January Book Cover of the Month Sweet 16

January Book Cover of the Month Sweet 16

january-cover-displayswt16The Sweet 16 is here!

32 covers came in, and your votes have cut them down to 16. And BOY DID YOU VOTE! I’m thrilled! Last month, the bracket received a total of 137 votes, and I was over the moon. This month has already received ten times that number in the first round. As I type this (a few hours from midnight), there were  1,054 votes cast.

Let’s go over some numbers:

The Closest Contest:
That would be Upside Down vs Indelible.  Only five votes separated Upside Down from Indelible. This was my personal favorite bracket. I honestly feel guilty for putting those two up against each other in the first round. I assure you, this wasn’t by diabolical design. Honestly, I was just tossing them in the bracket as I came to them. Still, it was a great contest.

In terms of margin of victory, the closest contest was Marked vs The Veil. Marked received more raw votes, but it only received 52% of the 67 votes from the contest.

The Largest Victor:
Loveless beat Trackers by a margin of 64 raw votes. Dominion dominated it’s contest against The Ugly Inside by receiving 88% of the contest’s 71 votes.

Most Voted On Contest:
It was honestly a bit close, but the most voted on contest was New York Deep vs The Unleashed. This contest had a whopping 106 votes. Loveless vs Trackers was a close second with 104 total votes.

Least Voted On Contest:
The Sanctuary vs ’48 only received 49 votes. Here’s hoping those who voted for The Sanctuary to move on all come back in force for the next round.

411sff159rl-_sx322_bo1204203200_Most Votes:
Loveless received 84 votes. That’s a great amount of support. The Unleashed, Dominion, and Shadowbound were the only other covers that came close (79, 63 and 60 votes respectively).

So now it’s on to the Sweet 16!  This round will last until Feb. 15. That’s about 8 days to pick which 8 will move on.

I want to say how happy I am that this is receiving so much support. These are great covers done by great artists for amazing authors. Here’s hoping it only gets bigger from here!

With all that said, what are you waiting for? Head over here and vote!

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Book Cover of the Month: January

Book Cover of the Month: January

january-cover-displayHappy First everyone! For me, the first has become book cover bracket day. Last month, the bracket was a lot of fun, and a bunch of people seemed to enjoy it, so I was more than happy to keep the bracket going.

If you’ve been following me on Facebookyou’ve seen that every day this month, I’ve been posting covers. These all have something that I felt at least worthy of mentioning, or I simply thought they were amazing.

I think January’s bracket is even stronger than December’s. Let’s cover a few possible notes.

First: Hey…Isn’t one of those the cover to your book?

Yep.  It is.  For starters, it’s my bracket, so I sort of have privilege. Also, I honestly feel it’s a strong cover.  You see…I pride myself on my ability to critique and analyze imagery, so it’d be a little weird if I didn’t think my own cover held up.  That said, I promise (you’ll have to trust me on that) I won’t vote in any pairing that includes my book. I’m egotistical enough to put it in the bracket, but I will at least recuse myself from actually being self-indulgent enough to vote when I know my own bias.  That brings me to my second note.

Second: I’ve tagged all the writers for the books in WordPress as well as in my Facebook post. I hope they and their readers support them. However, please do your best to vote for the best cover. This isn’t a book competition (though that brings to mind some fun ideas); it’s a cover competition. Also, please vote based on what you feel is honestly the best cover. If you had to pick one book, which one would it be? I love competition like this, and I hope to have as many people participate as possible, but I’d be sad to hear anyone is simply stacking the deck and voting for his or her own book. Vote because it’s the best cover, and only for that reason.

51bt8kddqelThird: What’s A Throne of Bones doing there? Didn’t it lose last month?

Yep! But there were only 31 days in January, and I needed a 32nd book. To me, the most fair thing to do was take the second-highest vote earner from last month and put it in here “Double Elimination” style.  I’ll be doing that for all relevant months. That means this month’s winner goes straight to my “Book Cover of the Year” file, and the next four runners up (because February has a funny number of days) will get a second chance. It’s the most fair way I could think of to ensure a full bracket.

Fourth: Why isn’t it working?

Are you on your smart device? I’m told this bracket isn’t friendly to cell phones. I have’t heard anything on tablets just yet. I’m sorry about this, but apparently Brackify isn’t quite smart phone friendly.  I’ve let them know, and they tell me they’re working on it. That said, if you do get things done with a cell phone, please let me know.

Now for the details: The first round will last from today until Feb. 8.

The next round goes from then until the 15th.

The Elite Eight goes from the 15th to the 17th.

The Final Four will go until Feb. 19.

The Finals will end at midnight Feb. 19 (so there’s only one day to vote!)

Please vote, and vote in each round. I’d love for this to take off because I love competitions, and I love discussion. So feel free to comment on winners and losers.

Without more ceremony, you can go here to vote!