I Love Getting Reviews!

I Love Getting Reviews!

Greetings all,

Yet another two weeks in a row with some reviews to share! I still don’t think I get reviews consistently enough to warrant a “review day” post on my schedule, but if I keep getting them (this regularly), that might change.

The first review I’d like to share is a three-star review for Caught from Deedra. She was kind enough to post the review Amazon, Goodreads, and Audible.

The next is a five-star review for The Journals of Bob Drifter. This was an Amazon review from an unidentified individual.

I’m always so happy to receive reviews. Both of these reviews were every bit as informative and helpful as they were kind (even in how they expressed what they didn’t like). I thank both these reviewers.

If you’ve read any of my work, would you please consider leaving a rating and/or a review on Amazon, Goodreads or both? It really does help.

Thanks for reading,


Some wonderful reviews to share!

Some wonderful reviews to share!

Greetings all,

I’m (as always) happy to report I have some reviews to share with you. Feedback is always appreciated, and it’s all the more awesome when they’re positive.

All of these reviews were based on audiobooks, but most of the reviewers were so cool, they posted those reviews on multiple platforms (Goodreads and Amazon).

Let’s start with this four-star review for Sojourn in Captivity published by Margaret:

Interested in listening to more

This is the second book I have read/listened to by this author and I would listen to another. I like how there is a creature that is their God but he is not benevolent and his status as a God is sketchy. To evolve, her species- the seferam, transform into violent creatures. I did not quite catch the reason behind this. Either I missed it or it’s just not properly explained because this is a novella. I definitely look forward to listening to more in the series——- This is the first book I have listened to by this narrator ( Courtney Sanello ). I find her voice is an excellent match to the story since the Seferam seem to be similar to our conventional concept of winged fairies like Tinker Bell. Her voice is unique and has a very fluid, smooth, yet high quality to it. Despite this, she still does the male characters quite well.——- There are no explicit sex scenes, excessive violence, or swearing. ——- I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and voluntarily left this unbiased review. Please feel free to comment on whether you found my review helpful.

I always love hearing that on of my books (or, in this case, two) has left someone open to more of my work. I hope Margaret does decide to try more of my work.

The other three reviews are for The Power of Words. They are all four or five star reviews. The reviewers also shared those reviews on other platforms.

One can also be seen on Amazon here.

The other two were shared on Goodreads, and you can read them here and here.

As always, I humbly ask that you consider leaving a review on Amazon, Audible, Goodreads, or all three if you’ve read any of my work. It’s always helpful. I offer my thanks to all of these reviewers for not only taking the time to read my work, but also taking the time to rate and review it. No one is obligated to do such a thing, so I’m honored they gave of their time to discuss my work. I’m sure the other authors for The Power of Words feel the same.

Thanks for reading,


Two Four Star Reviews For The Week!

Two Four Star Reviews For The Week!

Greetings all,

I’m happy to report two reviews for a few of my titles.

The first is a very-kind Goodreads four-star review from C Cager for The Journals of Bob Drifter. I’m grateful the reader enjoyed it. I’m glad C discovered my book, too! Right before this post launched, I noticed Cager was kind enough to also post a review on Amazon as well. That’s really above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you!

The other is a great review is one for Stealing Freedom from Paula Dyches, who put her kind four-star review on Audible, Goodreads, and Amazon. I just want to say thank her for what I call the “full support” (a review on all three platforms) review. I really do think this would make a great little Netflix movie. If you know a producer, I’d certainly be willing to talk.

This kind of support is really precious. Every review is gold in my eyes (even the bad ones). As always, I ask that if you’ve read one of my books, please stop buy one of those platforms and leave a rating and a review.

Thank’s for reading,


More Reviews, Even A Few International Reviews!

More Reviews, Even A Few International Reviews!

Greetings all,

I’m once again blessed to be able to share reviews with you. These reviews are particularly close to my heart for a few reasons.

First, I have my first international review. Over at Audible.co.uk, I have two reviews.

Kathrine Leach left this short and sweet three-star review for Caught:

“good story”

“It took a while for me to get into this book but once I did it was quite good. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”

D M Reynolds left this very kind four-star review for Stealing Freedom:


“This story is soooo plausible given our current reality. A true dystopian tale for our times. It explores – lightly – the extremes of censorship and expression. At the same time, it’s an action-packed cheer-for-the-robbers kind of adventure. Much of the world is essentially the same as ours (which adds to the plausibility). The cops are hot on the trail of our heroes… and yet nothing is quite as it first appears (just like a good heist movie!) Enjoyed this story. The length and narration both suited it very well. I received this audiobook for free in exchange for a fair review.”

It really means a lot to me to see that my work is starting to spread. Not only that, but people (at the very least) liking it! I also got some new reviews on the U.S. version of Audible.

Adam Bogovich left this five-star review for Stealing Freedom:

“Short and to the point”

“We start our journey 5 years into a dystopian society. You meet some rebels who you don’t get to know too well, but pretty well for the time allotted. The plan that unfolds is pretty clever, and i feel like if there was more time to build on the world/characters, the twist wouldn’t have been surprising; so it all works out. Other than that, the narrator was great as well! I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”

I’ve saved the most special set of reviews for last. Theres a philosophy I hold to as an author:

The first sentence you write determines if the reader will finish the page. The first page determines if the reader will read the first chapter. The first chapter will determine if the reader finishes the book. That book then becomes a promise. “If you liked this book, you’ll love my next one.”

The reviews from Shawna that follow are a beautiful representation of how true this is. They also represent everything I strive to do for readers and as an author. Shawna, if you’re reading this, thank you so much. Please see just a bit more at the bottom.

She first listened to Caught:

“Different and amazing!”

I was given this free review copy audio book at my request and have voluntarily left this review. The title first caught my attention – I am a sucker for anything Greek Mythology related. Oh dear author, you know my heart’s true love and you don’t even know me. The book started a bit slow. I wasn’t sure where it was going at first and then I started piecing it together as I went along. It suddenly picked up and Oh boy! I love the plot, the premise and everything about this book. It is strange, different and creepy. I really could not stop listening to it. The narrator was absolutely perfect and had amazing pacing. I was not disappointed at all by this book in any way.”

This book became my promise (from my point of view) to Shawna. I’m thrilled that she liked Caught. I’m so happy that it was good enough for her to decide to try more of my work. Then she listened to Stealing Freedom:

“Great story”

“I was given this free review copy audio book at my request and have voluntarily left this review. I do not like multiple narrators. In this instance, they did okay and I was able to listen all the way through but the double narrators did ruin my enjoyment a little bit. I am going to find an ebook copy of the book instead and pretend the narration did not happen. This was a great story which has a very real feel to the premise. You can definitely see this happening in the future…..No unauthorized communication and strict punishment for breaking the rules about communication. It was very chilling to think that even right now, we are slightly limited on our freedom of speech. Is this a glimpse of the future?”

This review alone is flattering. I wanted (in this case) listeners to truly ponder what a world without protest or free speech would look like. She next read Sojourn in Captivity, and left the first review I’ve had for that title on Audible.

“Too Short!”

“I was given this free review copy audio book at my request and have voluntarily left this review. The only thing that displeased me about this audiobook was the length. I wish it was longer and that there was more to it. This is the second book by this author that I have listened to in the last week and I am starting to believe that I need to write this name into my favorites list. I love magic, fantasy, faeries, werewolves, vampires etc etc. This book was right up my alley and I absolutely loved it. I hope the author will continue with this because sign me up! Lots of action and adventure and well written. Even though it’s a short book, pick it up! You will not regret it!”

Don’t worry Shawna, I have an entire series planned for that universe (an entire universe) and Elele is one of several main characters. There’s a lot more to see there. This was just designed to introduce you to her.

Now we get to the part that’s especially rewarding. Check out this review she left for Repressed!

“Hooked on this author!”

“I was given this free review copy audio book at my request and have voluntarily left this review. Ok Weech, you got me. I am yours. This was a shorter book but the third that I have listened to by this author and I am now setting up an amazon alert for this author. You have won my heart. I may be older (I will not state my age because it is embarrassing) but I do love me some YA. This was written slightly different to the previous book, Caught, because it was geared towards a different audience but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I do wonder if the author is going to have 2 different types of books for this series: YA and adult? Either way, I will definitely be reading all there is to come.”

I must respectfully disagree, Shawna. It is I who am yours. In choosing to read my work, you’ve made me your author. You’ve made my stories something you value, and that is a blessing I cherish. It is a gift I mean to care for. It’s my duty to never disappoint you or break the loyalty you’ve given me. Should I write something you don’t enjoy, I hope you’ll forgive me and allow my next book to set things right.

Being an author (as a business) is about loyalty. Every reader offers you their time. The author’s responsible for rewarding that time with entertainment. I can only hope that more people will try my work and feel the way that Shawna did. I hope she’s tried The Journals of Bob Drifter, and loved it. I hope she’s one of the first to pick up Betrayed, and I hope it answers her questions (and leaves her with a whole new list of them).

Reviews like this make hours and hours of writing, proofreading, designing, and formatting worth it, and I can’t thank all you readers enough.

Thank you!


And The Reviews Keep Coming!

And The Reviews Keep Coming!

Greetings all,

I’m still receiving reviews, so I’m going to keep sharing them. I’m still not ready to make an official reviews appreciation day. That depends on if this very wonderful marketing effort has follow-on results. Still, it’s nice to have reviews to share with you. So let’s get to them!

Here’s a four-star review for Stealing Freedom from Megan Dann:

“The Worth of Words”

“I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”

“This book contained such an original concept about censorship and, quite literally, the worth of words. Not so much character-driven, but heavily plot-driven with tension and action packed for such a quick listen. Really cool idea; can’t wait to see what else the author comes up with.”

“Narration was okay, didn’t add to or detract from the story.”

Here’s a five-star review for Stealing Freedom from Catrina P:

“Freedom of speech”

“For a short story, this tale sure packs a punch. Such an intriguing concept… it’s against the law to communicate. The unauthorized use of words is punishable by pain (shock collars) or if blatant enough, death. A small group of individuals plan to take back their freedoms, or die trying.”

“This was my first exposure to M.L.S. Weech’s writing. I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to seeing what else is available.”

“For such a short story, a dual narration seemed a little much. However, both Lisa Negron and J.M. Needham both did a nice job.”

“I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request, and I have voluntarily left this review.”

Here’s another five-star review for Stealing Freedom from Loki (probably not related to the Avengers):

“A probable disturbing look into the future”

If you prefer reading, the e-book is available on Amazon!

“A nice shot story with a possible future where they can take away our words, and a small group of people who will put there life’s at risk to change it! only real complaint about the book is I wish it was longer and build the world a little more.”

“I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”

Here’s yet another five-star review for Stealing Freedom from Shanna Tidwell:

“Great short story”

“This was a great story. I could see this being made in to a movie or maybe an episode of black mirror or something like that. I liked how everyone thinks they are smarter than everyone else but still one outwitted them all.”

“Very interesting concept and it definitely held my attention the entire time I was listening to it!”

“Lisa & J.M. did an excellent job with narration. I will be looking for more by this author and this narrator.”

“I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”

Here’s a five-star review for Stealing Freedom from Jeff M:

“Interesting premise, delivers on it”

“I’m always down for a good short story and was intrigued by the premise of this one. Glad I gave it a try. Well written, properly paced, this was perfect as a short story. Thought the narration was good too, though some of the character voice choices were a little wonky. Overall, I’d highly recommend this to fans of sci-fi and good writing.”

“I received this as a review copy at no cost other than an honest review.”

Here’s a four-star review for Stealing Freedom from D M Reynolds:


“This story is soooo plausible given our current reality. A true dystopian tale for our times. It explores – lightly – the extremes of censorship and expression.”

“At the same time, it’s an action-packed cheer-for-the-robbers kind of adventure. Much of the world is essentially the same as ours (which adds to the plausibility). The cops are hot on the trail of our heroes… and yet nothing is quite as it first appears (just like a good heist movie!)”

“Enjoyed this story. The length and narration both suited it very well.”

“I received this audiobook for free in exchange for a fair review.”

Not to be outdone, The Journals of Bob Drifter received a five-star review from Ronja:

“Well written, Suspenseful and Touching. Loved it!”

“This is a slow burn paranormal/ urban fantasy thriller with a hint of romance and mystery. This is not a book for people who are in a hurry to get to the scary part. (or people who want to know exactly what is going on after the first few chapters).”

“I really enjoyed this Story!
It pleasantly surprised me by being so well written, thought out and touching.”

“Every character was well developed and felt real (not just the Main Character), and I felt interested in each of their stories.
Bob is a great main character. Smart, compassionate, funny and easy to love and relate to.”

“The book is well balanced. It’s serious but also has some humorous dialog.
Some things go the way you want, others not. This keeps the story believable and suspenseful/ exciting. The ending was very strong. It completes and elevates the whole book, and I love reading such endings.”

“About half the book is written from the first person perspective of Bob Drifter, narrated by Gary. The other half consists of chapters with various other characters in the story (also written in first person). The male characters are narrated by Gary too, and the female characters are narrated by Angel.”

“Because Gary narrates a much bigger part of the Audio Book than Angel, her parts felt a bit out of place in the beginning. But after a few chapters narrated by her I got used to her narration as well.
I think both Gary and Angel did a very good job.”

“I got this Audio Book for free (thanks!). I’m voluntarily leaving this review.
Opinions and ratings are my own and not influenced by how I got the Audio Book.”

I just want to take a moment to thank all of these people for listening to these audio books and offering reviews. I’m a busy guy. I have three sons. I work full time. I try to write or edit a chapter a day. I know what sort of effort it takes to even listen to an audiobook these days. I’m so thankful.

Please, if you’ve read or listened to my work, please consider leaving a review on Audible, Amazon, Goodreads, or all three. These reviews really do help.

Thanks for reading (or in this case listening)!


A Few More Audible Reviews

A Few More Audible Reviews

Greetings all,

I’m still gathering data on the marketing site I’m using to gain these reviews, but the results are still so encouraging. Why? Because I have two new reviews to share with you this week!

Here is a 4.5-star review for Stealing Freedom from Madeline:


“I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”

“This book represents everything we as a people value. When that freedom is taken from us what else it left to do. Do we stay in submission and obey or do we find a way to stand for what’s right. Many times we misunderstand what people are saying. If we try to understand and keep open minds many problems can be solved without violence. I did enjoy this book and how much it reminded me that freedom isn’t free. I’m grateful for those that risks theirs lives everyday so I can have the life I want.”

The original inspiration for this story came from violence that happened during a protest. I don’t always like or support the things people protest about, but we must allow protest because people must be able to speak, and they must be able to redress grievances. I’m glad this reviewer saw that in the theme. I also appreciate that the goal is to allow problems to be resolved without violence. This review actually makes me very happy because it shows that, to this reader at least, I accomplished what I set out to represent in this story.

Next is a 4.25-star review for The Journals of Bob Drifter from Cindy:

“New Beginnings”

“One of the many reasons I request to review audio’s is discovering new talent to add to my favorites list. This is one. You’ll be glad that you made this choice. This audio was given to me in exchange for an unbiased review.”

It’s my opinion that each thing I publish is sort of like a promise. Every book I write says, “If you like this book, you’ll like the other books I’ve written.” I don’t know about the rest of the world, but if I read something from an author, and I really love it (the most recent example would be Michael G. Manning), I’m probably going to rip through the author’s entire library. I hope this reader does try more of my work, and I hope each book both fulfills and reaffirms the promise this one made.

In a crazy dream-world, I would have to shift these reviews to their own day so I can do other “author news” on Saturdays, but I think I’m a ways away from that. Still, it’s nice to dream now and then. For now, I’ll keep tracking this marketing effort and post my findings probably in the next few weeks.

I just want to offer my thanks to those who reviewed my work and humbly ask that anyone else who’s tried one of my books do the same, even if they didn’t like it. Thank you all again.

Thanks for reading,


The Red City Review For Sojourn In Captivity!

The Red City Review For Sojourn In Captivity!

Greetings all,

Sojourn_Ebook_CoverA while back I sent Sojourn in Captivity to be reviewed by Red City Review. The five-star feedback was humbling and kind.  You can find the official link here.

What I’d like to do most is take a moment to talk about one particular compliment.

“Essential plot pieces are set in place here for future series entries, but the real attraction is Weech’s world-building. Animals, trees and plants, domestic customs, and planetary weather phenomena are all described in detail, giving a well-formed view of life on Oron.”

The Perception of War series is huge, and my goal is to provide a truly universal story. This means the planets need to feel real. The aliens need to feel authentic. Is that what everyone will think? No. But it is my goal to help a number of readers feel like they’re on different planets interacting with creatures.

That comment from Red City Review was particularly validating because it showed that the effort I put into making Oron and the Seferam feel authentic worked, at least for that reviewer.

Honestly, I would have been elated for them to say that the world building was good, so to have the reviewer say the world building was the real attraction was actually a surprise, but a welcome one.

WeechLogoColorI’ve said a few times that I always strive first to have compelling characters. My new logo proclaims, “Great Characters. Clever Plots.” I want to stand behind that, but I also strive to grow with each project I work on. If I’m going to grow as a science fiction / fantasy author, I need to have immersive worlds, and this review indicates I’m off to a good start.

In related news, Sojourn is entered into the 2019 Red City Review Book Awards. I haven’t heard anything regarding whether or not it’s a finalist, but I’m hopeful. I truly do think Sojourn is a fantastic story (even if it’s short).

My hope is the review might convince you to give it a try if you haven’t already. If you have, even if you hated it, I’d sure appreciate a rating and review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Thank you for reading,


What Is My Brand? What Do You Get When You Buy An M.L.S. Weech Book?

What Is My Brand? What Do You Get When You Buy An M.L.S. Weech Book?

Greetings all,

MLSWeechI’m honestly just watching Kurt Hugo Schneider videos, and in a few, he “writes” a song for a popular singer. My wife and I frequently dance to his writing of an “Ed Sheeran” song.  What he does is look for elements common to the performer, and that got me thinking about my brand.

So branding is an interesting concept. Some writers brand by genre. This guy may write horror while that guy writes romance. If you like the genre,  a certain author will fill that need. I’ve had dear friends talk to me on occasion about how often I jump around. Honestly, I don’t have the first clue how to hold still. I can’t even type a blog like Thumper talking about the forest with Bambi.

That hurts some authors. I would probably be more successful more quickly (an important combination of words) if I stuck with one genre. Readers like to know what they’re going to get when they buy a book.

So if I don’t stay in one genre, what is my brand? What do people who buy my book get?

Please allow me to offer you a list.

Bob CoverCharacters you connect with: If you read the first ten pages of one of my books, and you don’t feel an immediate connection to the characters you’re reading about, I’ve failed, and you probably won’t enjoy the story. I want people who buy my books to fall in love (or completely hate) the characters.  Here are some examples:

” … keeping me engaged with the plot and the characters with some mad skill.” — A review for Caught.

“Mr Weech does some good worldbuilding here and delivers lots of character development — not just with protagonist Bob Drifter, but with pretty much his entire cast.” — A review for An Unusual Occupation: Part One of The Journals of Bob Drifter.

“While each of the different POVs fascinated me, I found Bob’s voice to be distinctly enjoyable.” — Another review for An Unusual Occupation: Part One of The Journals of Bob Drifter.

“There is just an awful lot to like about Bob. He is a well-conceived, fully fleshed out character that you can’t help but admire and root for.” A review for The Journals of Bob Drifter.

Fast Pace: Even my longest book, The Journals of Bob Drifter, has a pace that moves. I typically write short chapters that let a reader feel like they’re flying through a book even if that book is 130,000 words. I want readers to feel like they’re on a roller coaster that set the world speed record. True, Bob evolves more slowly, but that evolution is spent building anticipation. This fast pace creates a story that’s hard to put down. Here are some examples:

“The story hits fast and you quickly are embroiled in a fast moving action sequence.” — A review for Sojourn in Captivity.

“Repressed was fast paced with nicely timed reveals.” — A review for Repressed.

caught-front-coverSurprises: If you want at least one moment where your jaw drops, and you say, “WHAAAAAAAAAAT?” my books are for you. Honestly, I’m not sure which of my stories has the biggest surprise or plot twist. What I can say is that every time someone comes to me to talk to me about my book, they immediately comment about the surprise. Most reviews mention the end of my stories.  Don’t believe me?

” … and the ending was good.” — A review for Stealing Freedom.

“The narrative direction this story goes (without giving anything away) is both surprising in the moment and completely logical in retrospect.” A review for Caught.

“Caught” is a thrilling psychological horror full of nightmares, gore, and unexpected plot twists. It keeps you guessing every step of the way.” “I can’t remember the last time any novel has surprised me. This shows a clever ingenuity that impressed me.” A review for Caught.

So there you have it. If you like fast-paced books with great characters and surprising twists, I’m your man. All of these were different reviews for different books from a number of different reviewers (though in honesty there are some repeat reviewers because they became return customers).

I hope this gives some of you who maybe haven’t tried my work a chance to see why you might be interested.

Thanks for reading,


Some Reviews For Various Audiobooks

Some Reviews For Various Audiobooks

Greetings all,

It’s a bit harder to share reviews for audiobooks because there aren’t any direct links to just those reviews (or at least I haven’t figured out the trick). However, I’ve gotten a number of reviews for a lot of these audiobooks, and so I wanted to take a chance to share some of the comments.

Caught_ACX_CoverCaught:  Caught has two ratings and one text review.  It has an average 4.0 rating (again only two ratings) at the moment.  The text review just kindly said that the reader loved the print version so much that they wanted to listen to the audio version while I work on Betrayed.  The reviewer also took a moment to praise the plot twists, which I honestly think is the greatest part of the book.



The Power of Words: The Power of Words has four ratings for an average of 4.3 overall.  It also has two text reviews.  The most recent reviewer said the stories were entertaining. He appreciated the range of genres, which I was actually concerned would be a problem. He took a moment to praise the narrators on this (and I think Lisa and J.M. are indeed worthy of praise.  This reviewer concluded by acknowledging that short stories don’t have the depth he typically looks for (“…they’re usually over before you can really get into them.”)

The older text review focused again on Lisa and J.M. The reviewer did say the collection “lives up to the title.” I appreciated seeing that.

Repressed_ACX_CoverRepressed: Repressed has one rating and text review.  The reviewer had issue with the tone and target audience of Repressed vs Caught (Repressed, as you may know, is based on Kaitlyn from Caught).  I honestly accept this criticism and respect it. I had to make a choice on what to do here. I wanted so desperately to give Kaitlyn her own short story, but when I did that I had to gauge the content against those most likely to read it. So it’s completely fair and just to have this thought. My hope is, those who love Kaitlyn will appreciate this story. Those who love the darker, more horror driven aspects of Caught, it’s fair to say, won’t enjoy this.

The reviewer also took a moment to compliment Jennifer on her reading. I always felt she had the perfect voice for Kaitlyn, and I’m glad this reader agreed. My hope is Repressed get’s Jennifer plenty more offers.

And I think that has me caught up with the reviews for my work so far.

If you’ve read any of my work, I humbly request you take a few moments to toss up a rating and review on Audible, Goodreads, Amazon, or all of those above. I can’t tell you how much reviews help in so many different ways. Even if you hated it, feel free to spend however many thousands of words  you feel you need to express your discontent. It’s still valuable feedback.

If you’re interested in any of my audiobooks, and you don’t have a credit you want to spend on one, just send me an email, and I’ll send you a free promo code for whichever (or all) you want.

Thanks for reading,


Book Reviews Make Authors Happy!

Book Reviews Make Authors Happy!

Greetings all,

I get to share a few reviews with you all today, and I don’t know that I’ll ever get tired of that.

caught-front-coverThe first is an extensive four-star review on Goodreads for Caught. J.M. actually has a Twitter account in which she does these super awesome book-quote pictures. It’s a clever idea, and I encourage you to give her a follow. I saw a quote from Caught and realized she was reading it. It was a thrill to see those, and this review is everything an author could ask for: praise for things she liked and honest clarification on what she didn’t like.

Next there is a new five-star review for The Power of Words.  The last two reviews were from the same individual.


Sojourn_Ebook_CoverThe next (and final) review was special because it’s the first review for Sojourn in Captivity.  It’s nice to start off on a strong note, and you can’t get better than a five-star review.

I’m always thrilled to see feedback, and it’s that much sweeter when it’s positive. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you to consider leaving a rating and review if you’ve ready any of my work. Even if you hated it, I still value the feedback. If you haven’t tried any of my books yet, I hope these reviews motivate you to give one (or all) a chance.

Thanks for reading,