Sonnets For My Savior 38

Sonnets For My Savior 38

Heavenly Father

Let me teach as You have taught.

Let me love as You have loved.

Let me raise my sons as I ought.

Let them feel instructed not judged.

Let me be patient, as You are patient.

Let me be merciful, as You are Merciful.

I believe this is the purpose for which I was sent.

Work through my hands so I may be fruitful.

You are the example I can never perfectly replicate.

You are the perfect Father, I wish to faithfully represent.

Everything You do, I wish to emulate.

Honoring You is my intent.

You’ve blessed me with the task of raising these boys.

Let me do so, LORD, with Your grace, mercy, and poise.



Things That Pull My Eyes From You

This world is full of temptations.

Money and fame.

I know that If I turn to those distractions,

I alone carry the blame. 

Money isn’t worth the treasures you give,

but I’m tempted to chase after it.

Cash won’t give me the true life I seek to live.

Please protect me so I wont become preoccupied with it.

The love of the world isn’t real,

but I often wish I had it.

Nothing compares to how Your love makes me feel.

Please help me stay focused on it.

I confess these thing sometimes pull my eyes from You.

Please forgive me and help me to glorify You in all I do.



Abide in Love

He is love.

Abide in this, and you abide in Him.

We know sons of the Lord above,

Because we love each other as we love Him.

You can’t love God and hate your brother.

Any who says otherwise lies.

If We can’t feel love when we see one another,

We can’t love God, who we can’t see with our eyes.

Those who have love have no need to fear.

Perfect love casts fear out.

Those who hold the Lord dear

Have His love, and they need not doubt.

Let all brothers live with love inside them,

For those who have love will always have Him.




Trust is shown in obedience.

Militaries rely on personnel who do as they’re told.

Why then delay or seek lenience?

Why resist and pretend you are bold?

God is above all,

And he places our leaders over us.

Failing to answer the call

Only displays the rebellion inside us.

God is wise. 

All he does is for His glory and our good.

If we want Him to bless our lives,

We must submit to his authority and do as we should.

Just as a loving parent teaches and leads his children,

We show God our love by doing as we are bidden.




Light came with a word.

Man was made from dust.

Every thing that has ever occurred,

He has used for good, for He is just.

Every star was placed with care.

Every planet was set to spin just so.

He’s done more than we are aware.

He’s given us more than we’ll ever know.

The same God who placed every blade of grass,

numbered the hairs on your head.

There is no one who can surpass

the God who carefully placed every grain of dirt on which you tread.

There is no one who could ever be greater,

than our God, our Father, our Creator.




Rejoice, little children;

you are forgiven.

Rejoice, little children.

You have life through the gift Christ has given.

Rejoice, young men;

you have over come the evil one.

Rejoice, young men;

you are forgiven for all you do or have ever done.

Rejoice, fathers;

you know Him who is from the beginning.

Rejoice, fathers;

you are cleansed, and do not practice sinning.

Rejoice, all mankind;

Christ has died for you, and through Him, you have peace of mind.



Deeds, Not Words

Let us not love in word or talk

but in deed and in truth.

Any man can speak, but some men’s words are worth any stock.

Some men keep lies hidden behind every tooth.

Many worship with their lips,

but their hearts are far from Him.

A man who dances around the truth eventually trips.

A man can’t claim he loves anything if he turns from it on a whim.

Love is an action one takes.

Love is sacrifice.

Love is when every decision one makes,

is for the better of whom he loves no matter the price.

If your love is true,

let it be displayed in everything that you do.