

You’ve never called anyone a fool.
You’ve never looked at a person in lust.
Indeed, you’ve followed God’s every rule.
Indeed, you’re always patient and just.

I, however, lack such earthly perfection,
so I depend on Christ and his crucifixion. 




Keep your faith in trying times.
Hold fast, and anticipate the good things to come.
Keep your faith in joyful times.
Don’t turn away in complacency and lose the good things to come.

Keep your faith, though you may be sad.
God is good and always keeps His word.
Keep your faith, though you may be glad.
God is just and always upholds His word.

He is not a tool to use in need.
He’s not a person to cast aside after you’ve catered to your greed.
He is the Lord who made you.
He is the Lord who loves you.

Abide in Him, so that, when He returns, you won’t cower in fear.
Abide in Him, so that you may receive His gifts when He returns here.

Sonnets For My Savior 36

Sonnets For My Savior 36

Reasons For Hope

Though my suffering is great,

My faith remains in You.

I man be in a horrible state,

but I know You’re faith remains true.

Every promise You made, encouraging or frightening,

You have kept.

So all situations, be they joyful or terrifying,

I will strive to accept.

Your steadfast love never ceases;

Your mercies never end;

Your faithfulness ever increases;

On Your sufficiency, I can depend.

In all suffering, be it old or new,

I can endure, oh LORD, because I have You.


Generous and Merciful

Glory be to our God, who always provides.

He is slow to anger and abounding in mercy.

He is the source from which every blessing resides.

He gives us more than any man can see.

I’m protected from hunger, for He is my daily bread.

I feel no cold, for He has placed a shirt on my back.

I don’t fear the elements, for He has put a roof over my head.

I’m more blessed than I have a right to be, for there isn’t a thing I lack.

Let us focus on all he’s given us,

rather than the excess we desire.

Times of both abundance and famine will come to us,

but He always gives us what we require.

When tempted to demand more in our greed,

let us repent and praise the God who always gives what we need.



He Who Makes Anything Possible

The quantity of fish was too much, 153.

Seven disciples couldn’t lift the net.

Then Jesus said, “Bring the fish to me.”

Suddenly the net wasn’t to hard for Simon Peter to get.

By himself, as one of seven,

Peter lacked the strength.

But by the will of the Son of Heaven,

Peter had no lack of strength.

Peter didn’t remind Christ of the weight;

he was too excited to please his Savior.

When one’s faith is that great,

he can perform any labor.

It may not seem at all plausible,

but through Jesus Christ, all things are possible.



A Heart For You

Lord change my deceitful heart.

Renew a right spirit in me.

Make me like David, a man after your heart.

Better still, make me like Christ, who died to set me free.

Too easily, you slip from my mind.

Too easily, I forget my promises to you.

I give my attention to temptations that make me blind,

Change me, lest comfort and entertainment turn me away from you.

Be not just an hour on Sunday

or a moment of reading.

Instead rule my heart and thoughts in every way,

for Your glory is the only thought worth keeping.

Take charge of my heart, and lead me in all that I do.

Posses my heart, and make it only for You.




Three times He was denied.

Three times His disciple professed his love.

Three days after he died,

He arose and announced his return to the father above.

Three ways Satan tested.

Three times, He resisted.

Three days, the Israelites thirsted.

Three years, Paul was instructed.

Three nights, and God came down on Mount Sinai.

Jonah was trapped three days inside the whale.

There is no one who can deny

the significance of this detail.

But, the most significant use of three,

is the Father, Son, and Spirit, the Holy Trinity.



As I Grow

Walk with me.

Make me more like You.

Live in me.

Let my growth be seen through what I do.

Change me.

Help me put aside the man I was.

Guide me.

For I know a man is recognized by what he does.

Forgive me.

For all the things I hate are what I do.

Lead me.

Grant me the discipline to do as my changed heart wants to.

I am still far short of Your glory, I know.

Sanctify me, and have patience as I grow.



To Know God

I know God.

No, I know God.

No one who tries to Use God

Can claim to truly know God.

We do not use Him.

He uses us.

Insulting those who seek to honor Him

Isn’t very Christian of us.

Respond to cruelty with love.

Turn the misguided to His word.

The best way to honor our God above

Is to live in accordance to His word.

Share His word in love. 

Live with others in holy love.