The Most Dangerous Temptation

“You will never attain His standard,” the tempter said.

“What is the point in trying?”

It is written, to sin, I’m dead,

if in Christ I’m relying.

“Where is the fruit you’re supposed to bear?

“Where is the sign of your Salvation?”

It is written, in every good work, my fruits are there.

We are first fruits saved through sanctification.

“You can’t be perfect;

“your every sin is accusatory”

It is written, God is perfect,

but all mankind falls short of his glory.

“Why would you believe you couldn’t fall after succumbing to my word?”

It is written, nothing can separate us from God’s love that is revealed in Christ our Lord.


My Lack, Your Grace

Your grace is sufficient for all who sin;

Your power is made perfect in weakness.

I’m humbled by the evil that is in my skin,

for without You, my life is bleakness.

My transgressions continue to mount;

these thorns prevent me from conceit.

These failings come more than I can count,

and there lies nothing in me to use to bring temptation’s defeat.

Even though you do not tempt me beyond my ability,

I sometimes fail to escape though you offer a way.

Yet you still provide for me faithfully,

so that next time I might not go astray.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me a way to endure,

Help me trust in your grace, so I won’t succumb to the tempter’s lure.


How He Resisted

He was not tempted by starvation;

He quoted how man lives.

Bread alone does not sustain creation,

but they survive by the word God gives.

He was not tempted by pride;

He did not put his God to the test.

Even though the tempter used scripture when he tried,

Jesus knew the correct words to seek to stand strong in the contest.

He was not tempted by any number of kingdoms for a bribe;

He did not waiver in his loyalty.

Again to God’s word did Jesus ascribe

the commandment to serve only God an not commit idolatry.

He was without sin even though he was tempted.

This teaches us to seek scripture so we might avoid being corrupted.



We thank you, our merciful God;

Thank you for forgiving our iniquity, sin, and transgression.

I find comfort in your staff and your rod,

and You, O Lord, are a God full of Compassion.

Thank you, our High Priest, for you can sympathize with our weakness,

for you faced temptation and won.

You showed such great mercifulness,

by suffering for everyone.

Blessed be they who comfort us in our tribulation

so that we might be a comfort to others.

Jesus served as our propitiation,

so we can receive the spirit of adoption and become Christ’s brothers.

Through the Lords mercies, we are not consumed,

for he has granted us salvation even though our sins should make us doomed.



Behold the gifts we have been given,

all so that we may use them.

Even in our sinful condition,

we have been blessed by God, from whom all good things stem.

Some can teach and other contribute;

others can lead while still others are merciful.

Use these gifts for God in an offer of tribute

so that faith in him will be shown incontrovertible.

Some exhort and others lead

all to bring glory to his name.

Let every action and ever deed

be pleasing to Him and no cause for shame.

We, though many, are one body in Christ,

Let each of us serve Him as is good and right. 


Always for Good

Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery,

but God called him to care for many.

Even an act of knavery

can be used by God to elevate nothing to plenty.

Judah believed he’d lain with a prostitute to sate his sinful desire,

but God used that deed to sow the seed of our Savior.

There is no deed that man could conspire

that God can’t use for a cause that’s greater.

The chief priests and scribes had Jesus crucified to silence his teaching,

but that great sin was used to grant our salvation.

Indeed all that happens, no matter how anguishing,

works out for the good of those who love the father of creation.

A man might do as much evil as he could.

but God will always mean it for good.


Do Not Be Anxious

Why worry about clothes and food?

Flowers don’t sew and birds don’t harvest.

Our creator provides for them, so what person would he exclude?

He alone knows what we need best.

Indeed don’t be anxious about anything;

instead pray to Him in every situation.

Offer our God, who created everything,

prayers of thanksgiving and supplication.

Trust in the Lord, not your own understanding;

submit, and He will make your paths straight.

Trust in Him in times, demanding,

for you are weak, but His power is great.

He will never leave of forsake us,

so there is no need to ever be anxious.

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