Sonnets For My Savior 44

Sonnets For My Savior 44


I prayed night after night,
asking God why he turned His ear from me.
I thought myself just and right,
blind to the need I had to be set free.

I prayed for myself,
unconcerned with God’s will.
I treated God like a tool to be placed on a shelf,
seeking happiness in an accomplishment or cheap thrill.

Suddenly, I saw my life was empty.
Suddenly, I realized I was not my own master.
Of material things, I had plenty,
but my spirit only fell faster and faster.

Suddenly, I saw my desperate need,
so I turned from myself, and dedicated my life to Thee.




Turn the other cheek,
though their actions are cruel and sinful.
Be humble and meek,
though the world wants you to be full of pride and boastful.

Treat others as you would be treated.
Respect, even if you’re disrespected.
Be giving, even if you feel cheated.
Maintain a loving heart, even when you feel dejected.

Be like Christ, who walked in peace.
Be like Christ, who walked in love.
Be like Him, and receive a grace that will never cease.
Be like Him, and know your treasures are stored above.

Put yourself away;
pick up your cross, and follow him every day.



My Shield

Protect me from whom I fear most.
Guard me agains his clever schemes.
Do not give the enemy a reason to boast.
His plans haunt my thoughts, and his evil haunts my dreams.

Defend me, LORD,  for my trust is in You.
Change my enemy’s heart to your will.
You are my shield for every trial I go through.
No matter what comes, you are with me still.

Save me, please, from this foe face.
He plagues me night and day.
Fill his heart with your loving grace,
and help him, LORD, to change his ways.

I confess when I ask for protection from him,
I speak of the prideful sinner who lives within.



To Glorify God

Words of praise are only the product of wind and thought.
They only require the time and energy of a moment.
Do men measure other men by what they say or what they’ve wrought?
How many men spend moments to praise God but cast Him aside for enjoyment?

Commitment isn’t shown by talk, but by action.
What a man says is worthless compared to how he lives.
Let God be the whole, and not a fraction.
He who would receive must be the one who gives.

Glorify Him by reflecting His character.
Glorify Him by obeying His commands.
Glorify Him now and hereafter.
Glorify Him through all the work you do with your hands.

Rather than talk of how you love Him,
simply live a life that honors Him.




Let my heart, mind, and eyes be on You,
for Your kingdom and righteousness should be what I seek.
Let the praise of your name be the reason for all that I do.
Let my heart, mind, eyes, and soul be Yours to keep.

When thunder crashes around me,
and enemies surround me,
Your mercy comforts me.
You grace encourages me.

You are the creator of everything.
All things belong to You.
There is no comparison to the joy You bring.
Against every trial, You will never fail to bring me through.

Let Your will be in my heart for all time.
In joy or suffering, be always on my mind.




I was confused,
frustrated by people who said they knew the way.
Rather than teach, they only ranted and accused.
Their pride in their opinions led me astray.

Then I sought His Word,
knowing that was the true source.
It was only then that my faith was stirred.
The more I read, the more confident I was in my course.

Wise teachers lead students to resources.
Wise travelers look for directions.
For questions on religion, the Word is the first recourse.
The Word shows the way and provides correction.

I sought the Bible for all the questions I had to bare.
Low and behold, all the answers were there.




Many are called; answer.
Few are chosen; listen for for the call.
Blessed are those who heard and answered,
but those who didn’t hear or answer will fall.

If you hear, seek, and you will find.
The Word will lead you to the right place.
He can bring sight to the blind.
Run to him; run to finish the race.

If you’ve answered, remembered you were chosen.
You did not choose Him; He chose you.
It doesn’t matter your level of devotion;
if He hadn’t called you, there would have been nothing you could do.

If you hear the call, you are already blessed.
Answer, and you will receive more than you ever could have guessed.

Book Review: The Gospel According to Paul by John MacArthur

Book Review: The Gospel According to Paul by John MacArthur
The cover to this image was taken from its Amazon buy page for review purposes under Fair Use doctrine.

At the time I bought The Gospel According to Paul, I was particularly enamored by that apostle (he is called one though he was untimely born and isn’t one of the 12). I still love his epistles and his story; I only give that information to explain why I bought that book.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve read it (Sept. 7, 2018). I don’t honestly remember too much. I was perhaps being unfair because I wanted the same fulfillment I get from reading one of Paul’s epistles, and it’s pretty unfair to expect that. I do know that it covers some of the constants in Paul’s writings.

The Gospel belongs to God. I assume the clarification here has something to do with Paul’s use of “my gospel.” He does this the same way us Navy folks say “my ship” or “my command.” We’re taught in the Navy to take ownership. This is to build a person to care or defend things like they’re his own. MacArthur clears that up.

Then there is that thing Paul does so well, which is (and this is my paraphrase here) the summary of how and why we are saved. Faith over works. The death and resurrection of Christ is our sole hope for salvation.

I’m positive there was more, but this study just didn’t hold me the way others from MacArthur do. I could read 12 Ordinary Men 100 times and still be satisfied. Perhaps part of the reason this story doesn’t resonate with me is I’d studied Paul’s works a lot before reading it, so the material just wasn’t particularly enlightening. Please know that I don’t mean this to imply I know everything about Paul and the Gospel. That’s not my intent at all. What I mean is that I was pretty familiar with the terms and concepts MacArthur covered, so I didn’t get that really cool jolt a person gets when particularly difficult passages or concepts finally click.

Image of Dr. MacArthur taken from his web site for review purposes under Fair Use doctrine.

I’d recommend this to anyone not familiar with the Biblical explanation of salvation. This would also be particularly interesting if you’re curious about Paul, but another reason this didn’t meet my expectations is that I truly wanted to study the man  more. If anyone is aware of a good, historically-based, biography on Paul is, I’d be interested in reading it.

None of this is a nock on the book or MacArthur. I just had to note what I thought it was (a biography of Paul with narratives that demonstrate his representation of the Gospel) with what it actually was (a simple study of how Paul taught the Gospel.)

It’s still an interesting story and a great addition to MacArthur’s bibliography.

Thanks for reading,


Sonnets For My Savior 28

Sonnets For My Savior 28


When the world calls to me,

let me choose You.

When it asks me to turn from You or use You for money,

let me choose You.

When the world offers me power,

let me choose You.

If the world offers me all the food I could devour,

let me choose You.

You are the creator of all things;

let me worship you and not your creation.

Help my heart seek only the joy Your love brings;

Help me cast aside my desire for the material for the grace of salvation.

Should the world offer me glory or fortune or fame,

please, Lord, let me instead choose to honor Your holy Name.


Thirst, Come, Drink

The water of the earth can’t compare.

Any who drink of it, will be thirsty again.

To those who truly thirst, do not despair;

True living water exists for such men and women.

Come to Him, who can satisfy your thirst.

Seek Him, and you will find.

All who come to him, be they last or first,

will be provided for, for he is the Savior of mankind.

Drink deeply the water he gives.

Drink ,and you will be filled.

For he is the Savior who died and yet lives;

He is the Messiah, who did just as God willed.

Only believe in Him, who has come from the Father,

for those who believe, out of their hearts, will flow rivers of living water.


Forgiveness and Peace

Please rid my heart of this anger.

Forgive me for this sin.

Change my heart, oh Great Redeemer,

and purify me from within.

I feel slighted,

but vengeance is yours.

The fury in my heart has been ignited,

but judgement is all an angry heart procures.

Help me to turn my cheek.

Help me to give away my cloak.

Take my prideful heart and make it meek.

Grant me a heart that doesn’t provoke.

Help peace reign where anger lives.

O Heavenly Father, please great me a heart that forgives.


Whom He Chose

Let us prefer to be foolish

rather than regarded by this world as wise.

Let us think all earthly things rubbish

next to Heaven’s glorious prize.

Let us choose to be weak

rather then regarded as strong.

For it is written that Heaven belongs to the meek.

He who relies on his own strength will discover himself wrong.

Let us praise our God who raised up what is low

to make nothing things that are.

For those who worship God know,

His power is the greatest by far.

Let us not seek to meet any standards of this earth,

but instead let us seek to praise God, for what he gives is all that has worth.


What Must Change

This world is broken,

and I lack the power to fix it.

My pride demands I be outspoken;

It pulls me from Christ and won’t let me submit.

If I claim I know what should occur,

I place myself on the throne of perfection.

The world can’t run as I prefer,

if indeed I’ve given Christ all my affection.

If he is my ruler,

I can’t demand control.

If Christ is my ruler,

I must trust in him with all my soul.

It isn’t the world that should change to my whim;

rather it is I who much change, which is only possible through Him.


The Betrayer

Woe to he who would betray

Christ the Savior on that fateful day.

This deaf fool heard all Jesus had to say,

but could not bear to submit and obey.

Woe to he who accepted thirty pieces of silver

as a blood price for his terrible deed.

He thought he was a clever deceiver,

but Christ choose him that Jesus may do as God decreed.

Woe to he who tried to feign remorse,

for his actions showed his lie.

Rather than face the consequence of his chosen course,

he instead chose to die.

Woe to he who betrayed Jesus with scorn,

For it would be better for him if he had not been born.



They spoke the truth about what would happen.

They recognized what the sign would do.

Their hearts were hardened against what was done then,

for they refused to see what was plainly true.

Lazarus rose, and many believed.

Rather than rejoice, the leaders feared they’d lose their place.

In truth, they weren’t deceived.

Rather they wanted to avoid disgrace.

But God found a use even for the blind Caiaphas,

For the high priests’ lips spoke prophetic words.

It is better that Jesus died for us.
Indeed, the death of the Lamb saved the herd.

God used their blind and hardened hearts for our gain.

For Jesus died and rose again, just as the Father did preordain.

Sonnets For My Savior 27

Sonnets For My Savior 27

Whose Meaning Matters

God is not a God of confusion;

His word isn’t a mystery.

There is no need to create allusion

to his word about Himself and our history.

Resist the urge to press in your own meaning;

Instead, consider only what the author meant.

What what right does a reader have to be intervening

upon the words that God himself had sent?

When you speak,

would you have someone find his own interpretation?

Why is it then that you seek,

to alter a writers’ assertion? 

If you would ask others to listen so that you could be heard,

What right do you have to reinterpret the scripture’s Holy Word?


With Earnestness

Let us seek Your word to learn,

not to appear as though we care.

For only in earnest hearts does Your Spirit burn,

and where two or three are gathered in Your name, You are there.

Keep us from meaningless demonstrations;

deliver us from hypocritical practices.

Provide an exit from distracting temptations;

Let us seek Your word rather than our own sinful vices.

If we pray, let it be with all our hearts.

If we study, let it be with all our minds.

Let pleasing You be where our every thought starts,

for he who truly seeks you always finds.

Let us give unto You everything,

for greater than all that is the peace that you bring.


Before He Comes

Many will come

to try and lead us astray.

Through them, great things will be done,

and the undiscerning will fall away.

Nation will fight nation;

kingdom will fight kingdom.

Watch for the abomination of desolation.

Beware false Christs; walk in wisdom.

If one says, “he is there!” do not go.

If one says, “he is here!” do not go.

When He will come, none but the father know,

but when He comes, all will know.

Like lightning streaking across the sky,

all will see and know Jesus has arrived.



Let me care for the lands You give me;

let me nurture them to a plentiful harvest.

Help me plant and water every seed;

Help my heart be driven; guard me from disinterest.

Let me add to the money with which You bless me.

If You give me five talents, help me return to You ten.

Whether You grant me a fortune or a single penny,

help me save now so I don’t suffer then.

Help me care for the home You’ve placed me in.

Help me keep the foundation strong.

For You are generous, God, as you have ever been,

and to mistreat what You give me would simply be wrong.

For I know that You bless a good and faithful steward,

For those who have will receive an even greater reward.


The Choice of Obedience

Peter, what were you thinking?

Did you expect to defeat the great crowd?

Didn’t you hear what Jesus had been saying?

They couldn’t have taken Him if He hadn’t have allowed.

Twelve legions of angels could have come.

But then how would the Scriptures have been fulfilled?

God’s will must be done,

so Jesus had to be taken and killed.

Behold the love and obedience of the Son,

who accepted a cup he never deserved.

With his choice the many were paid for by one.

This is how our Savior served.

Yes, he was delivered to endure the Father’s wrath,

but remember he choose to obey and walk that path.


The Gift

I thought I had to do something.

I felt like I had to earn His love.

The reality is we can do nothing.

His grace is simply a gift from above.

A million good deeds could not erase my guilt.

No amount of earthly pleasures could fill the void.

The realization led my heart to wilt.

I feared my hope was destroyed.

The Word is what helped me see;

All my transgressions had already been paid for.

Christ had died to set me free,

and there is no need for anything more.

It was easy for me to understand my desperation,

the challenge was accepting His gift to receive salvation.


This Burden

The more I learned of right and wrong,

the more I felt this weight grow.

I laugh at the thought that I was strong.

How to carry this burden, I didn’t know.

The Word led me to freedom.

The Word showed me the way.

So I set off to find the Kingdom,

but I had to let all I knew fall away.

I had to become a fool to find wisdom.

I had to forsake my strength to fight might.

Though temptation came at times both often and random,

I had to hold fast to what the Word says is right.

The journey wasn’t easy, but I found the King one day,

and just as I believed in my heart, the King lifted that burden away.

Sonnets For My Savior 26

Sonnets For My Savior 26


If you are what you think,

how is it you came to be?

Your own thought can not be the link,

for one cannot make himself to exist by act or decree.

If observation is fact,

how can you exist?

Before birth you naturally lacked,

any method to observe yourself, so that argument must be dismissed.

Reason of man can not be truth

because it cannot explain its own origin.

Observation of man can not be truth

because it cannot take note of its own origin.

God is the place from which these things start,

so worship him with all of you soul, mind, and heart.



Some desire it to glorify themselves.

Others accept it without discernment.

Pray for the one who ignorantly delves

into powers that change or augment.

Power seduces the unsuspecting person.

It tempts a man to trust in his own skill.

That power then becomes a prison,

made because one didn’t wish to follow God’s will.

What magic could one have that is greater

than the of the Lord of all?

Why seek abilities from sources other than our maker,

unless out of rebellion one seeks his inevitable fall?

All other powers eventually fade,

so why not submit to God, from whom all power is made?


For He So Loved Us

He made the sun and the stars,

But he loves us more.

He made the animals and made them ours

Because he loves us more.

He made the moon and the sea,

But he loves us more.

He rose every mountain and planted every tree,

But he loves us more.

He loves us so much he sacrificed his only son

He came down, God in flesh and breath.

Jesus paid the price for our sins, and thus our souls were won.

Any who believe in him shall have everlasting life and never see death.

We are the ones God has done all of this for,

Accept his gift and obey his word so we might love him more.


We Can Be Saved

He was named Paul,

but he called himself the chief of sinners.

He sought to arrest Christ’s followers when he heard our Lord’s call,

for Christ can save misguided persecutors.

He was a criminal being crucified,

who confessed he received the due reward for his every action.

But Jesus told the man before he died,

that the man has truly received salvation.

We are sinners each and every one,

for there is nothing in us that is good,

but Jesus paid for what we’ve done.

Indeed He’s done what no one else could.

We can be forgiven and made better than we have ever been

if we’re only willing to pick up our crosses and follow him.


Trust Him

We put our trust in him with all our hearts.

We know that all things work together for good.

He is in whom all life starts,

and He is in whom our faith has stood.

Go as He says go.

Do as He says to do.

Trust in him because we know

that through I’m we can be made new.

He has plans to give us a future and a hope.

We can trust in Him and be still.

Through him any man can cope

with any situation if he trusts in God’s will.

Trust in Him and His might power,

and all other things will come at the exact right time and the exact right hour.



Through Him, I can do all things.

Through Him, I can endure.

Through Him, men can be made kings.

Through Him, men can be made pure.

He strengthens me;

He saves me;

He cares for me;

He protects me.

He lived for me;

He died for me;

He was raised for me;

He intercedes for me.

Through him, I can survive trials be they simple or tough.

I can do these things because faith in Jesus is enough. 


I Am Amazed

The sun rises, and the sky is painted shades of red,

And I’m amazed at the works You’ve done.

The universe was born of every word You’ve said,

And I’m amazed at the works You’ve done.

I look at the land, and marvel at the trees and grass of green,

And I’m amazed at the Works You’ve done.

For all things happen just as You mean,

And I’m amazed at the works You’ve done.

The stars above shine bright,

And I’m amazed at the Works You’ve done.

You’ve done it all, and it was all done right,

And I’m amazed at the works You’ve done.

You created it all: the stars, the land, and the sun,

And I can’t help but be amazed at the works You’ve done.

Sonnets For My Savior 23

Sonnets For My Savior 23

To Miss the Target

God’s will should be the prize,

the target one should aim for.

To ignore the target is sin and your demise,

To miss the target is a sin against the God we adore.

Aim for the target that is His will.

Discipline your body and mind.

Work and train so that you might hone the skill

to perform as you should; cast off any bad habits that you find.

However; none are without flaw,

we inevitably fail to hit the target.

For no mortal flesh can perfectly follow the law.

The temptation rises, and, no matter how disciplined, we forget.

Thanks be to God for Christ our advocate, our propitiation.

Thanks be to God through Christ, through whom we received our salvation.



David chose to cut Saul’s robe

rather than his neck.

Saul had chased David across the globe,

yet David kept his anger in check.

David could have killed Saul where he slept,

but instead took Saul’s spear and water.

Saul’s jealously led him to anger, and David wept,

but still, David did not give in to the counsel’s advice to slaughter.

If David had his enemy at his feet,

how much more could God do to us as he wills?

Instead he sent his son to perform his redeeming feat,

for with his death our punishment Christ fulfills.

When all we deserve is death under God’s fury,

What fools would turn aside this chance at mercy?


How I Would Be Treated

Though they may treat me with anger,

let me act with love in all situations.

Though they my avoid me like a stranger.

Let me welcome them like my closest relations.

Though they may hate me, and perhaps justly so,

let me forgive as You have forgiven me.

Though they may make promises that their actions never show,

Let me act as I say I will and be as I say I’ll be.

Though they may fail to come when I need,

let me be steadfast, faithful, and reliable.

Though they may strike me and make me bleed,

let me hold my temper lest I prove myself despicable.

Let me be loving, honorable, and respectful of men,

for that is how I would be treated by them.


The Good News

He died on the cross for our sins;

as the Pslam says, “They have pierced My hands and feet.”

Isaiah said, “But He was wounded and crushed for our sins.”

Indeed it was prophesied, and now it is complete.

He was buried and raised on the third day;

as Isaiah said, “He was put in a rich man’s grave.”

But God would not let this death stay.

The Pslam said, “You brought me up from the grave.”

He appeared to appeared to Peter;

he appeared to the apostles and to 500;

He appeared to Saul, who then became a believer.

All those who accept this truth become kindred.

This is the gospel by which we are saved.

Through him we’re freed from sin, no longer enslaved.


The Empty Tomb

The stone was rolled away,

revealing the tomb was empty.

He had risen on the third day

as it was written at the beginning of history.

They did not see Jesus leave,

He had already gone.

Then the women came to grieve

just as the sun began to dawn.

They wouldn’t have known if the stone hadn’t moved.

Any could have argued he still slept.

But the barren tomb only proved,

he had risen as he said, and the women remembered and wept.

You see, the stone wasn’t moved to help Jesus leave;

it was rolled aside so others could see and then believe.


Reasons to Praise

How wondrous and mighty is He!

How merciful! How just!

He saved a sinner like me.

He soothed my anger and pulled me from my sinful lust.

How gracious and kind is He!

He heals our diseases! He gives us comfort when we’re in pain!

He helps the blind to see.

His might releases our strain.

How righteous and holy is He!

He is sovereign! He is perfect!

This universe came alive through his decree.

He sees every flaw; there is no transgression he will fail to detect.

Praise be to our God almighty.

All glory and honor belongs to Thee!


My Words

I say people should be kind and giving,

but I cling tight to my money when others have need.

I say people should let go and be forgiving,

but I hold grudges and never concede.

I say people should be helpful,

but when others cry out, I tell them I haven’t the time.

I say people should sacrifice,

but when asked to help, I hold fast to what I consider mine.

I make excuses for the the rules I say others should follow.

I rationalize the misdeeds I judge others for doing to me.

But I no longer want my words to be hollow.

I want to treat others as I wish to be treated, so my conscience can be free.

But I don’t have power or wisdom to do this on my own.

But by the help of Jesus, I can change. I have help. I am not alone.

Sonnets For My Savior 16

Sonnets For My Savior 16

Call Us

Call us first, LORD, to Your Holy Name,

for we are nothing if we are not Yours.

Work through us, LORD, to bring Your name more acclaim,

and let our hearts be vessels in which Your grace pours.

Call us, LORD, to be more like Your Son,

for our Salvation is demonstrated by the fruit we bear.

Let us be Your instruments, LORD, that your will be done,

and let Your will be our one and only care.

Call us, LORD, to toil and work for Your will,

for to please You brings our hearts great cheer.

Let us work, LORD, in service till

the day Your Son has at last returned here.

Call us, LORD, to serve You each and every day,

so that your glory might always be on display.


Change Our Hearts

Change Our Hearts, Lord, so we may be more like Him.

Let Your word be our sustenance.

Forgive us, Lord, for we turn away on a whim.

Call us back to You and close up the distance.

We call on You in need,

but, when sated, we fall away.

Instead let us think of You with every thought and deed.

Let us place You first in our hearts each and every day.

Let us feel convicted

when we strive for our own desires,

and then we feel conflicted

when a chance to praise You transpires.

Help us choose You, Lord, each and every time

and consider every moment with You sublime.



Jesus called on Peter and Andrew,

At once, they left their nets and followed Him.

He called on James and John, too.

Again they left, and followed Him.

They did not balk or delay.

They answered as soon as they were told.

Immediately, they obeyed.

When we are called, will we be as bold?

What would you have Him wait for?

What would you ask Him to let you do?

With Him as master, do you need anything more?

Think instead of what you would give to be made new.

Do not delay when he calls on you.

Let Him be the greatest passion that you pursue.



I’ve done nothing,

but Christ died for me.

Yet still I’m seeking

the approval of men in any degree.

Yet man did not die on the Cross.

Man did not give up his body.

So why is it I feel such loss,

when I think I’m rejected by anybody?

Foolishly, I try to earn,

what Christ has already given.

The very acceptance for which my heart burns,

was granted the moment he was risen.

Help me stop the works I do so that I receive;

rather bless my work because you’ve chosen me, and I believe.


To Glorify You

When I open my eyes,

I glorify you for sustaining me.

Even when pains or sufferings arise,

I glorify You, for you can set me free.

When I work with my hands,

I glorify You for using me to do Your bidding.

Indeed blessed is the man who understands,

That life for You is a life most rewarding.

When I lay down at night,

I glorify you for providing me rest.

To obey You is my heart’s delight,

and knowing you’ve chosen me makes me feel blessed.

Every moment is a chance to glorify You;

Every action, a potential payment of what you are due.



Jesus is not divided.

No one else was crucified for our sins.

So let His church be united.

For our Savior sacrificed, is where our wisdom ends and begins.

He died once for all,

and thus we are His.

He died, but He did not fall,

for He was risen, and He lives.

Let us serve Him as one.

Our church is His beloved bride.

By defeating death, our spirits He has won,

so we turn to him, and away from our own foolish pride.

Each of His servants should be the other’s brother,

so let us show our love by serving one another.


In All Circumstances

If I am brought low,

let me be content.

If I face blow after painful blow,

let me be content.

If I have abundance,

let me be content.

If my heart is filled with exuberance,

let me be content.

For You are God in the winter,

and You are God in the fall.

Yet You are always a faithful provider

to those who worship you, one and all.

So let me face plenty, hunger, abundance and need

because I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Sonnets for My Savior 11

Sonnets for My Savior 11

He Came

He was promised when Eve was deceived.

He was promised when Moses led the Jews.

All the prophets who came were disbelieved.

From Moses to the Baptist, they were abused for their news.

Isaiah said he would come as a baby.

Micah told them where the Christ would be born.

Nephi prophesied He would be born to a virgin lady.

These signs would announce that God had done as he had sworn.

He came as Isaiah predicted.

He arrived just where Micah said he would.

The virgin Mary gave birth just as Nephi depicted.

He came, but His people did not welcome Him as they should. 

He came to be a ransom for many.

He came to pay our price and suffer our agony.


The Devil Is Your Best Friend

“It’s OK,” he says. “No one will cast blame.”

Seek not encouragement from friends.

Instead, obey the one with the most Holy name.

His law is written, and his rules do not bend.

“It’s OK,” he says. “Everybody does as you do.”

Seek not the approval of man.

Instead, follow after He who died to save you.

He is the way, the truth, and the light; the only path to Heaven.

“You’ll never be perfect,” he says. “Do what you wish rater than suffer guilt.”

Seek not a path of comfort.

Instead, do what is right according to the one by whom this world was built.

He is God, and His will is one no man can subvert.

Do not listen to the words of man,

Instead hear God, for against His wrath, no man can stand.


That Day

They mocked him, daring him to save himself if he could,

ignorant of the reason for his death.

Nine hours he hung, bleeding on a cross of wood.

“It is finished,” he said, and then he breathed his last breath.

They buried him in a rich man’s tomb

and rolled a stone to the entrance.

The disciples were each filled with gloom,

but they should have remembered what was said in advance.

How foolish it was to think

that a mortal guard could do what death could not.

At an angel’s arrival, the guards did shrink

as he removed the stone and sat upon the rock.

They mocked Christ on that day,

but when he returns again, they’ll know him, kneel, and offer praise.


Let Us Be Ready

Let us wear wedding garments that we may celebrate Your feast.

Let us carry our flasks of oil that we might be ready when You come.

Let us feed and give water to your brothers even to one of the least.

Let us welcome strangers, no matter where they’re from.

Let us increase what you entrust to us no matter the amount,

so that we might be good and faithful servants.

For to those who return your gifts with interest receive more than they can count,

when you rent out your vineyard, let us be loyal occupants.

Let us stay awake

for we know the thief is coming.

For we have more at stake

than simple possessions or even gold that’s gleaming.

Let us be ready for Your return,

for those who do not seek the Son, are only destined to burn.


For Your Brothers

When You are hungry, we will give you food.

When You are thirsty, we will give You refreshment.

If You are a stranger, we’ll offer our welcome and not be rude.

Should You be naked, we will offer you a garment.

If You are sick, we will visit you.

If You are in prison, we will come.

As we do for your chosen, we do it for you, too.

We serve so that Your will might be done.

Let us serve our brothers to glorify your name.

Let us offer our love and fellowship.

For as we treat our brothers, you will treat us the same,

so we share and help to demonstrate our worship.

Let us inherit the kingdom you have prepared.

For whatever your brothers needed, we have freely shared.


The Irony

“…not as I will, but as you will,” He said. He wanted the cup to pass.

Instead, he accepted the will of his Father.

Peter pulled his sword, ready to fight to the last.

Instead, Jesus told him to put it away so He might fulfill scripture.

The people chose Barabbas, denying their Savior.

They saved the guilty, and condemned the innocent.

Soldiers abused and mocked our Ruler.

But even in this, Jesus did that for which He was sent.

“…let Him come down from the cross, and we will believe in Him,” they said.

They reviled him thinking His death was evidence of a lie.

They did not realize that if He came down, we would all be dead.

They didn’t know that his death was for our sin, and through him we are alive.

He did not come down because he lacked the power;

he stayed hung to the cross to save us in our most desperate but shameful hour.


The Commission

Make disciples of all nations.

Baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

We can build fellowship and establish good relations,

teaching them the good news and blessing all who hear it.

Help them observe all He has commanded.

Help them learn of Christ and the resurrection.

Prepare them for the end before Jesus has descended.

For only through accepting him can people receive salvation.

Let Your commission be obeyed.

Let us be bold in our testimony.

Though our ability is insufficient, Your Spirit will come to our aid,

Let us follow the spirit of Your commands and not get lost in simple ceremony.

Let us take up your great commission.

To help Your kingdom come, is our most holy mission.

Sonnets For My Savior 4

Sonnets For My Savior 4


I deserve punishment;

You granted me grace.

I deserve banishment,

but still in Your kingdom, I have a place.

I can not do anything to erase my transgressions,

nor is there anything in me that is right.

Yet still You call me one of Your possessions,

and You bless me with the light.

I was blind until you gave me sight;

I was dead;

I could not be worthy of You try though I might,

so Your Son gave me His worth instead.

My salvation is only possible because of your love.

Thank you, My Lord, who rules from above!


Let it be Known

He turned water to blood,

but still Pharaoh’s heart was hard.

He brought frogs, gnats and flies, and the livestock died in the barns and the mud

but still Pharaoh’s heart was hard.

Boils, hail, locusts, and darkness he cast upon land,

but still Pharaoh’s heart was hard.

Then all the firstborn were taken by His hand,

and some may ask why He made Pharaoh’s heart hard.

Pharaoh was raised so that God’s power might be known.

He has mercy on whom He shows mercy,

but some are set to be examples.

Our mighty God rules over all from his throne.

His plagues were sent to eliminate controversy.

Those who doubt must remember these displays of power were only samples.


Let My Seeds Grow

Do not let my heart be a path.

You, my Lord, can cover the road with fertile soil.

If my heart is on rocky ground, soften it, so I do not earn your wrath.

If my heart is surrounded by thorns, plant in it still, Lord, even though it is a toil.

Produce grain in me, a hundredfold, sixty, or thirty,

even if I should only be a harvest of one.

Please do not stop sowing, Lord, even though my heart is dirty.

Plant in me again and again, until my heart is won.

Do not let any birds snatch your seed away.

Let my roots go deep into the ground.

Don’t let persecution cause my faith in you to decay.

Let your word be all to which I am bound.

Let me grow in you.

Sow the field of my heart until I am made new.


How Great

How great is your sovereignty, Lord?

Every decision comes from You.

How great is your mercy, Lord?

You save us despite all that we do.

How terrifying is your judgement, Lord?

You reprove and discipline those whom you love.

How terrifying is your wrath, Lord?

Vengeance is yours to repay from above.

How immeasurable is your patience, Lord?

You are slow to frustration.

How immeasurable is your love, Lord?

While we were sinners, Your Son’s death gave us salvation.

How great you are!

How great you are!


Cleanse Me

I’m covered in the filth of my own nature.

My flesh overrules the desire of my soul.

Despite my wish to serve only you, my sin is in control.

Have mercy, Lord, for I am a sinful creature.

I am prideful, selfish, and lustful.

I serve my body when I wish to serve you.

I am unable to stop or help myself through

this constant failure of which I am so regretful.

Your blood is all that can wash my life clean.

Only Your spirit can set me free.

Only through You can I be made right.

On my behalf You can intervene.

Let me be your devotee.

In service to you, let me find my true delight.


Let Us Be Gathered

You sowed good seeds in your field,

but your enemy sowed weeds among them.

You let both grow so that our wheat we might yield.

Once the crops are harvested, the weeds You will condemn.

Have Your angels harvest us.

Let us be gathered into the barn.

The end of the age will be as thus,

but blessed will be those who to You are sworn.

Let us shine like the sun in the kingdom of our father;

gather for yourself all those who believe.

You can sow good seeds and no other.

Let those who have eyes see and perceive.

Please don’t cast us as weeds into the fire,

for to be with You, Lord, is our greatest desire.


Glory in Obedience

Let our hearts be closed to greed.

Let them be filled with honesty.

Let our actions be examples of modesty.

Let us give what is owed and to all who are in need.

Your name is as Holy as your person;

let us not profane it.

Let us not seek vengeance, no matter what transgressions people commit.

Let us not cause a person to stumble or make their situation worsen.

Let us be holy, for You are holy.

Let us glorify You in our obedience.

Let our love for You be reflect in our love for one another.

Let us love all, both the mighty and the lowly.

Let us deal with our neighbors with love, peace, and expedience.

Let us treat all with respect, as if they are a sister or brother.

Sonnets for my Savior #1

Sonnets for my Savior #1



I’m trapped in my own sin.
Willfully stagnate and hidden from light.
There is nothing in me that can make my wrongs right.
Against my flesh I can not win.

I’m lost and can’t find my way.
I’m sick and can’t be healed.
The sins I bury will inevitably be revealed.
Who can turn this night into day?

Jesus, my Lord and Savior can find me.
His sacrifice the price for my inadequacy.
His death in mortal flesh gives my spirit eternal life.

Because of Jesus, my Lord and Savior, I am free.
My sanctification he produces patiently.
With him in my heart, I am at last made right.


Note: I’ve never claimed to be a poet. This is designed to do a few things: First and foremost, it’s designed to praise God. Please let these sonnets be a tribute used to glorify him. Don’t let me be like the Pharisees of old, making a show so that I might look pious. Instead, please let this be a tribute to Jesus, and through him, the God of all. Second, in considering what to do to continue testimony, I wanted to do something that would glorify him by helping me grow.  Some of my favorite parts of scripture are in Psalm. The idea is to grow in Christ by growing in this skill with which he’s blessed me. I’m still not certain I’ll continue this path. Again, I don’t want this to become a false show of faith, but rather, a genuine praise of him and artistic show of the gospel.


That said, I’d appreciate feedback from any poets who might read this. As I write these, I’d like to grow.  I think this is technically sound.  I’m think it would get an A in a class for structure, but I’m not sure how effective it is.  Your help to grow here would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading,