Greetings all,

Repressed_ACX_CoverI’m happy to report that the Audiobook for Repressed is in ACX’s review process and will hopefully be available within the next two weeks!

Kenzie worked extremely hard. She took all of my direction with grace and eagerness to match the narration with my imagination. This is all any author can truly ask of an audiobook’s producer. I think she did a fine job. She might not have the best equipment (I don’t actually know her setup, so I truly mean might). However, her drive to get the story read the way I wanted it was wonderful, and I think if more authors give her a shot, she’ll only improve as she gains opportunities.

I’ll post another blog when the title is actually live on Audible and iTunes. At some point, I’ll also have another batch of free books at that point (Audible codes I can use to gift you a copy of the book).

I was joking today that my goal was to write so many books, people would have to read them just to get them out of their way. Only, that’s not actually a joke.  I’m still adjusting to a new life schedule (and loving that), but I work on the craft, and I work to create new stories.

ElelefinalFor example: with Repressed all the way done, I’m going to start working on the text to Hazel (which I’ll talk about next week). I got the first ten or so pages, and I’m astounded at how cool the art looks. So I’ll get issue one prepped for Collin.  Then I actually have to start formatting Sojourn in Captivity and the flip-book featuring Sojourn and Repressed, which will give me a fourth physical book to offer to readers at conventions.

If I just keep churning out titles I believe in, it’s just a matter of time before sales grow more consistent. Pray for me that God blesses me with the strength to endure and the patience to continue.  I still believe this is what he put me on earth to do.

I’ll continue to keep you updated on how things go, and I’m so grateful to you all for your support.

Thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “The Repressed Audiobook is finished!

    1. How did that happen? Are you under contract with a publisher? Someone always has the “rights” to approve the book. I’d be terrified. Do you know who your narrator(s) is(are)?

      Drop the link here when the book comes out, and I’ll give it a shout out.


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