Sonnets For My Savior 48

Sonnets For My Savior 48

Cling To Them

More precious than any gem or stone,
his promises are the truth we cling to.
Countless times You have shown
the glorious things that You can do.

Peace, joy, salvation, and provision,
all these things you’ve granted to us.
Great is your power, and perfect is your vision.
All these you use to sanctify us.

We can cling to these when we feel stagnant.
We can rely on them when we want to grow.
His promises are found within His words and commandments.
From his promises, His blessings will flow.

Trust in God, and always hold tight.
This is the path to a life that is right.



His Love For Us

He healed and bore our illnesses.
He taught us the proper way.
His power increases with our weaknesses.
The good shepherd came to find us when we went astray.

He gave us everything
when we deserve only punishment.
He endured our suffering
so God’s will would come to fulfillment.

He humbled Himself for us.
He became sin for us.
He bled for us.
He died for us.

He returned for us.
All this, He did to demonstrate the love He has for us.



Be Still And Wait

The storm raged,
but the trusting servant was still.
His enemies had him caged,
but he had faith in the LORD’S will. 

As wicked men flaunted their treasure,
he wasn’t jealous or envious.
For the wicked are always punished in God’s measure.
God always helps the faithful become victorious.

While others were mocking and seeking to do harm,
the righteous trusted in God and did good.
The Lord will surely use his mighty arm
to aide all those who have done as they should.

Those who delight in the Lord will walk in God’s ways,
and all such servants will inherit the land in the coming days. 



Wisdom’s Call

Embrace the call of wisdom.
Cherish it more than silver or gold.
Those who would enter God’s kingdom,
should seek to make wisdom his to hold. 

Do not spurn it
or hide from its gentle admonishment.
Earnestly seek it,
for from God, it is sent. 

Those who have it are blessed,
and their treasures grow.
Those who rely on it will find rest.
Those who have it should share what they know.

Those who fear the LORD have it.
Those who turn from evil demonstrate it.



To Whom All Things Belong

All that you have, he gave to you.
All that you have, he can take from you.
The things you cling to never belonged to you.
The things you covet will never belong to you.

He created all things.
He owns all things.
For His purpose, are all things.
By His grace, he provides all things.

God entrusted these things to us.
We are his chosen stewards.
If we care for what He’s given us,
He will certainly increase our rewards.

Indeed care and nurture all He gives to you,
but never forget whom it all belongs to.



What You Consume

If anger is what you consume,
anger is what you will produce.
The habit you assume,
is the characteristic you will use. 

What you plant in your heart
is what your heart will grow.
If a meal of frustration is in what you take part,
then frustration is all you will know.

Instead consume God’s Word,
for it is the bread of life.
Do not let God’s truth go unheard,
for ignorance brings only pain and strife.

Consume the good food that brings truth and love,
Let His Holy word be the only thing you’re full of. 



The Way

No ceremony can make me clean.
No words can redeem me.
Only Christ can intervene.
Only Christ can set me free.

No good deed can erase my wrongdoing.
No amount of money can save me.
Only Christ is worth pursuing.
Only Christ can lead me.

My heart must be pure.
Appearances are meaningless.
Only Christ can ensure
a life that’s peaceful and endless.

I rely on Christ to cleanse me.
I rely on Christ to sustain me.

Testimony: Sonnets for My Savior 2

Testimony: Sonnets for My Savior 2

Six Days

With words He took nothing and created everything;

six days, and all that was done was good.

The day, the night, earth and seas did His power bring,

six days, He worked and all was made as it should.

Vegetation and plants He made, which all yielded seeds

six days, which can be measured by the stars He also made.

Then He created the fish and birds and animals of all breeds;

six days, He spoke, and His work shall never fade.

Then He made man in His own likeness,

and gave Him dominion over all other creations.

six days He worked, and all was flawless,

six days He created with nothing but His orations.

He gave man and woman blessings of faithfulness.

Six days he worked, and He needed nothing more than declarations.


The Lessons From The Master

He promised the poor his kingship;

He said those who mourn will always be comforted.

He offered the earth to the meek of his fellowship;

Let our hearts and his lessons never be parted.

Those who hunger for righteousness shall be filled.

Those who offer mercy will receive it.

Praise our Lord Christ, through whom the prophecies will fulfilled,

To you, dear Jesus, and your teachings do we, your servants, commit.

He took the things said to those of old,

and clarified them so we may know

the truth and context of what was told.

With Him we learn and hope and grow.

Let us follow his teachings and commands.

Let us follow him, every woman, child, and man.


The Glory

To Him who saved the Israelites from the Pharaoh of Egypt,

to Him goes the glory always.

He is perfect and mighty; to Him goes the praise;

For He raised His son from Death, now empty is the crypt.

To Him who delivered Jerusalem in fulfillment of an oath,

To Him goes the glory forever.

His love and mercy always endure, come whatever.

For he is the God of jews and gentiles both.

To him who gave us the profits, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and Moses,

God of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham,

He who judges and has mercy, He who curses and blesses,

He who granted Salvation, His son was the lamb,

the glory goes to Him who sees humanity through its distresses.

To Him goes the glory, He who calls himself I AM.



What a glorious thing I’ve been given

from the God-man incarnate from above.

It matters not how much I’ve striven,

Only His grace, which was given from love.

Even though I am undeserving,

He paid the price for my transgressions.

His care for me is ever unswerving;

All I can give back are my confessions.

He is my Savior for what he’s done;

His substitution is my redemption.

His blood and sacrifice my soul have won;

His death the key to my adoption.

I accept you, my Savior, in my heart,

With that and repentance my new life and sanctification start.


The Armor

Let us clear away our hypocrisy that we may fight free;

let righteousness cover our hearts, Lord, so temptation can’t get in.

Let your good news grant our feet certainty, so we won’t slip by a single degree;

Let us trust in you, and let that trust cover our bodies and keep us from the darts of sin.

Let us always remember we are saved, let doubt never enter our minds;

Help us to train, oh Lord, to study your word like a blade master trains with his sword.

Help make your word a part of us, for we know that he who seeks finds;

Let us recall the right verses when we face temptation; then victory over sin will be our reward.

Let us wear your armor, Lord, and never remove it;

Let us be guarded by you always and never let down our guard.

We pray to be alert, Our Father, lest to our own natures we submit.

We pray to be alert, Our Father, lest our walk with you be jarred.

Let us stand with you always and trust in your grace.

Let us wear your armor, Lord, and let us walk in the faith.



We are able, Lord, we are able;

They spoke to him to gain his favor.

They wanted the left and right seats of his table,
but they did not understand our Savior.

They did not understand the true cost

of service and submission.

He was about to die for the Lost,

and they would suffer on his commission.

They did indeed find the glory they sought,

but not before paying the price.

The value of service is what the master taught,

and they learned so well through his sacrifice.

Now we are asked if we are willing;

let us be so for all the days we are living.


Rule Us

Let us humble ourselves to your mighty hand;

let us strive first to be righteous.

To seek to do or accomplish for ourselves is erroneous,

for you exalt, in due time, those who do as you demand.

Let us trust in you with all our hearts

and think first of how to glorify you.

For without your will, there is not point in what we do

We seek your kingdom and scripture to be our ramparts,

Our own works count for nothing beside your great plan.

The true blessing is to submit and trust in your grace.

Let us do so, oh Lord, and bring you to smile.

For we know disobedience is where our sin began,

and it was obedience of your son on earth that this original sin is erased

because our own understanding is not worthwhile.